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    ANNESDREAMS - Tender Touch

    Clip Description

    Annica has reached an agreement with the secret police. Annica will turn herself in for execution if the secret police leave her family alone. Her old friend Gaby is a high ranking officer in the police and promises not to violate the terms of the deal. She eases Annica through the process as tenderly as she can, but an execution is an execution. Would you trust Gaby???????

    Starring: Annica and Gaby
    Theme: *******

    Run Time: 05:01
    215 MB

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4252.18 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    ANNESDREAMS - Tender Touch

    ANNESDREAMS - Tender Touch

    ANNESDREAMS - Tender Touch

    ANNESDREAMS - Tender Touch

    ANNESDREAMS - Tender Touch

    ANNESDREAMS - Tender Touch
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    GABRIELLA EXECUTED BY HANGING - Diane and Annica decide to hang Gabriella for stealing.  They find a nice tree in the garden and string her up.

Starring: Gabriella, Diane and Annica 
Theme: hanging, execution

Run Time: 03:20
162 MB

    DIANA EXECUTED BY HANGING - Diane is marched out to the hanging tree and executed by Annica and Gabriella.

Starring: Diane, Annica and Gabriella 
Theme: hanging

Run Time: 03:49
189 MB

    SOPHIE HANGED - Gabriella leads Sophie out to the hanging tree and forces her up onto the stool and into the noose.  Gabriella torments Sophie for a while then finally kicks the stool and hangs the catsuit wearing Sophie in the cool breeze.

Starring: Sophie and Gabriella 
Theme: hanging

Run Time: 04:27
222 MB

    WISH TO BE GUILLOTINED - The video starts in POV style with sexy escort April asking about the fetishes that she will explore with her customer. He says he’s into bondage and DID scenarios. At first she is a little reluctant but agrees to be tied up, later she is guided to another room where she finds a guillotine, this really excites her and she begs for him to use it on her. This is too real for the customer but after some initial doubts and a lot of teasing from April he gives in and chops her head off! Later we see the body sitting on a chair with the customer enjoying the body, groping her legs… Suddenly the headless body talks and thanks him for the satisfying experience!

Starring: April O'Moore
Theme: Guillotine

Run Time: 16:15
516 MB

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