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    Clip Description

    Once an Agent always and Agent right? Well in this case maybe a dead agent, especially when Hannah tries to leave the agency and of course must at least pay the exit fee. The Agency decided to case her out for a month and assemble a team to take her out, but young up and coming Agent Freya has other plans. She figures she will let the agency get it's ducks in a row and when they least expect it, she would confirm the kill and get a nice promotion. Hannah will not go without a fight, or a few.

    Hannah shows up at her new place, she sees the front door is open slightly so she knows something is wrong. She politely tells the person on the phone with her she has something come up and she needs to go, at the same time she is trying to quietly set down her groceries, keys, and grab her pistol. She enters the house and has her gun drawn and ready. Her high heel knee high boots make a slight clack, and her skirt and sweater are tight and revealing. She hears a noise from the other side of the house by the bedroom and walks gun raised and ready. The noise gets louder and when she turns to the danger in the bedroom, it is just the wind smacking the blinds against the window frame. She let's out a sigh of relief and goes to shut the window. As she shuts the window she hears the door creaking shut, and behind her appears a woman dressed in black, barefoot, with no weapons. Hannah spins and starts to aim her gun when the woman in black kicks the gun out of her hand. The two wrestle on the bed for the gun and fight for dominance. The gun is fumbled and the Agent in black chases her as Hannah crawls from the room to keep hold of the gun but the Agent pulls her legs and kicks the gun away from her into the other room. The two stand and square up, introductions are made, smack talk is handled and the two get acquainted with a small round of punches. Hannah gets a nice whack in, from a missed kick, as well as a couple of knees to the crotch and gut and knocks down the Agent but she jumps right up and gives it back. They finish the smack talk and get into the fight more as they grapple and trade blows. The Agent in black gives Hannah a straight chop to the throat and then an Iron Palm that knocks her stumbling back, still on her clacking boot heels, eyes rolling back, but she recovers and comes back to beat on the agent in black. They fight more and Hannah knocks her down with a right cross, spinning her around and to the floor. The Agent in black appears hurt but she is smiling, averting the fact she is not hurt, and reaches in the couch cushion for a knife. It is a skinning knife and looks very sharp. Hannah looks down and knows she has it coming so she moves and defends from the knife as it is swung, stabbed, and swiped at her. Hannah finds a time when the overhead stab attempt is coming and grabs the Agents arm, twisting it back so she lets go of the knife to the floor, then punches her. She picks her up and they start to fight more and she knocks the agent on her back and then leaps on to her starting to strangle her hard. The agent smiles and says she will never be defeated and chops her in the throat then taking over the dominant by rolling her on to her back. She throws a few more straight chops to the throat as she straddles Hannah. As she goes for a KO punch to the head, Hannah moves and the Agent hits the hard floor, immediately grimacing and falling to the side. Hannah then straddles the agent choking her but the agent gets her hands up and returns the favor, by now Hannah is getting fatigued and complacent. The Agent bites Hannahs hand and it makes her release the strangle hold. Swiftly in one move the agent gets around and her legs in a figure 4 leg lock choke hold. Hannah had no chance from that move and the agent immediately starts to choke her out. Hannah fights hard and tries to get away but the more she fights and squirms the tighter the lock gets. Her eyes and tongue bug out her eyes roll back and her limbs go from thrashing to twitching to limp as she passes out from no air. Wanting to keep her around to see her one more time before she kills her the agent leaves to grab some disposal supplies. After a few minutes the hardy Hannah wakes up eyes rolling in the back of her head and grabbing at her throat from the multiple abuses to it. She hears a noise of someone approaching and leaps up to the bedroom where she waits. The door opens and the agent is obviously surprised Hannah is not on the floor, but she is also slightly amused, knowing that she is better and it is just more playful death. The agent walks toward the bedroom and Hannah leaps out with a punch connecting and surprising her foe, but being dazed and whipped from the fights and choking, she gets blocked after the second punch and thrown to the ground. The agent gets on top of her so fast and starts to dig her fingers into her windpipe, choking her out with a technique she loves to use. She chokes her hard pressing harder as the Former agent fights for her life, ego getting the best of her. The agent in black chokes her to death as Hannah bugs her eyes, her tongue, and gurgles trying to get air but she won't make this one, she straightens her legs out boots digging then to twitches, then still after a rattle. Dead she lays there eyes wide open looking defeated, and surprised by the single, younger agent who is about to get a promotion. She then straddles Hannah for the last time, lifting her head and saying, "WEAK!" Before dropping it on the floor like a microphone after a ending speech.The agent in black takes pictures with her phone to send to the director, then grabs her by her arms and drags her off into the...

    Starring: Hannah Perez, Freya
    Keywords: Strangling, Girlfight

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
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    mp4847.99 MB

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