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    HangWorld - Honeys Epic Strangle Movie

    Clip Description

    This was just a great performance! Honey is dragged fighting into the villain\'s room and thrown on the bed. She\'s strangled out and stripped of her shirt and sports bra. Then she wakes, and the villain attaches a collar to the ceiling and pulls her onto her toes to fight while he finishes stripping her. When her mouthiness and insults become too irritating he throws her onto the bed and attaches the collar up above. She starts to scream so he gags her with the Visegrip gag, the only gag that lets nothing get by! Then he attaches ankle and thigh straps and stretches her fine body into a highly rapeable position. As she fights he oils her body up good, giving lots of attention to her nips. Then it\'s time to start pulling the collar tight until she can\'t breathe. From there it\'s a show of torture, breaks, strangulation and thrashing against the bonds all the way until the end.

    Clip Duration:      21 minutes
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    wmv797.64 MB

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    HangWorld - Honeys Epic Strangle Movie

    HangWorld - Honeys Epic Strangle Movie

    HangWorld - Honeys Epic Strangle Movie

    HangWorld - Honeys Epic Strangle Movie

    HangWorld - Honeys Epic Strangle Movie

    HangWorld - Honeys Epic Strangle Movie
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