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    Clip Description

    While in protective custody, Andrea discovers that her bodyguard for the day will be Annica. Andrea is being protected from a man named Goodman, and Annica reveals that Goodman has been killed. Andrea is greatly relieved, but she quickly learns that Annica was lying when Annica puts a knife in her gut. Turns out that Goodman hired Annica to do the hit.

    Starring: Andrea, Annica
    Keywords: Stabbing

    Clip Duration:      3 minutes
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    mp4158.21 MB

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    BRITISH GRIFTERS - AS / Linda are con-women. They pretend to be therapists by hypnosis to relax their patients. But, when they hypnotize their victims they steal bank details and usually have fun by tormenting them with the sexy feet and bodies.

Today their victim is an American tourist Tracy Johns. (Played by Caroline).

AS / Linda do their usual routine, putting Tracy under with a watch. They then strip to panties and tease the poor woman wth their legs, shoes and feet until they finally extract the bank info.

But, in a twist at the end, it turns out that Tracy is not who she appears. She is a hit-woman hired by a guy that AS/Linda has duped before. To get his revenge poor AS/Linda were killed by the cold Tracy Johns.

The two naked girls get shot dead.
Starring: AltSiren, Linda

    I Knew You39d Like It - Ildiko has be hired to get rid of Orsi, but Orsi has a good intelligence network and suspects the something is amiss.  When Ildiko visits her, Orsi lets things play out, and Ildiko does attempt to kill Orsi.  Unfortunately for Ildiko, her plans go awry and Orsi shoots Ildiko right where she knows Ildiko would like it.

Starring: Ildiko and Orsi
Theme: shooting

Run Time: 05:37
284 MB

    ILDIKO ADAMS 10 - Christine never felt sorry for anyone including Juliet.  Her mission was to kill her and get the laptop back to headquarters.  Mission accomplished. Now her task is to kill the infamous Ildiko Adams.  Meanwhile, Ildiko is plagued by her past.  Why was she saved and why does Max always protect her.  In a dream, she is visited by a former, but deceased friend.  Monica is in Hell and can only leave if she helps someone she betrayed.  She tells Ildiko that Ildiko’s mother is a friend of Max’s and knows she’s alive.  Monica also gives her a warning about Christine.  After making love to the duplicitous spy, Ildiko discovers that Monica’s warning was true and she is forced to deal with Christine in her trademark way.  Bang!

Starring: Christine, Ildiko
Keywords: Shooting

    I DONT CARE - Susanne has made a mistake that cost Crista’s company a lot of money.  When Susanne responds that the behavior of her clients is not her problem, Crista accepts the fact that Susanne won’t be making any effort to recoup the funds.  This leaves Crista with a problem, and Crista likes to solve problems quickly though not always quietly.  She decides a little downsizing of her staff is in order, and Susanne will be the sacrifice.  A bullet is cheap, and no severance pay is required afterward.

Starring: Susanne, Crista
Keywords: Shooting

    BLOODY KISS - Julie knows that Natalie talks too much to the wrong people.  In this video, Natalie is cured o her gift of gab with 4 well placed slugs.  She couldn’t even buy her way out of the hole she was in, but she did get a nice kiss in the end.

Starring: Julie and Natalie
Theme: shooting

Run Time: 04:37
231 MB

    THE WRONG HOUSE - Three friends are having fun in the living room drinking and chatting. They discuss how they like their long socks. Then a burglar comes into the house and lets gets the girls to Stan in the middle of the room, then he shoots all three girls. After the girls are shot he drags them all together and puts them next to each other.

Starring: Coco, Anyanca, Willow
Keywords: Shooting, Breast shooting, Sock fetish

    DOUBLE DEADLY INVITE - Two sexy young gals are coming home after a gallery showing in the summer, when they get to Paige's place Belle is helping a drunk Paige through the front door. Still smoking and holding a wine glass, Paige click clacks her Italian heels on the hardwood floor, in her sexy cocktail dress, as she makes it to her chair for another drag and a drink. Belle is obviously a non drinker, conservative type that is very concerned that her friend is too wasted and was just staring at boys, not the art, and it was very noticeable. Paige replies that some of the boys there were "works of art", and that, "Oh by the way, I invited a guy from the internet over to have some wine and hang out." Belle freaks, and explains the dangers and the rate of hot gals getting murdered. Paige scoffs, then smiles big as the knock at the door comes. She staggers to the door, her black Pradas clicking on the floor as she opens for him to enter. He is very clean cut, good looking and polite. Belle gets a little more comfy but is still reluctant to join the fun. The young man has his hands all over Paige and they hug and grope each other. Her sexy long, bare legs, in her cocktail dress and high heels makes the young man crazy. Belle in her conservative dress, and Mary Jane style black heels, hair neatly in a bun, acts very shy, but she is sexy and her body is perfect. She tries to have fun and relax, but when the man suggests they all go have some fun in bed, she tries to get up and leave. He pulls a gun, a pistol, and Belle flips out, starting to get scared. Paige acts excited, smiling, because she played with this guy online with a gun. Paige is super turned on as the guy stokes her with the gun, and then points at her friend, threatening her that she better take off the dress. Belle is shocked, but Paige still plays along. He then dry fires the gun at Belle, she loses it and starts to cry. Paige is sobering a bit, trying to figure it out. Is this a game, or a sick dude trying to kill some hotties? When he cocks the gun and fires again, with nothing, Belle is frazzled, but still gets her friend over to her. The guy is having fun, but since the girls aren't he orders Paige to strip her sexy dress off. She complies, realizing what is going on she tells her friend sorry. Just as he spins Paige around and checks out her long legs, and ass in heels and a G-string, he wants more. he points at Belle shooting her in the BELLY BUTTON, she is shocked and immediately hits the floor sliding back. She clutches and looks down to see the blood trickling from her buttonhole. The guy has Paige in his arms, her hells click clack as she is backed into the front door. The guy kisses her on the lips, she returns the kiss, thinking she is in the clear when, POP, he shoots Paige point blank in the BUTTON HOLE, still holding her up so he can see her belly leak a little blood, and her long legs quiver from the pain and agony. He holds her up for a while, and as Belle shrieks in pain, the man lays Paige down on the floor beside her. He stands up and empties a cartridge into Belle's BREAST through her heart, which makes her jolt off the ground, and then twitch, jerk, and die from the wound. A small bit of blood comes from her mouth, her friend is upset that she is dead, and also that herself, being belly shot is about to be, POW!! He shoots Paige in the breast, through the heart, she bucks, twitches, rolss a bit, and fades to nothing but dead, wide eyed stare, one buttet in each belly, and one in each gal's left breast, and through the heart. Belle with mouth blood, and Paige without. The man holsters his gun and heads out the back door after a comment about how the internet rules for this. The two, sexy gals in high heels are left there dead, beautiful, and fully panned and viewed..

Starring: Paige Turner, Belle Fatale
Keywords: Shooting, Breast shooting, Belly shooting, Postmortem

    DRUGGED ASSASSIN - Caroline and Edina think they have Monica drugged, but the cunning dark-haired assassin turns the tables on her captors.

Starring: Caroline, Edina, Monica
Keywords: Shooting

    SHOT AT THE POLES - Tales from the Nether Lands (Shooting/execution) - Another GEM!!

Orsi, Ildiko, Susanne and Sophie are individually lead to a field and anchored to individual posts as a killer prepares to execute them.  Ildiko pleads with the killer and offers to do anything in exchange for her life, but all is in vain.  The killer enjoys his work too much.  Orsi is shot first leaving the other women horrified as they await their fates.  Next to go is Ildiko followed by Susanne and Sophie.  Each is shot once through the heart and drops to her knees where they rapidly expire. Orsi and Susanne are topless and Ildiko and Sophie are wearing bras and panties.

Starring: Ildiko, Orsi, Susanne and Sophie
Theme: handgun, execution

Run Time: 08:58
474 MB

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