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    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Harlye Synn Garotte And Hangfuck

    Clip Description

    Harlye synn is garotted in a chair while sucking master frederick's cock. He then makes her stand in a noose, on her tiptoes, struggling for air as he hangfucks her, filling her pussy with his cum.

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
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    wmv195.47 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Harlye Synn Garotte And Hangfuck

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Harlye Synn Garotte And Hangfuck

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Harlye Synn Garotte And Hangfuck

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Harlye Synn Garotte And Hangfuck

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Harlye Synn Garotte And Hangfuck

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Harlye Synn Garotte And Hangfuck
    Customers who bought this Video also purchased:

    Harlye Synn Closeup In The Noose - Harlye synn is placed in the noose and hauled up to her toes while she is flogged and spanked for fifteen full minutes. Master frederick made sure this one was shot up close so you can see her beautiful face go purple as she almost goes out several times while she fights for air.

    Nothyng A Day At The Shop Part 1 - Nothyng meets master frederick and master silent at the shop, a private dungeon in oregon, for a full day of fun. In this part she meets the interrogation chair and gets caning, bagging, a zip tie cinched tight around her throat, garotting with a scarf and more. The convulsions she goes through when she goes out are intense!

    Dawni Noosed And Muzzled Fuck - Dawni is noosed on her toes and fingered, then brought to her knees for a mouthful of cock. Then she is muzzled in a head harness as master frederick puts her out cold from behind. When she comes to, she is bent over a counter and fucked hard and deep, her moans muffled by the muzzle as her nipples scrape the edge of the countertop.

    Harlye Synn Hard Noosed Suspended Hangfuck - Master frederick chains harlye synn up to the ceiling, puts her in a noose and raises her up until she can barely stand before taking off her platform heels, leaving her to dance on her tiptoes, watching her fight to breathe. Each time he lets the rope down she is too weak to stand and her knees buckle, leaving her dangling by her wrists. Next he uses his crop, paddles and floggers on harlye's back and ass, throttles her in a sleeperhold, more fun in the noose... 

then... He suspends her sex-swing style from the ceiling, using the noose to stretch her neck, pulling her body back and fucking her hard while she goes out, struggling and gasping for air with every thrust.

 I think purple is a great color for her, don't you?

    Harlye Synn Taken - Master frederick lifts harlye synn off the ground in a carotid chokehold, knocking her out. She ***** up in handcuffs, and he puts a knife to her throat... Cuts her shirt and bra off of her body... Forcibly fucks her mouth... Cuts off her breath again with his arm and then with her sarong... Drags her to the bed, stuffs her panties in her mouth and tapes them in... And mercilessly fucks her until he cums on her face. As a final violation, he takes her panties out of her mouth and uses them to wipe his cum off her face.

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