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    PKF Studios - Unfinished Job

    Clip Description

    “Unfinished Job”
    Starring Olive, Penny Lay, Kate Kenzi, & Verronica Kirei
    Directed by JohnM

    We join Penny, Kate, and Verronica as they enjoy a nice group soak in luxurious spa tub. They're basking in the afterglow of a night of partying and marathon lesbian three-way fucking. The girls giggle and reminisce about all of the fun they had. Soon, exhaustion and the nice, warm water lull the ladies into a pleasant doze. They never hear Olive enter the room.

    A paid killer with stunning looks, Olive has nerves of steel as she stalks close to her unsuspecting prey. She places the barrel of her silenced pistol against Verronica's head and pulls the trigger. The suppressed sound is barely audible and the other two girls continue snoozing, undisturbed. Next is Kate. Olive fires a slug into her skull from point blank range. Penny is still sleeping between her two dead friends. Since she is the primary target, Olive wants her to be awake for this.

    A splash of water to the face wakes Penny. She is surprised and annoyed to be awoken, but once she sees that her friends have been murdered, she grows defiant. Penny informs Olive that her boyfriend is a dangerous man, and that the assassin would be wise to spare her. Olive laughs in Penny's face before bursting her bubble: Olive was hired by Penny's lover! It seems his grown tired of Penny's repeated lesbian dalliances and infidelities. Penny is shaken, she realizes she has no recourse. She tries to beg for her life, but Olive dispatches her with four shots to the belly and chest. Penny slinks down in the tub, once again joining her friends.

    As she's packing away her weapon, Penny's boyfriend enters the room to make sure the job has been done adequately. He is angered when he learns that Olive didn't confirm Penny's death and sure enough, when he checks the bathroom, Penny is still coughing blood and clinging to life. This man does not tolerate incompetence. Olive begs for a chance to finish the job, even offering up her gorgeous self as an offering to appease him. The man is unmoved, killing Olive with her own weapon. He takes her up on her kind offer though, and fucks her on the side of the tub as she bleeds out. Like a good killer, he shoots Olive again to make sure the job is finished.

    Before leaving this scene of carnage, the killer decides to bid one final good-bye to Penny. He lays her on the side of the tub, shoving his cock into her dying pussy. Each labored breath tightened her twat around his dick. His unfaithful lover finally expires as he fucks her. The killer makes his exit, leaving his slutty ex to rot alongside her lesbian lovers.

    Fetish Elements: Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Stripping, Lesbian, Violence, Shooting, Head Shot, Belly Shot, Blood, Fucking, Multi-Girl, Multi-Shooting, Necro, Necro Fucking, Posing, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

    PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

    1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4335.76 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Unfinished Job

    PKF Studios - Unfinished Job

    PKF Studios - Unfinished Job

    PKF Studios - Unfinished Job

    PKF Studios - Unfinished Job

    PKF Studios - Unfinished Job
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    Do What I Want - “Do What I Want”
Starring Zoey Lane and Mary Jane
Directed by JohnM

Terrified, two beautiful babes huddle on a bed, embracing each other and sobbing as they lament over what they are sure are their last moments. A domineering shadow of a man stands waving a shotgun at them, demanding they stop the tears and put on the lingerie laid out neatly on the bed before them. The two women shaken to their cores slowly undress and don the nightwear, trembling in their pre mortem shame. But the man isn’t ready to end it just yet. The smell of their fresh nubile bodies fills his nostrils inciting him to continue to demand they fulfill his animalistic sexual desires. 

Mary Jane dons a leather strap and cock as Zoey is commanded to suck on it. Her lips preoccupy the plastic shaft as he takes advantage of her pert ass in the air, and fucks her juicy honey hole and then her mouth while Mary Jane is commanded to take his place in her pussy. The man fucks Zoey on her back as Mary removes the strap on dick to finger fuck her own pussy as she watches her friends rape. Zoey puts the strap on as commanded by the shotgun wielding man.  He watches for a few moments as the girls begin to enjoy each other, Mary Jane mounting the prosthetic phallus and riding it to her last orgasm.

As Zoey fucks her friend, the man pulls a plastic bag down over her head. The bag expands and contracts with her panicked breathing, a fine layer of condensation building up in the bag as she begins to fall out of consciousness and onto the floor. Frightened for her friends life and completely helpless, Mary Jane curls up in a wad on the bed, ball gagged and petrified at what she just witnessed. But the man assures her her friend has not passed as he removes the bag and binds Zoey’s wrists and ankles. He pulls her onto the desk, bending her over its surface and pulls out his prized weapon. A shiny, sharp, machete.

He quiets the muffled Mary trying to scream through her ball gag son raises the machete. It falls heavy on Zoey’s neck, her head falling to the floor. The pain, loss and terror of what she’s just witness lays readable on the still living Mary Janes face as the man approaches the rear of Zoey’s now headless torso. He thrusts into her, fucking her corpse with a pool of blood still on the desk from the slaughter. Finding her head on the ground he makes a grand show of raising it and skull fucking her mouth. The cool air flows into her open ended esophagus as his cock uses it as a jerk sleeve. With no more use for the two women he decides to end it. He wraps a noose around the permanently traumatized Mary’s neck and hangs her for the door. Her tits bounce and jiggle, her feet shiver and tremor as her somatic responses kick in and her body swings on its own weight shifting in the doorway.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Forced Stripping, Lingerie, Crying, Terror, Strap On, Lesbian, 2on1 Rape, Female Masturbation, Lesbian, Bagging, Unconscious, Machete, Beheading, Skull Fucking, Necro Sex, Hanging, Rope, Tied Up, Ball Gag, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality 60FPS MP4 Format

    Fuck Her Corpse 13 Sad End - “Fuck Her Corpse 13: Sad End”
Starring Valentina Nappi
Directed by JohnM

Valentina struts into Aaron the drug lord's bedroom. She knows she looks ridiculously slutty in her tight white dress (with no underwear), stockings, and high "fuck me" heels. In reality, she is a DEA agent on the case of her life. She is about to seduce and flip the boss of the entire drug cartel!

Little does she know, her cover has already been blown. Aaron plays along at first. Letting Val strip for him and take his thick cock in her mouth. Once it is sufficiently hard and coated with saliva, she straddles Aaron's dick. Her full bouncy breasts jiggling as she rides. Aaron flips her and pulls her hair as he fucks her from behind. 

Val starts to lose herself in the heat of the moment. She lays Aaron down and throws her big booty up and down on his cock, reverse cowgirl style. Aaron can hardly believe the site of her amazing ass bouncing in his lap. He snaps out of it and remembers what he must do. He cocks and raises his 9mm pistol. He takes aim at the small of Valentina's delicate back and fires. 

Val gasps as the hot lead tears through her picturesque torso. She falls to the floor, presenting her beautiful ass and pussy one last time to Aaron in the process. She fumbles in her handbag for her service weapon for what feels like an eternity. Aaron watches her struggle with a smirk that belies the pity he feels for the sexy girl. He takes aim again with his deadly gun and fires multiple times.

Val is dead, but Aaron is still horny. He plays with her wounds and still moist pussy. Aaron tosses Val's bleeding body back on the bed and fucks her once more. He flips her over: face down, ass up; and resumes taking in the monumental natural beauty of Valentina's ass. Once finished, he exits and lets his men get rid of the body.

Later on, Aaron gets a tip from a crooked coroner regarding the whereabouts of Valentina's beautiful corpse. He pays her a special visit in the morgue and reunites her delicate feet with her slutty white heels. Sucking on Val's toes gets Aaron wildly hard. He plunges his cock into Val's cold mouth and then her necrotic pussy. The site of her blank eyes staring back at him as he pumped away just stoked the fire in Aaron more!. He pulls his large shaft from the dead girl's cunt and shoots hot ropes of jizz all over her stomach, tits, and face. It mingles with the blood of her wounds and reminds him of a Metallica album his brother used to listen to. He leaves Val to rest now, but lets her keep the shoes...

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Stripping, Shooting, Multi-Shooting, Blood, Head Shot, Necro Foot Fetish, Necro Fuck, Necro Cumshot, Post-mortem, Foot w/ Shoe Play, Body Views, Foot Views. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality 60FPS MP4 Format

    4 Shots and a Belly 2 - "4 Shots & a Belly 2"
Starring Scarlet & Trixi Gunns 

Hay, this is 4 great belly shots! The effects are top notch. Look how the bullet hole appears & the skin ripples. The skin ripples THE SKIN RIPPLES!!! 

The Acts
The Teacher, The Maid, The Hooker, The Secretary 

Fetish Elements:   (NSC) Nudity, Belly Shots X4, Writhering, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

 720X480 HQ WMV Format

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