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    ANNESDREAMS - Susanne Attacked

    Clip Description

    Susanne is followed by muggers Gabriella and Andrea as she explores an old home in a wooded area. When the opportunity presents itself, Susanne is attacked and ********* by her assailants. After she is killed the muggers carry her body into the mansion and strip her as they look for anything valuable she may have on her person. It turns out that they killed Susanne for nothing.

    Starring: Susanne, Gabriella and Andrea V
    Theme: **********

    Run Time: 05:23
    271 MB

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4271.1 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    ANNESDREAMS - Susanne Attacked

    ANNESDREAMS - Susanne Attacked

    ANNESDREAMS - Susanne Attacked

    ANNESDREAMS - Susanne Attacked

    ANNESDREAMS - Susanne Attacked

    ANNESDREAMS - Susanne Attacked
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    Failed To Survive - Susanne and Andrea ****** Gabriella, but when nobody will pay the ransom, the two captors decide that they must kill their ******.  Andrea grabs Gabriella’s arms while Susanne puts the squeeze on Gabriella’s neck with her bare hands.  There’s no escape for the poor brunette, and the blonde babes don’t even get any loose change from Gabriella’s pockets despite their searching..

Starring: Gabriella, Susanne and Andrea V
Theme: **********

Run Time: 06:14
316 MB

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