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Sleepy Sirens
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  • An Acquired Taste
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    Sleepy Sirens - An Acquired Taste

    Clip Description

    Nickel's new lady friend, ava, has always had a sneaking suspicion as to what he does in spare time and figures that maybe some answers might lie on his computer. When she opens up a movie file in one of his desktop folders, she's shocked to see a rather subversive film involving a young woman being knocked out with **********. As she is taking all of this in, a damp cloth is pressed over her nose and mouth as she's pulled back onto the sofa. She looks up through her struggles only to see nickel leering over her as the sickly sweet substance robs her of consciousness and sends her to the same fate as the woman in the film.

    ava awakens with her arms bound above her head while nickel caresses her from her ****** slumber. He explains the nature of his films to ava, who is deeply concerned at this interest of his. But nickel is persistent that she catch on sooner or later as he proceeds to ********** her over and over again.

    when ava has surrendered to this intimate exchange, a transformation takes place. Nickel sits her in front of a large screen tv and ****** her to watch another scene. This time, ava recognizes the pleasure of the images both to herself as well as nickel. She is transfixed in the moment as he stands behind her and once again presses the freshly damp cloth over her nose and...

    Clip Duration:      26 minutes
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    wmv336.98 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Sleepy Sirens - An Acquired Taste

    Sleepy Sirens - An Acquired Taste

    Sleepy Sirens - An Acquired Taste

    Sleepy Sirens - An Acquired Taste

    Sleepy Sirens - An Acquired Taste

    Sleepy Sirens - An Acquired Taste
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when nujen awakens, alice explains that she was put to ***** with ********** and that the first attack was only the beginning of several more to come. Before nujen can even fathom this, alice slaps the cloth over her once again and holds nujen tight, gazing into her wild and ****** eyes. Later nujen is tied up in a standing position as alice teases and taunts her before delivering yet another dose of **********, sending a struggling nujen into a ****** slumber once again.

a few days later, alice finds herself at the receiving end of the cloth when nujen pulls a sneak attack whilke alice is washing the dishes. Alice struggles but clearly loves every minute of it - and nujen knows that. Before knocking alice out one more time, nujen whispers in her ****** lovers ear to expect more of the same...Again and again and again...

    Hard Times In Topanga Canyon Part 1 - Charlotte is desperately trying to wrap up her latest erotica novel as the deadline for its submission draws ever closer. 

in a direct attempt to inspire charlotte's erotic integrity, her editor secretly hires a beautiful woman named elle whose sole mission is to get charlotte juices flowing by any means necessary.

posing as a stranded traveller with car trouble, elle lures charlotte away from her mountain retreat and down a dirt path where elle's car awaits mechanical assistance. As charlotte enters the driver's seat she notices a small arsenal of suspicious items. But just as she inquires as to their purpose, elle jumps her from behind and slaps a **********-soaked cloth over charlotte's nose and mouth. The two desperately struggle but finally the ********** is too strong for charlotte's rebellion and slowly sends her into a desperate and blissful *****.

with charlotte bound and restrained in her cabin, elle pulls out all the stops, personally seeing to it that her captive gets plenty of inspiration for her struggling novel. Of course, the bottle of ********** elle brought along comes quite in handy. But it's charlotte's own written words on her laptop screen that inspire elle even more to play with her new toy and bring her own self to pleasure throughout their time together.

it's only when elle awakens from a self-inflicted faint that she finds her captive has escaped. And as she stares at the untied ropes and recalls the nefarious deeds in charlotte's unfinished novel, does elle begin to comprehend what could very well be in store for her at the hands of a woman she fears she surely underestimated.

a trailer for part 2, plus extended and bonus takes follow the main film.

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