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    ANNESDREAMS - Two In The Head  Tales From The Nether Lands

    Clip Description


    orsi has been messing where she shouldn’t be messing and crista has accepted a contract to kill her. When orsi returns home she is confronted in the bathroom by the notorious hit woman. Orsi offers her money, but crista is determined to blow her pink little brains out. Crista puts two shots point blank in orsi’s forehead then takes special notice of the fact that orsi isn’t wearing any panties under her skirt. Orsi was prepared for action, but not for the bullet kind.

    starring: orsi and crista

    full hd 1920 x 1080

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv351.22 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    ANNESDREAMS - Two In The Head  Tales From The Nether Lands

    ANNESDREAMS - Two In The Head  Tales From The Nether Lands

    ANNESDREAMS - Two In The Head  Tales From The Nether Lands

    ANNESDREAMS - Two In The Head  Tales From The Nether Lands

    ANNESDREAMS - Two In The Head  Tales From The Nether Lands

    ANNESDREAMS - Two In The Head  Tales From The Nether Lands
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    The Poisoner - Susanne has learned the fine art of preparing and using poisons to assassinate her victims.  She likes cyanide and a few exotic brews, but today she is following in the path of lucrezia borgia and using a special preparation of arsenic to kill crista.  Timing is everything.  The poison is given in prague, and a few hours later susanne gets the confirmation of death while relaxing on a bench in berlin.

starring: susanne and crista

run time: 07:11
581 kb

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Six  Execution - Six beautiful young women are taken out doors, tied to upright posts and shot to death.  It’s a nasty execution as crista, monica, orsi, susanne, anne and sophie are gunned down on sequence.

starring: crista, monica, orsi, susanne, sophie and anne

1657 kb

    Outdoor Execution  Tales From The Nether Lands  - Sophie and orsi have been arrested for being terrorists and are awaiting execution.  Monica and susanne remove the prisoners from their cell and take them out into the forest to be executed by firing squad.  Orsi and sophie are each tied to trees and shot after their blouses are pulled open to expose the target area (the heart).  Later, crista come to identify/view orsi’s body and is shocked to find that orsi’s bloody and naked body has been thrown into a coffin without any type of preparation.

starring: orsi, sophie, monica, susanne and crista

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Surprise - Monica is a madam and she is pissed off at gaby because she is reading a book instead of fucking monica’s la raps star clients.  They get in an argument that turns violent and leaves monica with an extra hole in her forehead.

starring: gaby and monica

run time: 04:19
424 kb

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