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    PKF Studios - The Silent Killer

    Clip Description

    “The Silent Killer”
    Starring Penny Lay & Norah Nova
    Directed by JohnM

    Penny, the little freak that she is, has found a quiet moment in the house to peruse through her m0thers panty drawer. She loves m0mmies panties, the softness…the smell. She bends over the drawer and searches for the perfect pair, her cute little tush and panty covered pussy peaks out from her skirt. Little does she know m0m has come home early and spies her sexy little whore davghter through the door jam left slightly ajar.

    M0mmie Norah rubs her clit as she watches her little one stuff a stingy little pink thong into her pussy. Norah feels it’s time to see what’s going on and walks in the room to playfully “confront” her in the act. She demands her panties back. When sweet Penny refuses to give them up she bends her little lady over to find just a bit of her panties peaking out from her puffy little pussy lips. What do we have here? She pulls the thong out far enough to grip it with her teeth and affixes it to her davghters big toe while she spanks her for being such a naughty girl. She pulls them out of her and shoves them in Penny’s little slut mouth. Penny becomes slightly confused as to whats happening but goes along as her m0ther begins undressing herself…and her.

    Penny licks her m0ther’s pussy after seeing a new piercing she doesn’t have herself. Norah turned on by this makes her davghter spread her legs and the two begin scissoring and grinding eachothers pussies against eachother. The two girls giggle and moan in total taboo bliss until they both cum and collapse on the bed together.

    Unbeknownst to them, a man has been waiting for just such a moment. While they lay, naked, in each other’s arms, a length of rubber tubing slides under the door, a vile, green gas billowing from the end. The lethal fumes fill the room and both m0ther and davghter begin to choke and convulse, lungs craving air, but finding only poison. After tortured moments of agonizing pain, they are finally still, killed by the silent gas.

    After waiting for the gas to dissipate, the man enters the room, excited by the two naked corpses on the bed. He gropes and fondles their sexy bodies, rubbing his hard cock on their faces and tasting both of their pussies. Obsessed with their feet, he nibbles at their toes and holds their soles to his face to inhale their essence. Both their cunt are invaded by his meaty pole, dead eyes staring blindly, while he defiles their tight holes. Using their dainty feet to jerk his throbbing manhood, the man finally erupts, spraying the two of them with hot, sticky cum. Two for the price of one? That man must love it when a plan comes together.

    Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Taboo, Panty Stuffing, Female Masturbation, Lesbian Scissoring, Female Orgasm, Poison Gas, Asphyxiation, Convulsions, Death, Necro Pussy Licking, Necro Sex, Necro Footjob, Foot Fetish, Cumshot, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

    PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

    1920X1080 HD Quality 60FPS MP4 Format

    Clip Duration:      31 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41031.19 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - The Silent Killer

    PKF Studios - The Silent Killer

    PKF Studios - The Silent Killer

    PKF Studios - The Silent Killer

    PKF Studios - The Silent Killer

    PKF Studios - The Silent Killer
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    The Man Next Door - “The Man Next Door”
Starring Olive & Emma Scarlett
Directed by JohnM

Two sexy friends, Olive and Emma, have been having quite the night. Naked, giggling and drunk, they play with each other in their cozy bedroom. They are so intoxicated that they soon become sleepy and pass out on the bed together. Their male housemate, concerned that their cat may have gotten out of the house, calls in and, when they don’t answer, looks in to check on them. Seeing the two girls, every inch of their bodies exposed and both of them fast asleep, he steps in to get a closer look. 

Cautious at first, he touches their smooth, warm skin, picks up their limp and floppy limbs, but he quickly discovers how black out wasted they are. He plays with their tender, young bodies, dragging them around, flipping the over and lifting them up, just to drop them back on the mattress. Finally, he works up the courage to position himself between Olive’s legs and fuck her. Not as asleep as he had thought, she freaks at the man trying to mount her. Struggling to get away from him, she merely pisses him off and he grabs her by the throat. Squeezing her windpipe, with all his body weight on top of her, she chokes and flails, but has no where to go. Kicking and thrashing at her attacker, she prays for escape, but none ever comes. He strangles her to death and leaves her lying there, now interested in her still-living friend.

While she did not notice her friend being murdered right next to her, Emma certainly awakens when she feels a weight on top of her, a hard cock nudging at the entrance to her cunt. She tries to fight him off, too, but is about as successful as poor Olive. Her eyes bulge and mouth gapes wide, but the man’s grip on her throat is too tight. A frantic wrestling match ensues, but still ends in her demise. As the man contemplates what to do next, he hears another housemate coming, calling to the girls and he flees. The beautiful girls, naked and exposed, lie dead on the bed where they were carefree and laughing just minutes ago. 

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Drunk, Limp Fetish, Flop, Sleep Fetish, Dragging, Rolling, Lifting, Limb Play, Hand Strangling, Violence, Wrestling, Death, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format

    THE CANNIBALS - A fetish porn company comes up with the idea of doing a rafting shoot, and so they set out with their camera equipment, small film crew, and four deliciously sexy young ladies to film an intimate lesbian adventure on the high seas.  All starts well as the bikini-clad beauties dispense with their scant clothing and soon things start to heat up.  You’ve never seen a raft you’d like to be in more than this one as the girls tackle this tough acting assignment with real enthusiasm.  The breeze may not be stiff out on these calm seas, but shortly after the filming begins one of the crew sure is.  The girls are forced to take matters into their own hands and desire rages at sea as the girls work to satisfy their sexual appetites!  After an exhausting voyage, the girls and crew toast success and head to shore.

How unfortunate for the girls that four “not so nice, and very hungry militiamen” have been doing a pre-screening of their latest lesbian flick from the concealing underbrush along the shore.  The militiamen patiently observe from the underbrush as the film crew springs an obvious surprise on the sexy cast.   A big green creature suddenly appears from the depths of the water, quickly boards the raft, and takes his time stripping, fondling, and enjoying the surprised and now frightened starlets as the camera rolls.  They obviously were not informed that this was going to be a horror movie.  When the creature is done sexually ravaging the sobbing young hotties, it simply slinks away.  Now enter the “not so nice and very hungry militiamen” to take their turn.

The devious film crew is quickly dispatched by their marksman, and then the four militiamen are free to do absolutely anything they please with the defenseless girls…and they do.  The bikini-clad girls are quickly marched off into the safety of the forest where there will be no witnesses.  As you can probably guess, they are culled one-by-one, each sexy young victim helplessly struggling as she is brutally stripped and strangled to death while one or more militiamen enjoy her tender, young private places.  Soon, all four girls are naked, motionless and wide-eyed under the very rough hands of their necro-killers, and it turns out that necro-sex is not the only thing on their minds.  They’ve worked up quite an appetite.  It’s hard work strangling four frantically struggling young starlets and then having necro-sex with them, so BBQ is sounding pretty good right about now.  They’ve got plenty of fresh, tender, quietly receptive meat, and lots of BBQ sauce.  Let’s just hope they remembered the beer!



Directed by John M

Olive and Rose are best friends, they share everything. While in the hot tub, Olive and Rose start making out, when Olives brother, Johnny comes around, Rose jumps to him and pulls him closer, taking his cock out of his pants and sucking it, Rose tells him to get into the hot tub and tells Olive to suck his cock, soon they are both sucking Olives brothers cock, until Rock comes in.

Rock, Olives eldest brother comes in in a fury and grabs Johnny and yells at him pulling him out of the tub, he starts to yell at Olive, but Rose sneaks his cock out of shorts and starts stroking it. Soon it becomes a massive hot tub incest fuck-a-thon, Olive and Rose both competing to get her brother off. Rock fucks both of the girls, while they eat each others pussys and suck Rocks cock until he cums all over their hot young faces, and they lick it off each other and make out in it.

Later, the three of them are hanging out in the hot tub, and Rose starts talking about how she is going to come over all the time to fuck Rock, Olive starts complaining about how she always tries to steal her things, now her brother. Rose doesn\'t really seem to care, so Olive jumps her friend and strangles her with her bare hands until she is dead.

The nymph siblings look at Rose\'s lifeless body and instantly get turned on by their crime, Olive starts licking her dead friends nipples while Rock starts to fuck her dead mouth. The two start to fuck each other on and around Rose\'s body, and Rock fucks her dead pussy while Olive fingers herself until they both cum, they then leave her body in the tub to use her again.


A Custom Production

    Strangle the Cheerleader 3 - "Strangle The Cheerleader 3”
 Starring Alana
Directed by JohnM

When Alana turned 18, she thought that, as an adult, the world would simply open up to her and she would finally have all the things she wanted. Unfortunately, some sweet talking Romeo got into her tight, little, teenage panties and dropped a baby into her fertile womb. Relying on a basketball scholarship to get her into college, a pregnancy would ruin her entire future, but what could she do? And who could she turn to? Her parents would kick her out of the house and her friends just wouldn’t keep their mouths shut, and it was all too easy to develop a slutty reputation. 

Coach Brown! That’s who she could go to. He’s known her since she was in grade school and he’s always been nice to her. Confiding in him in a hallway at school, he cautions her to wait until they could speak somewhere more private. Somewhere like his apartment, where they could be alone. 

Alana is shocked at how shabby his apartment is, but he explains that he is recently divorced, and that she took everything from him when she left. Working as a coach just isn’t enough, but he does some photography work on the side, taking pictures of pretty girls like Alana. If Alana would pose for him, maybe she can get some money too, money she needs to address her problem. Desperate, she agrees.

Things start playfully enough, but when the coach moves to lift her skirt, she slaps his hand away. She is adamant that she doesn’t want to pose for those types of pictures. Apologizing for his forwardness, he suggests a small break and leaves the room. Sneaking back in, however, the coach creeps up behind the big-chested cheerleader and grabs her, covering her mouth and nose with a rag soaked in knock-out juice. With her unconscious on the bed, the coach takes his time pulling out and playing with her big titties and removing her panties to eat out her tight, hairless snatch. Pulling out his hard cock, he shoves it roughly inside the cheerleader’s teenage cunt and fucks her savagely, soon ejecting white, sticky goo to cover her boobs and belly.

She is just starting to rise, still groggy from the drug in her system, when the coach wraps a length of cord around her neck and pulls hard, choking Alana. Her eyes open wide, fear and panic flooding her system, as the man she trusted strangles her. She kicks at the bed, hands reaching back to relieve the pressure on her throat, but the man continues to pulls tight, the lack of oxygen making Alana’s sight dim. Mouth gaping open and tongue lolling from her lips, her struggles start to weaken, the garrote cutting into her neck, constricting her windpipe. After agonizing minutes, she is still, glazed eyes staring blindly open and body limp and lifeless. 

Tenderly, the coach removes the girl’s clothing, fondling and caressing her soft and still-warm corpse. He nuzzles her neck, inhaling her sweet smell, trailing gentle kisses down her belly to the flesh between her thighs. Lifting her up in his arms, he carries her around the room, while she sags into his grasp. Finally, he sets her down again, on the bed. Perhaps his dick is getting hard again? Perhaps he needs to fuck her abused corpse one more time?

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Schoolgirl Costume, Pigtails, Ebony, Big Tits, Tit Play, Floppy, Limp, Chloroform Knock-Out, Pussy Licking, Forced Sex, Cumshot, Garrote Strangle, Necro Fondling, Stripping, Nudity, Rolling, Lifting, Carrying, Body Play, Foot Views, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1442x1058 Upscaled MP4 Format

    Me and My Needs - “Me and My Needs”
Starring Marilyn Moore

Sexy, slutty Marilyn has been out partying and comes home with an urgent need for some cock. Even if it belongs to the man of the house. Shocked at how much his little girl has grown, she strips off her clothes to show him her giant boobs and wet pussy. His stiff erection is all the invitation she needs and begins to slurp on some daddy dick. 

Lost in the perverse lust his dirty little angel has inspired, he fucks the poor girl stupid. The horny blonde shows her old man what the kids are doing these days, bouncing on his dick like a gonzo cowgirl. Her young, pink cunt grips his cock so tight that he soon explodes, filling her insides with a thick load of cream. Unfortunately, Marilyn’s obscene behavior means that he can no longer think of her as his little angel. The only thing to do is to snap her slender neck. 

One twist, a sharp snap and her luscious body drops limply to the couch. But daddy’s still hard. Grabbing her still warm body, he plunges back into her tight hole and uses it to satisfy his dark urges. A few minutes of hard pumping into her dead cunt and he can feel another load on the way. Pulling out, he sprays his cum all over the front of her corpse, the last warmth she’ll ever get from the one that raised her. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Taboo, Stripping, Blow Job, Fucking, Neck Snap, Necro Sex, Cumshot, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality MP4 Format

    She Seems Cold - “She Seems Cold”
Starring Stella Cox 
Directed by JohnM

Stella, a drunk college girl, has been out testing the limits of her liver and stumbles in to her room, still talking to her girls from the party. The little slut doesn’t get undressed before falling onto the bed, and passing out, her salmon thong and puffy little pussy peeking out from under her tiny skirt.

The weekend ends and Stella is still asleep when her roommate Eric notices she isn’t sitting across from him in their shared breakfast nook. He comes in to get her up for school but finds her completely unresponsive. She’s so beautiful when she sleeps. He’s had a crush on her since she was in her freshman year. He tries to wake her, but she won’t budge.

He picks up her legs and they each flop down to the bed. He can’t believe she is so oblivious. He giggles to himself as he realizes how much fun this can be, rolling her over. He picks her arms up, dropping them to the sheets. It’s like having a doll! He picks up the top half of her torso and lets her drop again, seeing that she is truly out of it.

He pulls aside her thong and takes a peak at her pussy before lifting up her shirt to reveal her great soft breasts. The fall to her sides, and he begins to fondle them. He always thought they were fave but they are real! Seeing how they move begins to get him excited, and his cock begins to grow behind his pants while he plays with them.

He finishes removing her clothes and gets his first taste of her pussy. She will never know, he tells himself as he licks the tangy viscus juice from her little pink slit. He rolls her over and inspects her holes before straddling her from behind, letting her full, but dainty weight fall into him. The way she flops and moves with him starts getting him even more excited.

Not wanting to take it too far, he gets up and begins to unmuss the sheet to cover her. She did taste really good, he thinks. But can’t continue unless she wants him too, that would be wrong. She’s dead to the world though, so does anyone have to know? He puts the sheet down and takes her silent rest as agreement.

He spreads her legs and places her hands to hold her pussy open for his tongue, posing her like how he always imagines it. His tongue slides down her pussy and her aroma and taste takes over his senses as he runs the bridge of his nose the length of her pristine gash.

Not ready to be too intrusive, and for fear of waking her up, he covers her in the blanket and tucks her in, kissing her cheek. As he walks away, he realizes something is wrong. His lips feel..cold? He thinks no, it can’t be as he rushes back to her side to check her breathing and pulse, only to find her vacant of either…just as vacant as her stare when he opens her eyes. Panicking he races out of the room, tearing the sheet away with him to find help.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Disheveled, Flopping, Limb Play, Body Play, Rolling, Passed Out, Fondling, Stripping, Pussy Licking, Stockings, Necro Pussy Licking, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality 60FPS MP4 Format

    Sudden Complication - “Sudden Complication”
Starring Casey Calvert
Directed by JohnM

Eric has a doctor’s appointment for a routine physical, but he knows that, at his age, a prostate exam will be a part of it. To make matters even worse, the nurse taking care of him is hot, young, tight-bodied Casey Calvert. That may explain the prominent erection poking out from beneath his hospital gown, but he’s just going to blame it on nerves. Yeah, I always get erections when I’m embarrassed, too. As if.

Snapping on her latex gloves, she tells him to bend over, before poking the old ‘tate and asking him to cough. Once that is done, she needs to examine his junk. There are no visible lesions or palpable masses, but these give very little information on the function of the genitourinary system. The nurse tells Eric that an oral exam will be needed and then wraps her sexy lips around his pink monster, sucking and slobbering over it like a trained professional. 

Everything checks out, but now Casey wants equal treatment, so she slides her scrub pants and panties off to give her patient access to her nether regions. He is most thorough, using his tongue to search every crevice of her cunt and puckered rosebud of an anus, leaving her wet and squirming. Now it’s time for an internal exam. Since his hard cock just got the nurse’s healthy seal of approval, he shoves his stiff specimen into her wet pussy and uses his swollen head to probe her cervix, with the enthusiasm of an intern sewing up their first laceration. 

Too bad they didn’t put a heart monitor on Eric, because their fuck session is aerobic enough to double as a stress test, leaving them sweaty and breathing hard. At last, Eric slides out of the tight grip of her quim and blows his wad, coating Casey’s tits with hot, sticky goo. Did she ask for a sperm sample? Would that currently be covered under the Affordable Care Act? Which ever is the case, there are still patients to see, so Casey quickly tries to get dressed.

Too quick, it would seem, as, wrestling with her scrubs, she falls and hits the ground hard with a sickening snap. Eric thinks she’s joking with him, but her sudden stillness inspires him to check on her. No pulse. Whatever broke during her fall was serious enough that there’s no fixing it. She’s still got a killer ass, though, and it seems a shame to waste her tight, little holes just because she’s dead. Who knows when the doctor will walk in, so shoving his hard cock once more inside the hot nurse, Eric uses her corpse like his own fuck-toy. In a few minutes, he’s decorating her dead, half-naked body with another helping of jizz. He leaves her exposed and rough-fucked corpse on the floor, to sneak out and escape through the back halls. God only knows what he’ll be billed for an appointment like that!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Stripping, Scrubs, Medical Fetish, Medical Exam, BJ, Pussy Licking, Anilingus, Sex, Cumshot, Lifting, Necro Sex, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format

    Chain Choker 2 - “Chain Choker 2”
Starring Norah Novah
Directed by JohnM

Norah has quite the birthday present planned for her boyfriend. She arrives at an artists house to have her portrait drawn wearing a heart shaped locket he gave her, and only the heart shape locket in the essence of a movie the couple love. 

The artist making conversation asks her what she wants and then turns to current events, mentioning a recent murder involving a woman being choked by a chain. The two marvel for a moment at how terrible people can be before the artist sends her to a room in the house where she can change to prepare for the drawing. 

She returns nude under a bathrobe and hands him the money before sprawling out on the chaise. The artist begins to direct her how to pose and she settles in. He sexy petite curves are accentuated by the pillows she lays across naked, her star shaped pubic hair tucked between her legs. The artist begins to sketch her form when he receives a phone call. The artist lays the money on the table and says if he doesn’t come back to take her money back and rushes off. 

‘Well that was odd’ she thinks as she patiently stretches out. It’s not long before lying there naked there gives her the idea she shouldn’t waste the time. She lifts her cute little toes off the chaise and begins toying with her pussy. She rubs her clit and fingers her little hole as her toes curl and spring in pleasure. She teases her nipples, sucking on them, rubbing them and rolling them between her fingers before continuing to play with herself until she cums. Feeling relaxed she smiles at the fun she just had and begins to nap.

Deep in slumber she doesn’t hear the artist come back. This time wearing a mask and different clothes. As he reaches the bottom of the stairs a chain falls to hang from his hand. He quietly moves to stand behind the woman sleeping peacefully on his chaise. He lowers the chain onto her neck slowly before quickly jerking it to cut off her breath.

She immediately wakes and falls to the floor struggling to get free. As she gets up the man stomps on her ankle breaking it and gets the chain around her neck once more wrestling her to the ground. He pulls tight as the two struggle on the floor against each other for several minutes before ultimately his efforts bear out and she wilts under his brawny strength. The life in her eyes fades and she stops moving. 

Ever the opportunistic killer, he begins to take advantage of the situation, sucking on her breasts and kissing down to her feet. Laying on his side, he pulls out his cock as he sucks her toes and then her cool, moist clit, still tangy from the fun she had when she was alive. He lays her on her side and sticks his cock inside her  as he kisses her feet.

Laying her back he fucks her, shoving his cock in and out of her before pulling her  limp head up off the ground to pleasure him. He pumps his cock in her mouth before jerking himself to fruition, depositing his load deep in her throat. She lays on the floor, her eyes staring off into nothing as his cum rolls out from between her lips. He carries his victim and places her in a full bathtub to soak beneath the water. Her eyes staring up at the heavens where her spirit has gone to.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Stripping, Posing, AOH, Female Masturbation, Fingering, Chain Strangle, Struggle, Tongue Flop, Ankle Break, Necro Toe Sucking, Necro Pussy Licking, Necro Fuck, Mouth Cumshot, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality 60FPS MP4 Format

    No More Powers - “No More Powers”
Starring Jasmine Mendez

Super Girl has been captured by the evil and sinister Master Cheese. The masked assailant admires her amazonian figure as he fondles her passed out body. When she awakens he thinks it’s time to have his way with her. Her rope tied around her, she is powerless to fend him off, as he ties down her feet and suspends her arms over head.

The amazon warrior stands proud and defiant as Master Cheese tries to intimidate her. He lets her know just what he wants to take from her and Wonder Girl says he will never have it…. But when he checks her pussy, the juices left on his fingers tell him otherwise.

He begins by removing her top, her wonder tits spill over as he reaches up and twists her nipples. She squirms in her disdain and disgust for her captor as he ties the rope around her neck to act as a leash, pulling out his cock.

She indignantly takes it between her bound hands and begins stroking him, her looks of displeasure only make him harder. He tells her to suck it and she grimaces as she puts it in her mouth, sucking him until his cock is rigid and throbbing.

He kicks things into high gear and pulls her legs up, forcefully trying to remove her power suit. He rams his cock into her as she fights and objects. He takes what is his anyway. Cumming inside her super cunt she lays for a minute, defeated. With no use for her he strangles her, wrapping her own super rope around her neck. 

She struggles against it, her feet flailing beneath are as she trys to gain footing. She puts on the best fight she can without her powers but its not nearly enough. Ultimately she meets her demise, her blank stare peering into infinity.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Disheveled, Superheroines, AOH, Bondage, Fondling, Forced Blowjob, Rape, Garrote Strangle, Necro, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality MP4 Format

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