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    Clip Description

    A group of agents are protecting their leader. Nothing happens and theyŕe bored. A simple phone call however changes everything!

    starring: lynn, sharon, sammie and jessica
    theme: machinegun
    excellent fx

    run time: 05:28 minutes
    file size: 214 mb format: .Mpeg
    category: shooting

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    mpg214.59 MB

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    New Orders - As Freya hands over the tape, she learns of some New Orders...

Starring: Freya and Sammie B
Theme: Machinegun!

Run Time: 04:00 minutes
File Size: 145 MB 	Format: .MPEG
Category: Shooting

    Time - Elle makes a kill as hitwoman but then it seems she's on the hitlist as well...

starring: elle and sammie b.
theme: handgun and machinegun

run time: 04:18 minutes
file size: 120 mb 	format: .Mpeg
category: shooting

    Ic2 - Two spies are shadowing a male and a female agent and reporting details to their head quarters. They're asking unit one for a status report but don't receive a reply.
suddenly they face the male agent with a machine gun! Lucie and mellie in this movie. Guest appearance "bigjohn"

starring: lucie and mellie
theme: machinegun

    Ambassador - Ambassador Sammie is brought to her car when suddenly two gangsters show up. Guard Corinne is machinegunned and the ambassodor killed with a handgun.

Starring: Sammie and Corinne
Theme: Machinegun and Handgun

Run Time: 03:10 minutes
File Size: 125 MB 	Format: .MPEG
Category: Shooting

    AFHQ - Agents Sammie and Ivy know that professional killers are on their way with machine guns and are awaiting them.

Starring: Sammie B, Ivy and Annabelle
Theme: Machine gun

    HUMAN SHIELD - Clair and Nikki are hold up in a secure hide out. Little do they know they have been discovered and Nikki is moments away from becoming a human shield.

Starring: Nikki and Clair
Theme: Machinegun and Handgun

Run Time: 03:05 minutes
File Size: 109 MB 	Format: .MPEG
Category: Shooting

    KEY WITNESS - Two agents return from their mission. Russell received orders to kill both girls and walks in with a machinegun.
When Mellie returns home she finds out that he was the one who shot them. She's gone be his third victim!

Starring: Sadie, Jo and Mellie
Theme: Machinegun
Great FX !

Run Time: 09:47 minutes
File Size: 276 MB 	Format: .MPEG
Category: Shooting

    Ic1 - Ic1 is the sequel to ic2, second part of this great spy movie!
after john has shot the agents mellie and lucie other agents are after elle.
of course elle knows what to do!

starring: elle, jodine, ann
theme: machinegun
great fx!

minutes 04:57
file size: 132 mb 	format: .Mpeg
category: shooting

    COMPANY POLICY - A company discovered fraud and as it's the "companies policy" the girls have to be shot. Sadie finishes them off but receives a bullet a well!

Starring: Sammie, Jessica and Sadie
Theme: Handgun (overkill)

Price: 12.00
Run Time: 04:20 minutes
File Size: 155 MB 	Format: .MPEG
Category: Shooting

    Six - An advance team spy on a convoy...Maybe they should of checked their six sooner!

starring: page and jo
theme: machinegun with overkill

    Mg Shootout - A hitman is chasing elle and cindy with a machinegun. The poor ***** don't have a change...

starring: cindy and elle
theme: machinegun and handgun
excellent f/x!

run time: 03:09 minutes
file size: 84 mb 	format: .Mpeg
category: machinegun

    Gun Jam - Agents Clair and Jessica just fulfilled a mission and are afraid somebody will come after them. Good guess!

Starring: Annabelle, Clair and Jessica
Theme: Handgun

Run Time: 06:12 minutes
File Size: 247 MB 	Format: .MPEG
Category: Shooting

    39s Little  - An extra long movie where a **** gets ***** and abducted. They're asking her ****** for a ransom but unfortunately he's not willing to pay. At the end the wicked abductor decides to shoot his helper as well!

starring: cindy and clair
theme: handgun

run time: 13:37 minutes
file size: 571 mb 	format: .Wmv
category: shooting

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