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    Clip Description

    Starring: taissia shanti


    it is the fourth "clones hunt". The new clones' apartment is found by employee of the secret lab and the hunter is sent there. The appearance of the hunter becomes a surprise for the clones. The first clone runs to grab the gun, but gets a bullet in the back. The hunter grabs the clone and tries to learn where the others clones are hidden. At this moment the second clone comes into the room and shoots twice, but all bullets hit into the first clone. Then the hunter shoots twice in the chest of the second clone. The second clone falls on the floor and the hunter makes one more shot in each of the clones. Then he drags their bodies and leaves on the chairs. Before leaving the apartment the hunter shoots at the bathroom's door. Intuition doesn't fail him, he kills the third clone by this shot.

    fetish elements: shots in the chest and in the back, dragging of the body, white blouse, black miniskirt, pantyhose, topless.

    language: russian.

    subtitles: english.

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4405.96 MB

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    Twin Execution - One of twin sisters is a journalist. She conducts investigation against a gang of **** dealers. The second ****** is a **** addict and she is under the influence of the gang. Bandits decide to get rid of both sisters and compel the addicted ****** to call the journalist into the apartment where execution is planned. Right after telephone conversation of sisters the hit man kills the addict by five shots in the breast and in the navel. Then drags off the body and hides her in other room.  After arrival of the journalist to the apartment the hit man kills her by eight shots in the breast, in the back and in the navel. Then he goes to other room and sees that the addicted ****** is not dead, he shoots at her breast once again.

fetish elements:  14 shots in the navel, in the breasts and in the back, dragging the body.

language: russian

subtitles: english

starring: hass.

    Shooting Mix 2 - Custom clip
starring: dasha.

we offer to watch a new clip - "shooting mix 2" for those who like our clip "shooting mix".
the clip includes 20 shooting scenes. The role of the ****** is acted by charming dasha.
this is very good offer to fans of the shooting.

fetish elements: 20 shooting scenes, shots in the belly, in the back and in the breasts, sexual clothes, fitting dresses, black skirt, white blouse, stockings, heels, gun with silencer.

    Accidental Witness - Starring: yasnara and bella belaya.


sisters nina and maria became unwitting witnesses to the activities of the mafia. Nina managed to remember the car number on which gangsters had escaped and she worried that she didn't report this information to the police immediately.

and now after the day of shopping ***** try just bought nightgowns. Nina shares her fears with her ******, but maria offers to forget seen incident. Nina wants to do so, as advises her ******, but she doesn't know that the gangsters have tracked down them already. All this time a killer was hidden in the next room, who listened to their conversation.

the killer takes out a gun with a silencer and kills the sisters despite their supplications for mercy. Each ****** gets three shots in the chest and one more control shot before the killer leaves their apartment.

a very dramatic story...

fetish elements: shots in the chests, white nighties, death stare.

subtitles: english.

    Shooting Mix - Starring:  alisa, lerica, dasha, foxy, yasnara, hass, kris, alena.


it's a super clip and a perfect gift for all who loves the shooting clips of "agasverus productions"! The clip includes 27 previously unreleased shooting scenes!

fetish elements: beautiful *****, a lot of shooting, digital *****, a lot of erotic poses, sexy clothes, stockings, pantyhose, heels.


    Spy Games - Starring: hass.


olga is an agent of a "secret organization". She suspects that her leadership conducts dishonest business. She guesses that the agents of the "organization" are used by bosses in dirty games. She needs proof. So she decides to go to one of the secret apartments of the "organization". Olga finds documents there, but she has no time to look at them attentively, as another agent appears in the apartment, which was sent by the "secret organization" to kill too curious agent. Olga grabs the gun, but the killer shoots first. She gets two bullets in the chest and one in the belly. She falls on the table and slowly slides on the floor. The agent-killer drags her to the center of the room and starts to search turning the body. The agent makes sure that there is nothing important except unnecessary papers, puts the body into the bathroom and leaves.

fetish elements:  shots in the chest and in the belly; heels, pantyhose, gun with silencer; dragging, searching and turning over the body.

run time: 08:20 minutes
file size: 415 mb 	format: .Mp4

    Irina - Natasha works as a secretary. One day she lies to her boss and escapes with part of the money belonging to the company.

since then she has to hide. After all the deceived employer wants to punish her. He asked for help in the clan of killers.

natasha feels she is being persecuted. She changes the documents, apartments and hotels, but the killer finds her.

fetish elements: shooting, stockings, heels.

subtitles: english

starring: irina
theme: silenced handgun

    Blackmailer - Blackmailer

starring: taissia shanti

synopsis: the ****-blackmailer is waiting for a man who should bring her money in the envelope to buy her silence. Instead of money he brings a gun and shoots point-blank just above her belly. She flinches back to the wall and gets three more bullets in the chest. She tries to say something, but the ***** flows from her mouth. She slides down the wall and dies after agony. The killer comes to her, closes her eyes and puts a cigarette in her hand. She didn't manage to smoke it.

fetish elements: 4 shots, white beautiful lingerie, stockings.


language: russian
subtitles: english

    Clones Hunt - Starring: foxy and jasha.


there live the cloned people among us, they are result of terrible experiment made by group of mad scientists in secret laboratories. Clones are externally similar to people, but they don't have human feelings and emotions. The part of clones runs away from laboratory because of a carelessness of scientists, but mankind shan't know about it. Therefore a clones hunter was sent, he has to relieve scientists of the arisen problems. He has to find and destroy clones.
in this clip clones hunt begins. The hunter comes to the apartment where finds the ******** ****-clone. He decides to ******** her. He doesn't finish to ******** her, when one more ****-clone appears in the apartment. He snatches the first **** and uses her as a cover from shots of the come ****. The second **** shoots three times, but all bullets hit into her friend-clone. Then the hunter snatches out the gun and shoots at the response three times. All bullets hit into the second ****, she moves back and tries to sit down on a seat armrest. The ****-clone feels a sexual agony before death. She slips down from the chair armrest, falls on the floor and her dress is lift up. Then the hunter doesn't hide any more, he lifts the first **** and lays her down on the bed. Then he goes to the second ****, lifts her from the floor, seats the clone on the sofa and gives in her hand the gun.

fetish elements: shootings, **********, stockings, panty hoses.

language: russian.
subtitles: english.

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