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    Clip Description

    Susanne is an assassin, and her job is to terminate Orsi with extreme prejudice. As Orsi slumbers on the sofa in her country cabin Susanne enters with her trusty stocking garrote. It a warm afternoon, and Susanne wants to bring her task to a tidy conclusion. Slowly she approaches then slips the stocking around Orsi’s neck. Orsi puts up quite a struggle, but Susanne has all the advantages. Orsi expires, then Susanne strips her naked for the viewing pleasure of those who find the corpse.

    Starring: Orsi and Susanne
    Theme: Strangling

    Run Time: 06:03
    256 MB

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4307.02 MB

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    AN AGENTS VISION - A special agent is on a mission to gather intelligence on a drive somewhere at the location. She confirms with her director that she is at the right place, she heads inside wearing her black skirt, white button down shirt, and sheer tan pantyhose with high heel pumps. She steps down from the truck and walks slowly to the door, looking around for anything peculiar. She draws her pistol and goes inside, looking around, quietly searching for the drive. She looks around digging through stuff when she gets a strange sensation, she spins to see a vision of her being strangled to death by a counter agent. She drifts into the vision, seeing the whole thing play out, even seeing drool coming out of her own mouth, and end in her demise. After she sees the strangle and death, when the counter agent kicks her she snaps out of the daydream, noticing she is still wearing the heels instead of the knee high leather boots. She looks around cautiously as she snaps out of it. She goes to where she saw herself being killed and gets a feel for it, feeling a strange sensation, when she sets her gun down and looks across the room. She stands up to investigate and when she turns a female spy is there with a cord to strangle her to death. Agent Hannah uses her training and skills to flip the script and throttle the counter agent. She jumps on top of her and throttles her hard. This time the agent is wearing the boots she saw herself killed in, it is eerie but she pays no mind, only handles the strangle well as the counter agent fights, claws and chokes to try and get away. The counter agent reaches for the gun but the Agent continues to use her tiny frame to keep the counter agent at bay. After a hard struggle, the counter agent spasms and jerks as some drool comes out from the corner of her mouth. After the counter agent is dead, the agent catches her breath and pats down the counter agent. After a minute searching she finds a thumb drive in the counter's boot, up against her pantyhose. She has what she was intended to get so she grabs her purse, gun and makes her way to the door. After she leaves the counter agent's body is panned and viewed.

Starring: Hannah Perez, Sinn Sage
Keywords: Strangling, Postmortem

    Identifying The Pms Lover - Ildiko and Monica suspect that Orsi is the Prime Minister’s secret lover.  Their job is to find her, verify their suspicions and kill her.  After being ****** to strip naked and undergoing a sample of what ********** is like, Orsi admits to being the secret lover.  Much to her surprise, the admission doesn’t buy her release and Ildiko ********* Orsi with Orsi’s thin metal belt.

Starring: Orsi, Ildiko and Monica
Theme: **********

Run Time: 05:55
298 MB

    ORSIS BODY - Orsi commits suicide by poisoning herself.   She squirms in agony as the poison does its job.  Later, Ildiko and Gaby strip the body, clean it and dry it before placing a toe-tag on her foot. A custom for Rebel Yank.

Starring: Orsi, Ildiko and Gaby
Theme: suicide, body preparation and tagging

Run Time: 06:59
354 MB

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