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    Clip Description

    Savannah is a night shift nurse, home after a long night, and she is in the bathtub washing herself, and her feet. As she gets out, dries off, and slips into her sleeping attire, and slippers, a man is prowling outside her home. He surveys to see if the coast is clear, then comes to the door, he then slides through an open window on the side, while Savannah peers through the bathroom window, commenting on the rainy weather, and the lazy day ahead. As she exits from the bathroom, the prowler quickly comes behind her and knocks her out from behind with a head punch. She goes down to the floor and he looks around at the room, making his mind up on what he is to do. In his bag he has ropes of different lengths, and a long, stretchy cloth. He puts her up onto the love seat sofa, with her legs dangling over the arm. He caresses her, checking her nice breasts, and feet. He ties one arm to a large tree that is in the room. He checks her out more as he ties her legs past the ankles, to a hook in the ceiling, with his long, stretchy cloth. He then works her feet, sucking her toes, licking her soles and ankles, making sure the cloth is in the right place. He moves slowly down her body to her pussy, legs, breasts, and then kissing her face and sucking on her earlobes. The prowler is excited but steady as she stirs, he is ready with his small rope in his hand to strangle her with so he can continue his affair. She wakes, a bit groggy, and when she sees him, her arms and feet tied, she starts to question, and then fear sets in. He puts the rope around her neck and she fights back hard. Her eyes widen and she tries to claw with her free hand, to no avail. He is too strong, and has been thinking about this for a while, as he stalked her. He buckles down and her feet make major expressions, curling and flaring her toes, as they are bound to the ceiling., and he is strangling her hard. He fights her as she tries to get out, but eventually weakens, and moves toward her fate. As she struggles less, and her legs and feet shutter, shake, and she points her toes, she dies, goes limp, and dead. He is in full swing so he removes the rope from her neck, kissing and making out with her body, then to her feet for more kissing and sucking before he takes her feet down from the cloth, and unties her wrist from the tree. He picks her up and carries her to her bedroom, where he tosses her on the bed and gets himself ready for the finale', some good lovemaking to her sexy, warm, body. He kisses her all over, leaving his underwear on and pulling himself out of the front access. He pulls her legs and feet together, does her from the side, then legs over the shoulder to one side, then finishes inside her, he then caresses the lovely lady while he rests a bit, and has one more minute with her perfect feet, kissing them before he grabs his things and leaves. His day is complete and she is now a victim. Her body is panned and viewed with extra and extended foot views, and death stares.

    Starring: Savannah

    Clip Duration:      27 minutes
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    mp41072.39 MB

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