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    Clip Description

    Agent Jaimie Fox is a ruthless secret agent that loves to take her time disposing of her kills so after a nice long bout with a poor, young, agent across town, she heads back to the hideout to post up and relax. She calls HQ and talks to the boss, finding out where to drop the disk she confiscated from her last mark. As she takes not of the time and place, she hears some boots trying to sneak up on her. She is calm and cool and doesn't even stop her conversation, in fact she extends it, to the point of pissing off Agent Alba who is standing pointing her 9mm at her face. "Agent Fox, put down the phone, I am the one with the gun here!" Agent Fox lowly lowers her phone, hitting a few keystrokes before setting it down on the counter. Agent Alba is annoyed but is caught off guard when the phone rings and she looks at it for a split second, letting Agent Fox take the gun and toss it to the floor in one move. Agent Alba is perturbed and runs at Fox with her fists up ready to brawl, but Agent fox lets her get close then gives her an open palm to the nose. This stuns her and she staggers back long enough for Lexxi to take her heels off and get ready to kick ass, she does just that. She grabs Alba after she swings and misses, kneeing her in the gut three times to get her hurting a bit, then she head butts Alba knocking her on her back. Alba is stunned and on the ground grabbing her head. Fox heads to grab the para cord on the counter but decides she is feeling playful today and wants to show the opposition she can't be messed with at all. She picks Alba up by her hair to her knees, but Alba surprises her with a gut punch and a big "It ain't over bitch!", leaving Fox stunned momentarily, enough for Alba to come at her and grab her two handed by the throat to choke her out. Fox returns the favor and the two are locked in a strangle me I will strangle you bitch kinda position, standing up and throttling each other hard. Alba tries to break free but when she does Fox takes advantage of the situation and Starts to throttle Alba hard, so hard she let's go and is being choked out. Fox takes her to the sofa, standing over her and her skirt hiked up as she chokes out Alba. After a long hard strangle Alba weakens and her arms and head go limp. Fox relaxes a bit thinking she has this one in the bag, but Alba has a boot knife and was bluffing, she stabs Fox in the gut with the tip of the knife making her jump and back away stunned. She looks up at Alba who is regaining her strength and breath, holding the knife ready to stab her. She pokes the knife at her slashing at Fox but Agent Fox is too much of a pro and after a couple misses she timesd and targets her arm, in one motion she disarms the knife and breaks Alba's right arm and wrist. Alba screams out in pain, she stumbles around in shock and pain. Agent Fox is not messing around anymore and goes behind Alba with a choke hold. She chokes her out hard taking out all of her aggression on Alba. After she chokes her out for a while, the Agent Alba weakens and goes down, limp and almost unconscious, Fox puts the squeeze on her some more to make sure and she is out. Agent Fox heads to the phone, straightening her skirt, and calling her boss to say she is running a bit late but not to worry she' about to dispose of the body. She comes back to the unconscious sexy Agent Alba, who's skin tight leggings and tight top, black boots, and sits on her knees by her head. She caresses and kisses her face, telling her that unfortunately for her, she likes to take her time disposing of her victims. She is about to have some real fun. She gets behind Alba and puts her arms locked under her breasts around her body. She lifts her up, dead weight from being out cold, but she quickly awakens screaming when Fox crushes a couple of her ribs with a jolt, she repeats, breaking most of her ribs, one or a couple at a time(ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL), then repeating and ending with a knee to the back breaking her ribs in the back, and her back in a couple places. She still has use of her legs, but her right arm is broken and she is screaming in pain begging and crying not to die. Tears roll down her face as she is in great agony from the pain. She begs Fox not to kill her but Fox is a cold blooded agent that has no problem making them suffer before they die. Fox stands up after she drops Alba to the floor and grabs the para cord. She fashions it around her hands to make sure she has a nice grip. She gets in position as the moaning Alba is on the floor, twitching a bit and trying to plead, but to no avail. She gets the cord around her neck and starts to pull Agent Alba immediately forgets that her ribs are broken in her fight for life, the tears and make up smears do not matter anymore it is life or death. She kicks her legs, bucks and tries with the one good arm to claw at the cord but she can't do much with a pro who has leverage and hundreds of kills under her belt, or skirt... Agent fox takes her time and kills her good, Alba's eyes bug out and her tongue lols to the side, her smeared eyeliner show the scars of battle. She finishes her off and lets her down to the floor. She sits her upright, dead, but always makes sure, plus she loves the sound of bones snapping, especially vertebrae. She rolls her head to and fro the snap, twisting Alba's body one eighty degrees and face down on the floor. She admires her kill and stands up dragging the fresh hot corpse to the corner of the sofa sections so she can keep an eye on her, even though she is dead, while she gets ready to leave. Just as she is finishing up positioning the body, she hears another boot heel on the floor. It is another Agent from the Black Force, Gentry this time a leggy blonde. She tells Fox to freeze as she has the gun near her back. Agent Fox just chuckles and smirks, "No way, three times today?" She spins and knocks Agent Gentry to the ground in one left cross punch to the crown. She is on her like white on rice, knowing she is running out of energy today from all the agents coming at her, plus her own mission to grab the information on the disk. She chokes her out in a hard choke hold, behind her on her knees getting good leverage. After a battle for a minute she starts to think she is tired and this is enough. She lets up the choke hold and grabs her head rolling it back and forth as the Agent tries to catch her breath. She snaps her neck so quickly it twists the leggy blonde's entire body twisting it hard(.NECK SNAP SHOWED FROM 2 ANGLES) She gets up and straightens herself up, fixing her hair with her fingers and putting on her sexy high heels. What a hot Agent fox is, working in high heels all day, as a killer....

    She exits and makes way for sexy pans of the dead agents Gentry and Alba.

    Starring: Lexxi, Ryanne, Ashley Lane
    Keywords: Strangling, girlfight

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
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    mp4322.26 MB

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