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    PKF Studios - Unforgiven

    Clip Description

    Starring Alice Whyte and Breezy
    Directed By JohnM


    Alice is condemned to die for murder. She is angry. One day, while she is screaming at no one and everyone, a prisoner, on her death walk, stops and talks with her. She gives her advice and a present.

    Later---we watch as that woman is executed.

    Alice sits in her cell, going trough many emotions, but she eventually tried to forgive herself. She is given special clothing to wear at her request, but was made to remove several layers of it before she was strapped in the chair.

    As she is strapped in, she clutches the rosary the condemned woman gave her. While it helped her for a bit, nothing could prepare her for what she was soon to face.

    When the switch was pulled, she fried. But, she did not die right away and the switch had to be pulled a few more times.

    Once she was dead, the guard lifted her to the gurney, letting her lie dead with her breasts exposed.

    Later, we see views of her in a coffin.

    Fetish Elements: Nudity, Waiting, Panic, Anger, Dressing, Partial Stripping, 2 Electrocutions, Stockings, Gurney, Body Views, Funeral Views.

    Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
    PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
    This movie presented in High Definition
    1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Clip Duration:      31 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4363.41 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Unforgiven

    PKF Studios - Unforgiven

    PKF Studios - Unforgiven

    PKF Studios - Unforgiven

    PKF Studios - Unforgiven

    PKF Studios - Unforgiven
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    Alina in the Morgue - Starring Alina West and Miles

Something terrible has happened. A girl has been strangled to death in her own home. Officials are investigating the scene, marking evidence, collecting everything they can to find the killer. Once they’ve collected as much as they can from the scene, the girl’s body is taken to the morgue.

In the morgue, the technician unzips the body bag to reveal a beautiful young woman’s body. She’s so gorgeous, lying so still and stiff and breathless. The tech starts his normal routine, beginning by breaking rigor in all her limbs. But he starts to get so turned on by her, just laying there. 

There’s no one around… 
The tech climbs on the gurney with the body and slides his cock in her mouth. Ugh, she feels so good. It’s cold and only slightly damp but her lips are firm around his cock. He grabs the back of her head and thrusts it back and forth onto his dick, fucking the dead girls beautiful face. 

When he’s finished, he continues his procedures. After removing all the girl’s clothing, he takes her fingerprints, vaginal swabs, measures the body, pulls the tongue with forceps to check inside the throat. Then he rolls the body over to check it thoroughly before she is sent off for internal examination.

When she returns with a large, fresh Y-incision on her chest, the tech places cotton balls in her mouth and vagina and pumps her full of embalming fluid. After she is washed and dressed she is placed in a luscious, silky white coffin. [note: washing/dressing happens offscreen] 

Fetish Elements:  Explicit Sexual Content, Morgue, CSI, Blowjob, Necro, Postmortem, Body Rolling, Limp Fetish, Embalming, Y-Incision, Coffin Views, Foot Views, Body Views.

    Condemned Saint - Condemned Saint
Starring Miley Mae
Directed By JohnM
  Rebecca Saint is a condemned woman.  Once a famous porn star, she now sits on death row and today is her execution.

As she is interviewed before her death by a reporter, she recounts the movie that made her popular---a women in prison film set on a fiction death row.

What follows are the best scene from that movie, including an execution dream sequence and her "real" on movie execution.   Needless to say, it is all very sexy--even as she goes to her death.

But back to reality, she is in prison for murder and now it is time for her to really die.  Life imitates art.

She walks her real last mile as the other women goad her from their cells.

She is unceremoniously brought into the death chamber.  Unlike the fantasy porn, this room is very bland, very sad.  She is strapped in.  There is no switch to pull like in the movies.  The guard calls to the control booth and generators are enabled follow by the lethal electricity which courses through her young body.

It takes a couple times, but in the end, she is dead.  Her covering is removed, she is unstrapped and taken away.

In the cool room, she lays, awaiting her autopsy and ultimate disposal.

Contains:  Nudity, Sexual Content, Multiple Electric Chair Executions, Strapping, Blindfold, Head Covering, Sweat, Morgue, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie shot and presented in STUNNING High Definition
1280X720 HD MP4 Format

    Alice Pale and Dead - Starring Alice Whyte, Bolly Wood and Rock

Alice, a young girl, has been found dead on the side of the street, naked and raped. She is brought to the local morgue for examination.

Morgue techs Rock and Bolly take her out of the body bag and begin their exam by breaking rigor, then they take samples, DNA swabs in the mouth and pussy, fingernail scrapings, fingerprints, they examine the tongue and eyes, all while taking pictures.

They measure the length of the body, then take her temperature, flip her over and examine the backside. They flip her back over and massage the breasts and examine them before taking a blood sample. Then they wrap her up for her autopsy. 

Fetish Elements:   (SC)  Morgue, Body Fondling, Body Flopping, Relieving Rigor, Measuring, Morgue Examination, Fingerprints, Fingernail Scraping, Pussy Swabbing, Mouth Swabbing, Breast Exam, Tongue Examination, Breast Fluid Extraction, Foot Views, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD MP4 Format

    Last Confession - "Last Confession"  
Starring Mona Wales

 Mona paces her cell.  Sweaty.  Nervous. The guard enters, searches her body---thoroughly.   Then he shackles her and takes her down the last mile.  During this walk she confesses to him.  She is, indeed, guilty.

He straps her into the chair.  Tightening belts and buckles.  Mona is sad.  Scared.  Sweating.

Her face is covered.  The headgear is attached.  Her body is ready to be a conductor.

The switch is pulled.  She fries. Her pulse is checked.  She is given more jolts until she id dead.

The guard unstraps her, and pulls her limp body to the sheet awaiting on the floor.  She is stripped, wrapped and dragged away to be incinerated.

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Sweating, Crying, Panic, Body Searching, Electrocution, Posing, Stripping, Body Views, Dragging. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD MP4 Format

    Crime and Punishment - Starring Kiki Sweet, Karma Leone, and Miles

Kiki is headed for the electric chair for killing her husband, Ken, while Sergeant Miles and District Attorney Karma hand down her last rites. Karma teases her with his death as Sergeant Miles straps her down. Her last words are, “I didn’t kill my husband.” He turns the chair on and she is electrocuted, her big, natural tits shaking wildly. The first jolt does not kill her, so Sergeant Miles is forced to readjust the wiring. After three more powerful shocks, she is finally sent into the next life. Finished, Sergeant miles unstraps her, carries her to a medical table and strips her down.

A conspiracy is uncovered that proves the District Attorney Karma Leone manipulated evidence, and lied, and that many of the men and woman she had executed were in fact, innocent. She is sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Sergeant Miles takes Karma into an medical examination room, stripes her, and ties her to a gurney. She pleads to be released, but it is no use, justice has been served. He inserts a needle and begins the lethal injection process. She starts to shake and foam at the mouth, before blood trickles down her nose and she dies. He strips her and wheels her away.

Fetish Elements - Sexual Content, Big Tits, Electric Chair, Shock, Murder, Morgue, Stripping, Dyed Hair, Jolt, Electricity, Lethal Injection, Medical, Lab, Needle, Fluid, Foaming, Blood

    Execution of Mona - "Execution of Mona"  
Starring Mona Wales

 Mona is being strapped to the electric chair.  She begs for her life. She is in terror.  Her sentence is read, the switch is pulled and she fries.   After a check for life, she is finished off, unstrapped and laid out, stripped, , wrapped up, and dragged away to incinerate the corpse.

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Crying, Panic, Electrocution, Posting, Stripping, Body Views, Dragging. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD MP4 Format

    Alinas Execution - Starring Alina West and Rock

Alina’s on death row. It’s almost her time and they’re going to gas her. She’s so innocent-looking. The guard asks her how she could have possibly gotten into this situation. She’s about to die, so she might as well tell him the story. 

She graduated with honors, got into a great school and ultimately threw it all away for a guy. She ran away with him. After a while they ran out of money so he started to rob places and she was his getaway. One night after a liquor store they parked on a deserted road, and didn’t see the cop car until it was too late. The guy ran and left her to get caught. Apparently he had shot a bunch of people in the liquor store and now she’s paying the price. 

Oh, the unfortunate truth. The executioner leads her to the chamber. He hands her his hip flask and she drains it, gratefully. The executioner straps her into the chair, unbuttons her dress and places adhesive EKG pads to her chest. He leaves. 

She is calm as she waits. At least, until she gets her first taste of gas. She chokes, sputtering, drool spilling from her lips. The gas fills the room, red rings form around her eyes as she foams at the mouth, coughing and foaming at the mouth. She finally dies, and the executioner comes back in. He removes the straps from her body and disconnects the EKG monitor. 

He places her body on a gurney and strips her. Using a bucket and a sponge, he washes the excess gas residue from her body. 

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Execution, Electric Chair, Gas, Poisoning, Drool, Post Mortem Washing, Bondage, Body Views.

    Ivy Gets Gassed - Starring Ivy Jones and Javier

Ivy is preparing for her execution, stripped down to just a cotton pair of panties, she paces her cell before dressing in a button down shirt and short plaid skirt. She dons a pair of white stockings and awaits the security guard to fetch her.

He finally comes and brings her to the chamber where he straps her into a wooden chair, placing electrodes across her chest and exposing her perky tits. Due to the violent nature of her crime, murder, she is sentenced to death by gassing. 

The security guard leaves and Ivy begins to breathe heavily, awaiting the gas. It trickles down in huge white streams as it fills her lungs, her body convulsing as she is locked into the chair. The gas continues for several minutes until she dies, her punishment served.

The security guard removes her from the chair and places her on a gurney where she is stripped nude. Her body is wheeled away as the chamber goes black.

Fetish Elements: Nudity, Prison, Execution, Dressing, Stockings, Gassing, Stripping, Body Views, Foot Views

    Unortunate Saga - Starring Lily LaBeau and Rock

Lily is crying and full of guilt as she tells the officer about the accident/ She had argued with her friends and used her spare key to try to drive home, but she didn’t even know when had hit someone until she heard about the hit-and-run over the radio and saw the evidence of blood on the bumper of her car. 

After confessing herself to the officer, Lily is placed in a prison cell. She’s trying to get off early on good behavior. When the guard comes over to her cell, she’s sweet to him and perky. But the guard has some bad news to bear. There has been a recent increase in DUIs and the DA wants to make an example of her by executing her on television. 

To be sure that she can not hurt herself, the guard must take her clothes and blankets. She spends her last night lying naked on her bunk, feeling scared and helpless. She begs for mercy, but no one can help her. The guard brings her clothing to wear to her execution; garters, stockings, heels, a sexy dress, and elbow length satin gloves. She puts on the clothing, thinking all the while how this is the last time she will ever dress herself. 

Finally she is lead to the execution chamber. The guard straps her into the chair, binding her with the leather straps and buckles, finishing with a cloth blindfold and a gag for her to bite down. 

He throws the switch. 
Lily shakes violently in the chair, barely restrained by the straps. Her perfect breasts slowly shake out of the strapless dress as the electricity courses through her. Now exposed, her breasts shake wildly as her whole body convulses, drool running down her chin from beneath the bit in her mouth. 

Finally, she is dead. The guard checks to make sure, using a stethoscope to check her heartbeat. Then he removes her from the chair, unstrapping her restraints and picking up her limp body, lying her beautiful, still body out on a gurney. 

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Electrocution, Execution, Prison, Drool, Body Flopping, Shaking, Garters, Thigh High, Stockings, High Heels, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Death Watch 6 - "Death Watch 6"  
Starring Lumin
Directed By John Marshall

   She figured she was going to be remembered for her advocacy --in her own death.  That is why she did the interview--so everyone who watched, knew.  She was a tough-as-nails sexy bitch and she was going to die.  She WANTED to die.

She fought hard to get here.  Killing and killing again and now today they would do it.  She was ready.

When the guards came in to sponge her off, she gave them a show.  Sexy, she was.  Steamy, she was.  They all knew it.  Dangerous, she was.  And they seemed to forget.  In the next moment, she had the guard to the wall with a rusty nail to his throat---they remembered how dangerous she was then.

The rest of the day moved forward, but they made sure to cuff her at every interval.  When they stuck the ass plug in her, she did not know whether to cry in pain or joy.  She was violated, but she was a fucked up murdering whore and she figured, she probably deserved it.  Besides, she would not want her insides all coming out her ass.  Now there was an unpleasant image.

She was ready.  And when they brought her into the execution room, she smiled at the witnesses.  They were all there too...even the parents of the stupid guard she murdered to help speed up this whole process.  There son performed a service---a function in her fate.  

She was very content, almost relaxed as they put her in the chair and started fastening her in.  Her hands were free for a moment.  She could kill them now---start the whole appeal process again.  No way. She was ready---fucking get it over with already, she thought.

Now, the gel was placed, the straps were on, the goggle covered her eyes and the big metal hat of death was on her head.  She had a bit in her mouth, she could not talk.  All she could do was think while she heard the faint tick of the clock.

And, then the juice flowed.

2135 Volts and 7.36 Amps flowed through her body starting at her head and out the ground on her leg.  Her insides fried like chicken.  She was toast in the first 22 seconds, but they went ahead and jolted her a couple more times, then another time as a witness request.  

She was dead.

They unstrapped her and dragged her crispy dead body out of the room.  Later, she was displayed in the autopsy room.
She would later be cremated.

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Sexual Content, Sponge Bath, Electrocution, Electric Chair, Body Views. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Undetermined Cause - “Undetermined Cause”
Starring Olga, Journey & Alice Whyte
Directed by JohnM

Dr. Journey and her perky assistant, Olga, have a tough night of work ahead of themselves. The corpse of a twenty-something year old female with no signs of trauma lies on the table and they are responsible for determining the cause of death. A toxic ingestion or drug overdose would be high on the list of suspects, but her soccer uniform, not to mention her firm, flawless body, would argues against this. Only the toxicology reports will tell. 

Could it possibly be a burst berry aneurysm? Prolonged QT Syndrome or some other cardiac conduction defect? Perhaps even Brugada Syndrome? One thing is for sure; these two hospitalist hotties will need to probe and explore every part of the dead girl’s beautiful body to figure this mystery out. 

Fetish Elements:  (SC) Morgue, Body Fondling, Body Flopping, Limp Fetish, Morgue Examination, Mouth Probing, Pussy Swabs, Nail Scraping, Foot Views, Body Views, Limb Play, Medical Fetish, CSI, Body Inspection, Medical Clinic, Nudity, Role Play.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format


Willow has been picked up for prostitution, and Wyatt hates hookers.

He pulls her out of her cell and drags her to the execution chamber, throws her down in the chair and starts to strap her in.

Willow pleads and begs for him not to do this, but he continues. He hooks her up to the monitors.

Willow begs and begs and tries to escape, but she is strapped in nice and tight. He slowly slides the needle into her arm, and pushes the deadly mix into her veins.

Willow starts writhing and convulsing as the poison courses through her system.

Her head and body jerk and starts to drool. Her feet and hands shake and stomp as the poison slowly kills her.

Willow slows down as she gets weaker and closer to death until she slips into a permanent rest.

The guard starts unhooking her and unstrapping her from the chair, then lifts her up and throws her over his shoulder to dump her body where all the other dead whores go. 


A Custom Production 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie presented in High Definition

1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Have You Heard The Good News My Barbie Doll 2 - Starring Ashley Lane and Rock

Rock’s fetish is dressing and making up girls’ dead bodies and turning them into his own personal life-size dolls. He’s sitting at home, fawning over photos of his first Barbie doll. He misses her terribly, and he’s contemplating how he can go about getting another when the doorbell rings. 

He hides the photo and opens the door to a modest-looking girl standing in front of him. She’s pretty, but she looks like a good girl; her clothing is very simple and she isn’t wearing any makeup under her bookish glasses. It’s at this point that he realizes she’s holding a Bible. She shyly pipes up about the Jehovah’s Witness faith. 

He has his mind on other things. He lets her in, circling around her like a vulture. She starts to feel an overwhelming sense of dread, but it’s too late. He grabs her head quickly and snaps her neck in an instant. She collapses face-up on his bed, her dead eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. She will make a beautiful new Barbie doll. 

He takes off her glasses and then begins to remove all of her clothing. Once she’s completely stripped of her former identity, save for the silver cross hanging around her neck, Rock carries her into the kitchen and stuffs the body into his extra refrigerator. Satisfied and excited, he goes to sleep. Eager to play with her on the following day.

In the morning, Rock pulls her body out of the refrigerator. She is stiff, so he can pose her. He opens her eyes and sits her up in the chair next to him as he eats his breakfast. It’s so nice having company, and she’s the best he could ask for. She doesn’t ask nagging questions and she’s always calm and polite. 

Now it’s time to make her look as beautiful as she is on the inside. He carries her into his bedroom and sits her on a chair. He takes his time to apply her makeup, getting creative with it, having some fun. He picks out some really pretty eyeshadow colors, rouge, and red lipstick. Then he slides on his favorite pink silk dress, white sheer pantyhose, strappy shoes, and some pretty jewelry. She looks just stunning, but there’s something missing. Ah, yes, her hair. He coaxes her beautiful blond hair up into pigtails. Now she’s ready. 

Wow. What a beauty!! Now that she looks so lovely he takes some photos of her, posing her stiff, cold body, arranging her face to make some fun expressions. He treasures these keepsakes when his dolls are gone. Then he lays her back on the bed. It’s time to consummate. He kisses her neck, caressing her. It’s so nice to feel her beautiful body against his. He fucks her gently, lovingly. Then he wraps her in some plastic to keep her fresh and places her in his closet, storing her for later. 

Fetish Elements:  Explicit Sexual Content, Post Mortem, Makeup, Dressing, Stiff Body, Posing, Necro, Thigh High Stockings, Lift & Carry, Foot Views, Body Views.

    Death Watch 8 - "Death Watch 8"  
Starring Lumin
Directed By John Marshall

  In "Death Watch 7" a woman murders a guard with a shiv that was hidden in her cell in an attempt to try and delay her execution.

It didn't work.  She was fried as scheduled.

This is the story of the woman who planted the shiv.  

In an interview before her execution day, she confesses that she had no idea that it would be used for that purpose.  She thought the inmate was going to commit suicide.  And, sadly, now she was on death row for conspiracy.  A harsh sentence certainly.

She cannot believe the turn of events.  Her day by day life that would ultimately lead to her freedom was gone.  Now, she was on death row.

The dreams were fierce and she wake up in a sweat, panic sweeping her, only to realize the horrible dream of dying was about to come true.

The guards were almost sympathetic, though did not show it much.  At least, they did not hurt her.  She went through the routine.  Showering, dressing, relocation to the death watch cell--the same cell she used to clean as part of her  time off points.  Now it would be her last home.

Eventually they came back, processed her, she dresses, though left her chest exposed.  She was shackled and marched to the death chamber.

They strapped her into the chair as the witnesses watched.  A signal from control and the guard nodded to the executioner.  The handle fell.

She fried.

It took three time.  When it was over, they unstrapped her, pulled her out and laid her out in the freezer room. 

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Sexual Content, Sweat, Shower, Electrocution, Electric Chair, Morgue, Body Views. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    The Queen of Death Row - Starring Mona Wales, Emma Evins, Rock, and Bolly Wood.  

Mona Wales is the Queen of Death Row. She wears her hair up regally, preps for the camera with contraband lipstick, adjusting her illegal push-up bra with her jumpsuit tied around her waist like a gown. There is a reporter visiting to interview her before her big day. She asks her about her famous spree involving the manipulation of men, theft, and murder. She gloats, prideful of her accomplishments and excited to tell of her illicit prowess. 

She is taken to the Death Watch cell where she eats her last meal. The guards taunt her, but she hardly takes notice. But after a while, she starts to break, knowing what the impending future brings. Finally, it is time. The guards grab her to take her to her demise. She kicks and screams, struggling against the guard, but he is determined to do his duty. After much struggling, kicking, screaming, crying, protesting, the guard finally gets the Queen strapped into the chair and is ready to end her life with the flip of a switch.

The Queen of Death Row’s reign must come to an end. 

The guard flips the switch, and her whole body shakes as the electricity flows through it, from the top of her head to her toes and fingertips. Her tits flop around wildly as she convulses, her eyes rolling around in her skull. Finally, she is fried. The guard confirms her death with a stethoscope, and finally, she is taken to the morgue.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Electrocution, Execution, Death Row, Jumpsuit, Prison, Nudity, Body Shakes, Foot Views, Body Views.

    Death Watch - Death WATCH
  "Death Watch"  
Starring Ryanne

 Note:  A good part of this film is watching Ryanne as she goes through her last few hours before execution and seeing her emotional state change.

Ryanne is on death row.  She has been their for years for killing a cop.  She was a tough bitch and was sure she was going to get a stay of execution.  They did before, why not do it again.  She was not worried.  Even when the guards taunted her, she laughed at them.  

But today was different then before.  Time was running out.  They hauled her off to the death watch cell where she would spend her final moments.  As she proudly walked down the hall in front of others on the row, she still felt confident.

Dead girl walking...

She was tossed into the final cell where she waited.  They would periodically come in and ask her the questions.....Family, last meals, was all bullshit.  But she could not help felling the tick of the clock--knowing that time was not on her side.  She started getting nervous--then regretful---then scared.

They came back in and took her too the showers.  She had to be clean before they could fry her.

After, back in the cell.  This would be the last time.  She was starting to freak out. 

And then, it was time.  As they walked her down the hall, she broke down---they had to drag her ask she screamed for her life.  And, the dragged her right into the execution room and placed her in the chair.  Strapped her in.  Wet the sponges, hooked up the copper head piece and grounding strap.  They covered her eyes.  They gave her a bit for her mouth.  She was in terror.

They watched the clock.  Read the sentence.  Now is was time.

She was breathing.  Heavy.

The switch flipped and she fried.  Hands and toes tensing, body shacking.  Then the power was off.  She was still moving.  They hit her again.  More shacking.  Then still. Slight twitching.  One more time.  Her body shook some more.  Then still.  The executioner checked her for life and declared her dead.

But wait.  A guard came in for a second opinion.  She was still alive, if only barely.  With her breast exposed, they gave her one more jolt.  Shaking breasts and body--then, she was done.  Dead this time.

They unstrapped her and loaded her onto a stretcher.  They stripped her clothes off, then wheeled her away.

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Sexual Content, Waiting, Crying, Panic, Stripping, Showering, Electrocution, Gurney.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Gourmet Pepper - Starring Pepper and Alex Dorian

Alex’s latest shipment has arrived and he is very excited! The Girl Delivery Service has brought over a very large box for him. He knocks on his, hearing the frightened noises inside. He opens it to find Pepper, bound and ball-gagged, waiting for him. He removes her ball gag and picks her up taking her to the kitchen.

He removes her rope restraints and begins stripping her down. Using a brush he drapes her with olive oil all over her body, sprinkling salt and pepper over her delectable skin. She pleads for him to stop, as he reveals that he is going to cook her and eat her.

She begs to be his sex slave instead, there has to be something else he can do. She offers her tight pussy as an alternative. She says she’s too skinny, that she will not taste well.

He bounds her again and garnishes the table with peppers and vegetables.

Once she is cooked he sits down and takes a nice meaty chunk out of her and devours it. TASTY!

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Ball Gag, Rope, Bound, Olive Oil, Oiling, Bound, Cooked, Delicious, Stripping, Knife, Food, Vegetables, Body Views, Foot Views, Cannibal

    Laraes Execution - Starring Larae Bovee and Miles

Larae is on death row and her time has come. Officer Miles takes her in, removing her handcuffs and ankle cuffs to strap her in when she tries to escape. Officer Miles is quicker and stronger than she is, and he captures her despite her futile attempt to struggle against him. He wrestles her back into the chair, ripping her thin shirt and exposing her tits in the process. 

When she’s all strapped down, Miles flips the switch and she shakes violently as the current runs through her body. He stops after a while and checks her pulse with a stethoscope. She’s still clinging to life, so he flips the switch again. Once again, her body convulses as the electrical current courses through her entire body, her tits shaking and bouncing around, her head smoking as she fries. 

Officer Miles cuts the power, and she falls still. He checks her pulse again, but this time she’s dead. He removes her bonds and places her flat on her back on a table. 

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Electrocution, Electric Chair, Stethoscope, Body Views, Foot Views.

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