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    ANNESDREAMS - Six  Execution

    Clip Description

    Six beautiful young women are taken out doors, tied to upright posts and shot to death. It’s a nasty execution as crista, monica, orsi, susanne, anne and sophie are gunned down on sequence.

    starring: crista, monica, orsi, susanne, sophie and anne

    1657 kb

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv1617.8 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    ANNESDREAMS - Six  Execution

    ANNESDREAMS - Six  Execution

    ANNESDREAMS - Six  Execution

    ANNESDREAMS - Six  Execution

    ANNESDREAMS - Six  Execution

    ANNESDREAMS - Six  Execution
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    Does She Have The Disk - Gaby has been ordered to retrieve a secret disk.  A photo of the person possessing the disk is hidden in a book in the mansion’s library.  Gaby finds the book and the photo, but annica arrives before she can act on the information.  Annica takes the photo and gives gaby a bullet or 2 as a trade.  One in the chest and a kill shot in the forehead.

starring: gaby and annica

318 mb

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Draw - Crista challenges Monica to a fast draw.  The two turn out to be more evenly matched than expected.  One gets a bullet in her breast and the other gets one in the belly.  Both have no other option than to suffer and die.

Starring: Monica and Crista
Theme: shooting

Run Time: 04:47
285 MB

    Two In The Head  Tales From The Nether Lands - Shooting

orsi has been messing where she shouldn’t be messing and crista has accepted a contract to kill her.  When orsi returns home she is confronted in the bathroom by the notorious hit woman.  Orsi offers her money, but crista is determined to blow her pink little brains out.  Crista puts two shots point blank in orsi’s forehead then takes special notice of the fact that orsi isn’t wearing any panties under her skirt.  Orsi was prepared for action, but not for the bullet kind.

starring:  orsi and crista

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Outdoor Execution  Tales From The Nether Lands  - Sophie and orsi have been arrested for being terrorists and are awaiting execution.  Monica and susanne remove the prisoners from their cell and take them out into the forest to be executed by firing squad.  Orsi and sophie are each tied to trees and shot after their blouses are pulled open to expose the target area (the heart).  Later, crista come to identify/view orsi’s body and is shocked to find that orsi’s bloody and naked body has been thrown into a coffin without any type of preparation.

starring: orsi, sophie, monica, susanne and crista

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Amazon Execution In The Woods - Tales from the nether lands !!

six models in this video! Sophie marches monica, crista, diana, susanne and orsi to a clearing in the woods where posts have been erected for the purpose of executions.  Monica attempts to get away and gets a bullet in her back.  Sophie then executes the remaining four partisans one by one.

starring: sophie, monica, crista, susanne, diana and orsi   
theme: shooting/ execution 

full hd 1920 x 1080 

run time: 08:16 minutes
file size: 1123 mb

    Agent - Adrienne is getting ready to leave when ildiko, her bodyguard, enters the room with a couple of message.  First ildiko tells adrienne that her limo will be there soon.  Second, she hands adrienne a written message that was delivered to her.  Adrienne reads the message aloud: “i dream in color that's full of deceit.”  Ildiko suddenly goes into a trance.  She draws her weapon and shoots adrienne on the bed then turns the weapon on herself and drives a bullet through her heart.  The shot breaks the trance, but ildiko is dead before she can do anything other than gasp.  The video is based on a request from glamis33.

starring: adrienne and ildiko

    Surprise Attack  Tales From The Nether Lands  - Shooting

susanne and crista **** up to the sound of thunder and rain.  After a couple of good morning hugs and kisses they prepare for the day ahead by strapping on their weapons, boots and cowboy hats.  Unknown to them, sophie is patiently waiting.  As the cowgirls exit the barn sophie sends some hot lead their way and a shootout results.  Susanne is taken down first, then crista and sophie agree to a face-to-face challenge.  Sophie easily wins, but dies regretting that she didn’t put a finishing bullet in susanne soon enough.  While gloating over killing crista, the wounded susanne manages to put bullets in sophie’s belly and breast only to catch more lead herself.  All three end up in nether lands hell!

starring: crista, sophie and susanne

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Silence Game - Sophie has caught monica and ildiko snooping around her home.  It’s a bad thing to do when the homeowner is an agent for the government.  Sophie leads the pair downstairs where she uncuffs them and questions them.  Monica gives up ildiko and is the first to die with ildiko’s encouragement.  But sophie doesn’t believe ildiko is innocent, and she doesn’t need any witnesses to her execution of monica.  Ildiko gets a silenced bullet in the center of her belly, too.  Sophie is sooo cruel.  Written by sophie.

starring: monica, sophie and ildiko
theme: double shooting

run time: 06:41
394 mb

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