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    Clip Description

    After breaking into her place and chloroforming her, then undressing and dragging her limp body to her bed, the Drifter decides it is time to finish the job and get his full reward. As he hoists her on top of him on to the bed, he starts to lift her up shakes her a bit to see her limp body and hair flow all over. He slumps her off of him and on to the bed as he really starts to dig into having his way with her corpse. He gropes her ass hard and pulls her panties tight to see the shape of her ass and pussy. He hears the helicopters overhead searching for him but knows he is invisible from them for a while as he does what and as he pleases. He removes her panties sniffing them and taking in her natural scents. He revisits the feet to get even more aroused smelling and tasting her sexy toes. He gets her into position, laying behind her with her on top of him again. He takes the silk sash and ties it around her neck, moving her hair so he can see her long, muscular neck and all the tendons and veins popping out as he tightens the sash while she is still barely passed out. He pulls very hard and it starts to make her body react to the lack of air and she starts to twitch and convulse, eyes batting open and closed, then she comes to, in shock but after a minute her body figures out what is happening and she goes buck wild, kicking her long legs and bracing her body to the doorway of the bedroom with her strong feet and legs. She grabs at his face and claws at the sash to try and get air but she is cut off and the drifter is very strong and has lots of experience strangling the life out of sexy woman he stalks as he drifts through town to town. She goes so hard, bucking her hips high arching her back, gurgling and choking as she tries to breathe but is cut off from everything. She flails and slowly works her way into a frenzy which is part of her demise. The sheer power of the man who is obviously working hard to keep her on the bed, on him, and strangling life from her, can be seen in his hands and sweaty brows, intense look. She looks at him POV and he sees her sexy feet and long legs thrashing, slowly getting more infrequent, eventually slowing to nothing, stiffening and going limp. Her face goes from wide eyed point of no return to a long death rattle and after death twitching, her eyes still as stones and stare cold as ice. After he knows she is deceased he rolls her limp dead body onto the bed and starts his passionate approach to fucking her gorgeous dead body and dead stare. He gropes and sucks her breasts, lifting her head up to see her stare and then gets her mounted and unzips himself to get in quick. He is so riled up and ready he plunges into her and starts to fuck her body. He looks down an her as her sexy stare and tits jiggle to and fro from his rocking her body. He pumps her as her limp body jiggles and does it's shimmy. He slams her and cums inside her not caring about what forensic evidence they will find, he is a marked man and it is only time until he is found or arrested. After he gathers himself he flops her body a bit, grabbing her neck and opening her limp mouth so he can look inside and see her tongue. He grabs both sexy feet and sucks her dead toes, and plays with her soles. After taking the time to enjoy her a bit more, he leaves her to gather her stuff to dispose of it with her corpse. He wraps her dead body in a blanket and drags her away to dispose of her, the last thing you see is her sexy feet and toes being drug out of frame. What a perfect specimen, the drifter hopes the next one is as lovely.

    Starring: Jolene Hexx
    Keywords: Shooting

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4470.77 MB

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