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    Clip Description

    Gabriella has been sentenced to death by garroting. Her guards force her to strip down to her panties then strap her into a chair. After Chloe pronounces the death sentence Cintia slips the garrote around Gabriella’s neck and she is slowly strangled. We welcome back Gabriella who now appears topless, Cintia who has been away for quite a while and introduce Chloe, the latest addition to the group.

    Starring: Gabriella, Cintia and Chloe
    Theme: strangling, garotting

    Run Time: 05:14
    208 MB

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4262.31 MB

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    How Dare You - Annica accuses gaby of being a traitor and executes her with a quick slash across gaby’s neck.

starring: annica and gaby
theme: throat cut

186 mb

full hd 1920 x 1080

    CATSIRENS SECRET FEAR - Catsiren AS has been captured again and ordered to visit a therapist. The therapists job was to find out Catsiren's secret fear and weakness so she could be finally defeated.
While Catrsiren sits in a chairs, hands cuffed behind her, the therapist puts Catsiren under hypnosis and while under, she found out graphically that Catsiren's fear was to have her breasts exposed and then be strangled from behind.
When she was brought back, Catsiren realized the therapist found out her secret fear and weakness. So, she acted fast. She used her secret eye stare to put the therapist under.
The therapist woke to find that Catsiren has slipped her cuffs and now the therapist sits cuffed on a chair. Catsiren now is free. Catsiren opens the therapists blouse to reveal her tits and slips a cord around her neck, strangling the therapist. Catsiren secret was safe again.

Starring: Altsiren and Linda
Keywords: Strangling, surreal 

Run Time: 18:08 
527 MB

    SHOT AT THE POLES - Tales from the Nether Lands (Shooting/execution) - Another GEM!!

Orsi, Ildiko, Susanne and Sophie are individually lead to a field and anchored to individual posts as a killer prepares to execute them.  Ildiko pleads with the killer and offers to do anything in exchange for her life, but all is in vain.  The killer enjoys his work too much.  Orsi is shot first leaving the other women horrified as they await their fates.  Next to go is Ildiko followed by Susanne and Sophie.  Each is shot once through the heart and drops to her knees where they rapidly expire. Orsi and Susanne are topless and Ildiko and Sophie are wearing bras and panties.

Starring: Ildiko, Orsi, Susanne and Sophie
Theme: handgun, execution

Run Time: 08:58
474 MB

    GABRIELLA EXECUTED BY HANGING - Diane and Annica decide to hang Gabriella for stealing.  They find a nice tree in the garden and string her up.

Starring: Gabriella, Diane and Annica 
Theme: hanging, execution

Run Time: 03:20
162 MB

    THREE TREE  Tales from the Nether Lands - Triple Hanging 

A rich farmer has captured 3 beautiful women with the intention of hanging them for their “crimes”.  In his yard he has prepared three nooses and one-by-one he hangs Orsi (nude), Ildiko (underwear) and Susanne (topless).  Another day in paradise 

Starring: Orsi, Ildiko and Susanne
Theme: hanging

Run Time: 09:28 
490 MB

    NATALIE THE THIEF - Natalie breaks into Chloe’s apartment looking for a data device.  While searching, Chloe comes home unexpectedly.  Natalie tries to scare her into revealing the location of the device, but Chloe maintains the position that she doesn’t know where it is.  Angered by Chloe’s resistance, Natalie strangles her, and the location of the device remains unknown.

Starring: Chloe and Natalie
Theme: strangling

Run Time: 07:38
392 MB

    EXECUTING GABY - Crista escorts Gaby into the execution chamber and places her in the electric chair.  Poor Gaby is fried, but she is innocent.  Crista has executed the wrong prisoner.  Ildiko enters the room and discovers the error.  We discover that Crista’s mistake was doubly fatal when Ildiko puts Crista against the wall and fills her chest and belly with machinegun bullets.

Starring: Gaby, Crista and Ildiko
Theme: Electric chair and machinegun

Run Time: 05:58
300 MB

    Tender Touch - Annica has reached an agreement with the secret police.  Annica will turn herself in for execution if the secret police leave her family alone.  Her old friend Gaby is a high ranking officer in the police and promises not to violate the terms of the deal.  She eases Annica through the process as tenderly as she can, but an execution is an execution.  Would you trust Gaby???????

Starring: Annica and Gaby
Theme: *******

Run Time: 05:01
215 MB

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