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    Clip Description

    Monica and ildiko have ****** annica to strip and ildiko want to kill her in a way that pleases monica. Annica is unable to physically resist, but she does her best to make it difficult by being verbally defiant. Ildiko finally pulls the trigger and puts 3 bullets in annica’s chest and 6 pack abdomen. Satisfied with her work, ildiko hands monica the gun and kneels down to inspect annica’s wounds. Monica; however, is a sly, natural born killer and double-crosses ildiko. She ****** ildiko to remove most of her clothing then buries a knife deep in ildiko’s sexy belly. Satisfied, monica departs leaving the 2 dead bodies sprawled on the floor.

    starring: monica, ildiko and annica
    theme: shooting and knifing

    run time: 05:50
    310 mb

    full hd 1920 x 1080

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv310.56 MB

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    Set Up For A Kill - The revolution is quickly coming to an end, and a ceasefire is eminent. Ildiko is a traitor working for the government, and her superiors want to make sure certain revolutionaries are killed before the fight ends.  Adrienne and ildiko enter an old warehouse and try to get a few moments of peace and safety before moving on.  As adrienne ******, ildiko makes a call setting up adrienne for a sniper’s shot.  Fortunately, adrienne is only dozing and overhears the conversation. She waits patiently then implements a plan of her own.  She has something extremely painful in store of ildiko.  (Inspired by a comment from watchdog.)

starring: ildiko and adrienne

465 kb

    Chrissys Stocking - Hit woman chrissy is tasked with eliminating julie white and her lover, susanne.  Susanne falls ****** to chrissy’s deadly ways as she prepares for a nice hot bath, then julie is ********* while trying to finish up some work on her laptop in her sun room.

starring: chrissy, susanne and julie

run time: 05:16
354 kb

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Caught Cheating Part 1 - Gaby comes home and discovers that orsi is cheating on her with susanne.  When orsi and susanne take a break in their lovemaking, susanne goes out to the kitchen and walks right into gaby’s garrote.  Gaby then confronts orsi and puts a blade in thrill killer’s favorite spot.  When the cutting is done, gaby lies down with her dead lover.

starring: orsi, susanne and gaby

run time: 04:22
322 kb

    Revenge Is Bittersweet - Orsi seduces and kills susanne while under the belief that susanne killed her friend.  Susanne is wearing an ankle bracelet the orsi had given her friend when they were in high ******.  Unfortunately, susanne was innocent.  Monica was the actual killer.  It was an accidental death, but with orsi out for revenge, monica feels compelled to eliminate her too.

starring: orsi, susanne and monica

453 kb

    Stocking Surprise - After and evening of romance, orsi decides to get rid of her lover, susanne.  After waking up, orsi loops a stocking around susanne’s neck and leaves her dead on the bed before heading into the shower. 

starring: orsi and susanne

run time: 03:08
182 mb

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Shower Surprise - Annica is just trying to relax a bit, but gaby has other plans for her.  Annica finishes washing her hair and showering, but as she prepares to get dressed something gets looped around her neck and she is violently *********.

starring: gaby and annica

run time: 06:13
500 mb

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Insider Trading - Ildiko and susanne know that the american fda is not going to approve a **** that the pharmaceutical company run by monica’s ****** has developed.  They tip off a major stockholder in exchange who stands to lose millions if the value of his shares drops after the announcement.  He agrees to pay them $100,000 for the tip.  Monica discovers the deception and delivers a pair of death sentence for insider trading.  

starring: monica, susanne and ildiko
theme: ********** and shooting

run time: 04:50
337 mb

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Punishment - Sophie comes home to find gaby sitting outside her house sunning herself.  After some questions sophie learns that gaby has been having an affair with sophie’s girlfriend.  Sophie and gaby get in a fight, and sophie kills gaby in a ***** hold.  Sophie then confront crista whom she finds ******** in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  Crista denies any knowledge of gaby even after sophie strips her and binds her to the bed.  It’s more than sophie can tolerated, so the scorned lover ********* crista with her bare hands.

starring: sophie, gaby and crista

run time: 12:42
1,02 gb

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Surprise Attack  Tales From The Nether Lands  - Shooting

susanne and crista **** up to the sound of thunder and rain.  After a couple of good morning hugs and kisses they prepare for the day ahead by strapping on their weapons, boots and cowboy hats.  Unknown to them, sophie is patiently waiting.  As the cowgirls exit the barn sophie sends some hot lead their way and a shootout results.  Susanne is taken down first, then crista and sophie agree to a face-to-face challenge.  Sophie easily wins, but dies regretting that she didn’t put a finishing bullet in susanne soon enough.  While gloating over killing crista, the wounded susanne manages to put bullets in sophie’s belly and breast only to catch more lead herself.  All three end up in nether lands hell!

starring: crista, sophie and susanne

full hd 1920 x 1080

    Rest In Peace - Orsi has upset her lover, susanne, and susanne wants to talk.  After a long day orsi just wants a hot bath and some time to relax.  This drives susanne’s tension through the roof, and instead of talking things out, she decides to end the relationship permanently.  Orsi takes 3 bullets to her naked chest and dies in a tub full of her own *****.  We soon discover that more is going on with the 2 lovers than we thought when assassin gaby shows up.  Susanne gets a hollow-point between the eyes, and gaby slips away leaving orsi and susanne time to rest in peace.

starring: orsi, susanne and gaby

436 kb

    Tap And Cap - Orsi has a contract on susanne.  She seduces her, then kills her as they begin what susanne thought would be a sexy and romantic interlude.  Well, the sexy part was true.  Unfortunately monica show up after the fact, and orsi calmly cleans up this loose end and acquires a piece of jewelry in the process.

starring: orsi, susanne and monica

run time: 05:54  
541 kb

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