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    Clip Description

    A group of small town girls are gathering at Coco's house to ride out a huge storm. They have all been away at college or away from home, except Belle, who has remained in the area but has been reclusive and anti-social and is known as the bi-polar biker chick. Baby and Jessica Rose are best friends and go everywhere together. When they all meet up at Coco's place, they start to talk then Coco wants to check the furnace to see why there is a chill in the air and Jessica wants to call home to check on her mom, so they both leave the room. Baby and Belle talk and catch up, somehow Baby hits a nerve with Belle and she starts to get moody and bitter. Baby is just a party girl so she excuses herself to the head to powder her nose. Belle has an evil look as she says under her breath, "I should go check on Coco, she probably needs help.", as she walks down the hall she pulls a length of para cord out of her pocket and starts wrapping her hands and leaves a nice loop. She creeps up on Coco who is over the furnace looking in and asking herself what to do. Belle peers in the vent, and enters the room asking Coco if she needs help and wrapping the garotte around her neck at the same time. She strangles Coco hard with the cord, full of rage and definitely strong. Coco flails hard, tongue out, vibrating and bucking until she slows to death. After she is still she removes the cord for the next victim, then puts Coco in the corner behind the door and covers her body up with a sheet,m tucking in the limbs and toes to hide her. She says she will come back for her, and heads to the door. She cracks the door and Jessica Rose is getting off the phone. She comes up behind her, but asks her if everything is okay, Belle says, "Look outside, it's going to be fine.." As the girl turns to look out the blinds, she is hauled in with the cord across her neck. She pulls hard and the gal claws and bucks hard, she pulls tighter and the gal chokes more and eventually bucks herself out of the chair and to the floor where she slowly dies from the cord and belle's evil will to finish them all off. After the girl is dead she picks her up and throws her to the bed, then wraps her in a blanket, ruffing her up a bit, then smiling saying, "I love redheads", as she heads towards the bathroom where Baby is still there. She knocks, baby hears her over the fan, "Can I pee, Coco is using the other bathroom and I got to go.", Baby lets her in sniffing and covering her nose. Belle asks her to share and to cut it up for her. When she goes towards the mirror, Belle wraps her hard and fast with the parachute cord, pulling her back. Baby is strong and pushes her back and they both fall into the tub, Belle still pulling and has Baby in place. Baby claws at her neck and gags a bit as she can't get any air in. She fights pulling down the shower rod and curtains, and eventually kicking them off as she kicks her heels. As she dies, her eyes stay wide and her tongue barely sticks out. She finishes her off and pushes her off, and leaves her in the tub. She takes the shower curtain and plastic clear liner over Baby's face, where the eyes are still showing. She goes to grab her first victim to have some fun while she rides this storm out. She uncovers Coco and drags her by her feet towards the living room, setting her on the floor she starts to check her out and make out with her dead body. As she fondles her she realizes that she could have all 3 and have a female necro orgy, so she heads to get Jessica and drag her in, she doesn't notice the neighbor, Chris, who really likes Coco and has known them all for years, was looking in the window as she got up to go get the body. He sneaks inside and as she drags Jessica Rose's body to the living room he comes up and says firmly, "WHAT IN THE ****?" He grabs her by her neck and throttles her hard, she fights him but looks like a doll in his arms as he over powers her. She turns her body to get free, but he wraps her long hair around her neck and starts to strangle her for a bit. She is feisty and tries to move out of the hold so he picks her up by her neck, off the ground and throws her up against the wall hitting her head, but she kicks and fights as he throttles her against the wall. She gets heavy and slides down to the floor, but keeps fighting as he one arm throttles her until she is dead and her eyes go crossed, tongue sticking out. She is finally dead. He goes to all the gals, checking them out and especially Coco. He sees that Jessica is here but he doesn't see baby, he goes and finds her in the tub covered in curtains. He carries her to the living room where he places them all on the couch and chairs in the room. He starts to leave, but wants to check out all these gal's boobs since he hasn't seen them before. He goes to them all and cops a feel exposing and pinching their breasts, then heads to get the Sheriff. They are all panned and viewed in detail as a group and individually. Then they are in a body pile on the rug, like one pile of flesh..

    Starring: Belle Fatale, Baby, Coco, and Jessica Rose
    Keywords: Strangling, Postmortem, Limp play

    Clip Duration:      30 minutes
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    LEARNING THE ROPES - Two landscaping buddies get tired of doing labor for small change and Adrian takes matters into his own hands, finding a client that wanted to make some changes. When they pull into one of their accounts houses that they had just serviced, Samson wonders, asks, and though he is vague, Adrian tells him to watch and learn. They head into the college house for girls and their first mark is Karma, her other housemates are either in their rooms, or away at class. She sits on the sofa letting her toenails dry, and hears a noise, getting up to check it out, when she gets to the stairs, Adrian snatches her up off her feet, getting his rope around her neck and pulling hard, picking her up off the ground. Samson has no clue what is going on and stands in awe, before Adrian gives him instructions to help him hold her while he bears down. Adrian teaches, in brief words, what he is doing, and why. They struggle on the floor, and her bare feet express her stress, and the fight to survive,but with two strong men, with a couple screws loose, it is no match, in fact it is just predator/prey. She fights a long hard death, bucking, twisting, slapping and grasping her neck to get the rope off, but to no avail. She goes down with the slightest twitch, mouth open, tongue out. Adrian asks Samson to help him move her to the sofa. He grabs the legs and they lay her down. They momentarily get distracted, but Adrian realizes he has a job to do, and gives Samson instructions to follow him and watch every move, as he did the last one. Upstairs, Anyanca has slipped out of her school wear and into a lacey black number she is going to wear to the dance club. Her body looks sexy in the silhouette of light bleeding through. She adjusts her large supple breasts in the top portion then she heads to the computer desk to message her friend and in a few seconds without warning she is snatched with a rope around her neck, still in her computer chair, Adrian commands him to help, he has the longer rope this time so grab the other end!! He does just that and they strangle her in tandem. She is the type that wears no panties to the club so her pink, perfectly waxed pussy bounces up and down in the chair. They fight her hard, she goes hard, rolling her eyes, sticking out her tongue, and bucking her hips. Her tall black boots fight the floor, and lose as the two men are drunk off of control, and seeing her die. Samson is starting to get into the strangle part, then as it ends, he says, "What's next?" "You will see, just go check for the other roommates while I drag her downstairs to the sofa." They reconvene at the couch, and the coast is clear, "So now we wait and have fun, start undressing them." They each take a girl and undress, molest, and fondle. What a pair of hotties, almost opposite in body type, so the difference is nice contrast, like landscaping. As they are getting ready to have more fun, a car door shuts outside. "She is right on time, bro the other roommate." They set the bodies in place on the sofa, and hide in the bathroom, when Molly enters the house, in her pink cot off "Daisy Dukes" with one Stocking on. She doesn't enter the living room but just says to them, "Heading downstairs to wash some clothes, I have a date and ripped my stocking, see you in a few." The gals obviously don't respond, but she is the outsider, and is used to that. She heads downstairs to the laundry room and is followed by the two men. When she gets to the washer, it is full of the roommates laundry, she turns her head to yell upstairs and scold, knowing they don't care, when she gets frustrated and turns to leave, Adrian grabs her SCARF, already around her neck and uses it like a noose, pulling her off the ground, her mound pushing and bucking, her sexy thighs jostling in and out of the frayed end of the shorts. She is a fighter and goes harder than anything Adrian has seen before, he tells Samson to grab  the reigns so he can get a handle on her, and so he can get a feel for a real bronco. They get her onto and across the washer and dryer set she is ass up and bucking, banging her legs against the dryer housing. Adrian has to take over and goes to help Samson gain control, after a few he hands her off again, and stands back to watch her fight, she slides down off of the unit and onto the floor, gagging and choking wide eyed in her fight, she hits the floor and her pussy jiggles, bucking to the floor and her thighs slapping the cold concrete. She fights long and hard but drains to a twitch, barely hanging, with a final gulp and puff she exits the world, eyes going from fight to flight right away. Adrian gives Samson a good one man, and they take her up to the sofa. Samson is tired and in shock, and not so much into the ass, as much as the money and booze, and goes on a looting spree, while Adrian tastes the fruits of his labor, checking out all the dead, sexy, pussy, ass, and tits. His second favorite next to the struggle. He starts with Anyanca and works down to Molly finishing with her from behind. He positions them all together then exits to find Samson who is by the door ready to leave..Their bodies are panned and viewed from many angles, and their sexy soles are bare, except for the one stocking that remains on Molly's foot, she didn't even have time to change... 

Starring: Anyanca, Karma, Molly
Keywords: Strangling, Choke

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