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     Consuelo Chairtied Swimcap Breathplay
    17 minutes

      Consuelo Chairtied Swimcap Breathplay - Protagonist: CONSUELO

In this session Consuelo is wearing a purple latex dress. A second skin.

She is chair tied with hands ziptied behind her back. In this session we use swimcaps.

A transparent PVC collar on her throat is sealed to make games more interesting. In the first event she is wearing a ltex hood with holes for mout, nose and eyes. A purple swimcap is lowered on her face (2 times).

In the second event a white swimcap is placed over Consuelo's head and a purple one over her face.

The noise of Consuelo out of breath are super. So interesting to hear that it would be a shame to end them immediately by allowing her to breathe. She just can wait wait and kick.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!  SickMargotz First Breathplay Experience
    19 minutes

      SickMargotz First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: SICKMARGOTZ

This session is SickMargotz's first breathplay experience. We love girls first time! She is wearing blue shiny pvc leggings and silver pvc bra. Stunning body!

Her hands are ziptied to a spreader bar. The right choice for a first experience. In this session we use transparent plastic bags

In the first event SickMargotz is sit down on the bed and you can see her whole body reaction to a bag sealed with leather string.

In the second event she is always ziptied at the bar but the camera is closer and the bag is sealed by hand on her neck.

In the third event you can see a close-up on SickMargotz's face with the bag sealed on her head. 

In the last event she is lying on the bad and a small and thin bag is sealed on her head. Beautiful ending!

The first time of SickMargotz is definitely interesting. Often a hand is passed over her plasticized face and her dream body... Enjoy the growing wait from event to event before she can have fresh air.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!
     Stella Chairtied Exreme Rubber Breathplay
    20 minutes

      Stella Chairtied Exreme Rubber Breathplay - Protagonist: STELLA

This is another superlative Stella's performance! She is wering a black shiny PVC top and longuette. She is a dream!

In this session we use swimcap and smoke semitransparent latex sheet.

In the first part Stella is chairtied with ziptie. We use a silver swimcap on her head. So nice!

In the second part Stella is chairtied and Mad is sit down in front of her. The silver swimcap is placed over Stella's head and Mad admires what happend.
With the swimcap the games are easy: when Stella can't take it anymore Mad raises the swimcap, Stella inhales, exhales and immediately the cap is sealed without allowing a new inhale! This happens several times.

In the last part the latex sheet is sealed over Stella's head in different ways: leaving the space of a few breaths and then increasingly tighter.

The sounds of Stella breathing only rubber are wonderful.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!  Consuelo Bag Breathplay And Whip In Red
    16 minutes

      Consuelo Bag Breathplay And Whip In Red - Protagonist: CONSUELO

The performances of the splendid Consuelo become more interesting from session to session! She is wearing a shiny red PVC legginggs and a shiny red semitransparent latex vest! Great outfit!

In this session we use transparent plastic bag and whip.

In the first part Consuelo is standing up, her wrists are first handcuffed and then tied to the sofa. She is forced into an uncomfortable but excellent position to whip her butt! To make the experience more interesting, a transparent plastic bag will be sealed on her head using a zip tie.

In the second part the hands of Consuelo are tied to the sofa. Any way to escape. Now we play with transparent plastic bag over her head. During the game she place a little hole in the bag. This make the game more interesting so we can play without removing the bag! In truth, the hole she managed to drill is tiny. It will first be closed with a finger, then with the hand on the mouth and finally with two fingers in the throat.

In the last game the bag over Consuelo's head is sealed with hands in search of her limit.

Performance definitely not to be missed!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!
     Margot Column Tied Breathplay
    19 minutes

      Margot Column Tied Breathplay - Protagonist: MARGOT

Margot is at her second breathplay experience. It is truly fantastic to see her smile satisfied in the session!

She is wearing a shiny black pvc catsuit! Fantastic on her body.

In this session we use transparent and white plastic bags.

Many different things happend in this session. Margot is tied to two column using nylon ratchet strap. Intresting game!

Fisrt event is transparent plastic bag sealed with leather stipe. A big hole to breath and immediatly a second plastic bag placed over the first and selaed. When she is out of breath the second bag will not be pierced but slowly untied. The first plastic bag is still in place so a hand over mouth will seal the hole. A couple of events filmed in foreground with the hand-sealed transparent bag.

Now Margot is untied from column, handcuffed behind her back and thrown on the bed. An intresting bagging with transparent bag, a bag used on throat so strangle, a white plastic bag and finally a hand over mouth will close this fantastic session.

Margot's reactions are unique: she smiles at the beginning of the lack of air and then tries to free herself violently when she is at the limit!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!  Consuelo Latex Sheet Breathplay in Latex Catsuit
    19 minutes

      Consuelo Latex Sheet Breathplay in Latex Catsuit - Protagonist: CONSUELO

Consuelo in this session is fantastic! She is a dream in latex!!

She is wearing a tailor made black catsuit. There are no words to describe...

In this session we use blue semitransparent latex sheet 0.25mm thickness.

Everything is very simple: Consuelo is lying on a pouffe with her hands and feet tied to it.
The Consuelo face is covered over and over again. Mad's hands pass over her face making the latex adhere.
Mad's fingers will push the latex into Consuelo's throat. With every single test, the time that elapses between the end of the air and when Consuelo can breathe again increases.

In this third video it is clearly seen that Consuelo begins to love Breathplay. Her reactions to the lack of air are not to be missed!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!
     Wailenth Pole Tied And Whipped Breathplay
    8 minutes

      Wailenth Pole Tied And Whipped Breathplay - Protagonist: WAILENTH

Wailenth is wearing silver shiny PVC leggings and black shiny pvc bikini! Lovely outfit!

In this session we use transparent plastic bag and whip. So intresting...

Wailenth is really interested in trying the whip. Mad liked the idea immediately, obviously decided to combine breathplay and whip.

The video is completely uncut in one session. Wailenth is standing and handcuffed to the pillar, cannot move even free herself.

She is tied to the pillar first with the face turned towards the pillar then with the back. A transparent plastic bag put on her head and sealed on the neck and meanwhile the whip on her body.

With each lash the jolts of her body and her red face seaching for air are a spectacle.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!  Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay
    21 minutes

      Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay - Protagonist: STELLA

Stella is one of the best breathplayers... The time has come for a countdown!
She is wearing a shiny red PVC dress! She is perfect!!!

The countdown session is with transparent plastic bag.

First event: We are using a pair of leather leggings to lock Stella's arms behind her back. Bag over head and the game start.
Second event: Sit down on the bed, hands handcuffed behind her back and bag placed over head.
Third event: Lying on the bed and her hands are tied behind her back.
Last event: Stella is sit down on th bed in front of camera with hands tied behind her back.

During the session Stella will not always be able to reach the resistance time set by Mad. Her reactions? Wiggle, kick and try to break free. The record? 3.35 plus a few seconds after the countdown bell.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!
     Margot First Breathplay Experience
    18 minutes

      Margot First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: MARGOT

Margot is at her first Breathplay experience. Breathplay has always intrigued her ... During the session you will often see her smile ... 
Her breathtaking body is wrapped in a red latex dress fitted like a second skin. Perfect!

For her first time she decided to try swimming caps.

She is chairtied using ziptie. At the end of the video you will see a funny little accident with the chair.
The session is divided into two parts: the first half-length shot with a silver cap, the second in close-up with a white cap.
During both events Margot's resistance will be severely tested. You will see increasing hesitation before letting her breathe fresh air or the cap raised for a single breath and then lowered again.
Margot's verses without air and her wiggling on the chair are definitely interesting! Very good as a first session. Not to be missed.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!  Consuelo Chairtied Latex Hood Breathplay
    10 minutes

      Consuelo Chairtied Latex Hood Breathplay - Protagonist: CONSUELO

Consuelo is wearing a purple shiny latex dress. Almost a second skin! Beautiful!
This session is very simple but also very extreme and interesting!
She is chairtied using ziptie. No way to escape.

In this session we usa transaparent latex hood without holes... The hood is lowered on consuel's head several times.
Here's what happens during 8 uncut minutes;

-normal latex hood play
-hood and caresses on the face when starts to lack air
-only one breath and hood lowered again
-two breath and hood sealed after exhaling
-a deep breath, hood lowered trying to get the latex out of mouth with tongue
-only a small breath then hood lowered and HOM
-a deep breathe and hood lowered and sealed with hands on nec

To make the whole thing more interesting the wailing and kicking of consuelo.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

     Orange Swimcap And Hemostatic Tourniquet Play
    7 minutes
      Orange Swimcap And Hemostatic Tourniquet Play - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

In this video TheOnly-J is standing in a shower.

She's wearing a pair of PVC black leggings and a PVC smoke jacket.

We use an Orane Silicone Swimcap on her head and, on the end, a hemostatic tourinquet on her neck!!!

Very hard game with handcuffed behind hands!

Shoot in FULL HD Video!
Good Fun!  Kelevra Breathplay In Shiny Black
    14 minutes
      Kelevra Breathplay In Shiny Black - Protagonist: KELEVRA

Kelevra is wearing a shiny PVC leggings and a custom made saranwrap top!

At the beginning on the video she dance for you then she sit down on a chair and the game start!

Chairtied with ziptie and handcuffs we play with Black Latex Sheet and Black Plastic Bag!

One long bagging with black plastic bag sealed with a rope on the neck and several play with the latex sheet!!

A little of panic for a scared Kelevra is the showpiece of this video!!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!
     Larissa First Breathplay Experience
    15 minutes
      Larissa First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: Larissa

Larisa is at her first breathplay experience! We love girl's first time!
She is wearing a black shiny latex dress! Fantastic outfit. A small walk to show you her latex body and the sesssion start!

We use a clear transparent plastic bag for this session!

First event: Larissa is on the bed after her little show and a plastic bag is placed over her head. Her hands aren't tied so she can get free not too easily.

Now Larissa have hands ziptied hard behind her back, ankle ziptied and a nylon snare to 
complete her hogtie!

Second event: Plastic bag closed with leather stip.

Third event: Plastic bag - close-up shooting - sealed with nylon ziptie.

Last event: Plastic bag sealed with hand hold on neck. This last event is very intresting! Larissa try to breathe slowly but soon the air in the bag ends. She starts to wriggle and gasp. For 5 times she is allowed to take only one breath and the bag is sealed again pushing her more and more...

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!  Yellow Arena Swimcap Stool Ziptied
    6 minutes
      Yellow Arena Swimcap Stool Ziptied - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

In this session J is wearing a pair of leggings in silver pvc, sitting on a stool and I tie her hands with cable ties to the stool... 

A yellow arena swimcap on her head to leave her without air. 

When I do understand the need of air before I push her against the wall, then I let her breathe for a moment and get back the swimcap in place! 

In the meantime I use a clamp to squeeze her nipples.

Good Fun!

(High Definition Video 1920x1080)
A lot of new details for your pleasure!
     Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 2
    11 minutes
      Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 2 - Protagonist: NUMA

This is the second video of a series we shoot with Numa in a dungeon! Very Very intresting!

She is wearing shiny black PVC leggings and shiny silver bra! Good outfit!

The best thing about these shotings is represented by Numa's reactions and moan! When she starts to end air looks for ways to get rid and breathe! It was not that simple!

This time we play with swimcap! We use 3 different swimcap! The first is dark grey thin swimcap and the other two are silver and white ones.
Numa is swimcapped several times in this session! She is ziptied in a very uncofortable position to the duongeon furniture! Nice game! 
The first thin swim cap will be broken by Numa sucking! FANTASTIC! The next two cap are stronger and in heavy rubber! 
Will she break another?

Great struggling for air!!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!  Red Shiny Latex Sheet
    9 minutes
      Red Shiny Latex Sheet - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

This is one of the videos that I like more !

TheOnly-J wear her Shiny PVC Red cat suit and she is tied to a chair, no way to move or escape!

I play with her breath using a Shiny Red Latex Sheet!

We do 4 games!
Sheet placed on head closed by hands
Sheet on head and pulled hard from behind
Sheet sealed on neck using a collar
Sheet on head sealed by black nylon neckband clutching!

Shoot in FULL HD Video!
Good Fun!

    Breathless Industries - The right place for BreathPlay lovers... Here you can find the best breathplay videos with plastic bag, swimcap, latex hood, saranwrap and everything shiny! Someone told us that we are genuine ... We love that definition!

    Featuring 141 Clips / 1985 minutes of video!

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      Consuelo Chairtied Swimcap Breathplay

    Consuelo Chairtied Swimcap Breathplay

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      SickMargotz First Breathplay Experience

    SickMargotz First Breathplay Experience

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      Stella Chairtied Exreme Rubber Breathplay

    Stella Chairtied Exreme Rubber Breathplay

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      Consuelo Bag Breathplay And Whip In Red

    Consuelo Bag Breathplay And Whip In Red

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      Margot Column Tied Breathplay

    Margot Column Tied Breathplay

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      Consuelo Latex Sheet Breathplay in Latex Catsuit

    Consuelo Latex Sheet Breathplay in Latex Catsuit

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      Wailenth Pole Tied And Whipped Breathplay

    Wailenth Pole Tied And Whipped Breathplay

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      Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay

    Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay

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      Margot First Breathplay Experience

    Margot First Breathplay Experience

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      Consuelo Chairtied Latex Hood Breathplay

    Consuelo Chairtied Latex Hood Breathplay

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      Wailenth Bedtied Extreme Bag Breathplay

    Wailenth Bedtied Extreme Bag Breathplay

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      Daphne Thin Latex Sheet Extreme Breathplay

    Daphne Thin Latex Sheet Extreme Breathplay

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      Consuelo First Breathplay Experience

    Consuelo First Breathplay Experience

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      Stella Latex Breathplay In Shiny Red

    Stella Latex Breathplay In Shiny Red

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      Wailenth First Breathplay Experience

    Wailenth First Breathplay Experience

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