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Shooting / Stabbing



Strangling / Stabbing


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    SGA Fantasy Art - Double

    Clip Description

    Two ***** made a ******* pact.
    one **** wants to die by sword and
    the other wants to die by knife,
    both stabbed at the navel. Which
    one do you think will die first?

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
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    mpg241.55 MB

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    SGA Fantasy Art - Double

    SGA Fantasy Art - Double

    SGA Fantasy Art - Double

    SGA Fantasy Art - Double

    SGA Fantasy Art - Double

    SGA Fantasy Art - Double
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fitness model *******:  
a fitness model is unsatisfied 
with her body so she decides 
to commit *******.  
she tries to stab herself in her 
abs but she fails because 
it is too hard.  
she then tries to stab herself 
in her navel.  Only the tip 
of her knife can penetrate 
her tough navel.  
she has to find another way 
to stab herself. What can she do?  
download the video to find out!
fitness model execution v:  
a fitness model is being executed.  
the executioner stabs the fitness 
model in her navel with the tip 
of the knife.  The fitness model 
doesn´t die, of course, so like 
a true athlete, she continues 
her sit-ups.  After a few hundred 
sit-ups, the fitness model notices 
that the knife is about to fall off 
her navel so the fitness model 
volunteers to stab it deeper 
into her own navel.  She then 
continues her sit-ups.How will 
the fitness model finally die?  
this video has the finest acting 
from this model!  Watch her 
expression as she stabs the knife 
deeper into her own navel, 
you will not be disappointed!

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