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  • Sorority Nine Part
  • Sleepover Massacre
  • Hogtie Killer 6
  • Sorority Nine Part
  • Good Friday
  • Slumber Party
  • Deadbeat Dad
  • Double Stabbing
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  • Sexual Killer Upc
  • Slumber Party Massacre Upscaled
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    PKF Studios - Slumber Party Massacre Upscaled

    Clip Description

    "Slumber Party Massacre"
    Starring Summer, Keely, Emily, Houston and Heidi

    On a dark, cold night in the dead of winter. On a quiet, empty street. In a dark house as the fog creeps by. 5 school friends sit and watch a scary movie. Alone in the house they are having a slumber party. As they watch the movie a man peers in the back door. He'd been watching them for sometime now. He was a sexual predator, fantasizing about young women for years, but tonight would be the night he fulfills his fantasies. These girls were just perfect, cute and innocent, that would surely satisfy his sexual lust. All he had to do was kill one and have his way with her...then, his fantasy turned reality would be complete.

    With 5 girls to choose from, surely one would wonder off and he would be able to silence her permanently. He quickly picked the lock and was in. Crawling on the floor he got his first close look at the girls...all of them were hot. Just as he was thinking about which one he hoped he would have, one of the girls got up to change into something warmer. He quickly hid as she passed by. She was the one--the one that he definitely wanted for sure. He watched her go into the bedroom and followed right after.

    He attacked her right away. At first his grip was weak...he had been practicing for months, but the real thing was a bit different. She fought hard and made a lot of noise. He tried to shush her, but that, of course did not work, no doubt because of the painful grip of his had around her neck. He squeezed harder and harder until she was quieter, the simply worked on maintaining the pressure while protecting his junk from getting clipped by her swinging arms and kicking legs. That would sure put a damper on the evening. He kept at it, excited as he watched her spasm and jiggle, her leg muscles tense, her brow was furrowed, eyes and mouth wide. She was a good fighter, but he was exceedingly way was she going to escape and after a while, her eyes told the tale of her losing battle. She was very weak and he watched as the life left her and she was still. He was very hard and knew it was time to finish it so that he could get out of this place, but then he though he heard a noise. Concentration lost, he quickly pulls her body off the bed and covers it up with clothing and blankets.

    He runs upstairs to hide. Not a moment later, a second girl appears before him at the top of the stairs. Without even thinking, he tackles her to the floor. They struggle and fight as he gets a grip on her neck to cut off any screaming. As he gets her into a good position he looked down at her and thought....this was definitely the one...not the the other one. She was perfect...the one he had been waiting for all along. He shushes her as well, while clamping down on her neck. Like the first girl, she also was quite a fighter. His hand was not even sore and the feeling of her flesh and muscle as he gripped it was incredible. He tightened even more and watched her twitch and buck. Her eyes and mouth wide, her legs and bare feet digging into the carpet, trying to get leverage. As she weakens he again watches her eyes as the fight goes out. When she is dead, he picks her up, tosses her over his shoulder and carries her down the stairs.

    He flopped her onto the bed, strips her and is about to....damn, again, he is interrupted right before he can do his business. Fuck. He just can't catch a break. He goes out to see what is going on. It must have been the girls just talking while watching the movie. He decided to go downstairs and wait for a while....he is over the second girl already. Fortunately, another girl left the movie and happened to go downstairs to check on her laundry.

    He attacks her right away, tossing her up on the washer and dryer. Her feet bang and's a wonder that the other 2 girls don't hear--but they don't. He does not fuck around with this one...she hardly has a chance. At first the struggle is vigorous, but quickly weakens and finally she is just mildly jerking...then she is dead. He flops her over his back and carries her out. He flops her onto the bed next to the 2nd girl and strips and fondles her. He decides to do a little more fishing and leaves the room.

    As he runs up the stairs and the 4th girl turns the corner and also heads up the stairs just missing him. She calls for the others and he does his best impression of a girl. It works. He draws her into the room where he is hiding and attacks. This girl is a spunky little fighter. He quickly gets her into a good position and works hard to kill her. The faster she is dead, the faster he can fuck her and get out of this place. She fights for some time, but like the others, eventually weakens and finally is still. He strips her, fondling her body an sucking her tits. Again, something makes him lose his concentration. He picks her up, slings her over his shoulder and carries her downstairs. He flops her with the other girls on the bed.

    By now, the last girl has gotten up and is looking for the others. When she opens the door, he is hiding behind it. Seeing her friends dead on the bed, she screams and runs and he is right after her. He tackles her in the living room--the movie still playing. They struggle and he gets his death grip on her. It takes a while...she bucks and kicks her legs...mouth wide open, tongue lashing out for air. But, ultimately, she goes out the same way as her 4 friends...fading away, dead eyes staring. He strips her off, the picks her up, slings her over his shoulders and carries her off.

    In the bedroom, he flops her on top of the other girls and gets to business. He quickly starts doing her and moments later orgasms. Finally doing what he came to do. He lays with the 4 girls--two on each side...he likes even numbers. The 5th girl still lays dead on the floor next to them.

    Contains: Violence, Nudity, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, 5 Hand Strangles, Necro BJ, Necro, Carrying, Bodypile, Foot Views, Body Views.

    Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
    PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

    Note: 1472X1080 Upressed MP4 Format

    Clip Duration:      39 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4863.6 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Slumber Party Massacre Upscaled

    PKF Studios - Slumber Party Massacre Upscaled

    PKF Studios - Slumber Party Massacre Upscaled

    PKF Studios - Slumber Party Massacre Upscaled

    PKF Studios - Slumber Party Massacre Upscaled

    PKF Studios - Slumber Party Massacre Upscaled
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    Rangers Delight - "Rangers Delight" 

Starring Aspen Ora, Kiki Sweet, Lily LaBeau, Pepper Kester and Ashley Lane
Directed By JohnM

What a lovely day!

5 beautiful collage age girls are out in the national forest enjoying nature.  They have a tarp and blanket spread out, and are having a nice picnic lunch.

But soon a park ranger shows up to break up there party.  They don't want to leave, so his solution is to try to get a BJ.   The girls laugh and are disgusted, so he stomps off.  One of the girls has recorded the entire event on her cell and he knows this.

So, later, Pepper goes to the bathroom out in the woods and the ranger attacks her, shooting her dead, then raping her body.

Then, he attacks the rest of the girls.  Shoots Lily twice in the back, Aspen in the head, Kiki twice in the chest, and Ashley once in the head. 

Now with all the girls dead, he can have some fun.

He spends a lot of time, playing with each girl.  He likes feet and stockings as well, and takes some extra time with that.  He fucks all the girls, but, he focuses a lot on Aspen---the girl with the cell phone recording. Something about her, makes him fuck her mouth a couple times, and fuck her a couple different times and in different positions.

With so many girls and lots of feet and legs---and boobs, he has plenty to do.  

Later, he carries Pepper to the group and sets her down to finish he lovely body assortment of pretty girls on this especially lovely day.

Fetish Elements:   Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Multi-Shooting, Stripping, Pantyhose, Fondling, Foot Play, Foot Job, Necro BJ, Necro Sex, Carrying, Bodies, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD MP4 Format

    I Kill Whores - "I KILL WHORES" 

Starring Ashley Lane
Directed By JohnM

 A young, "girl-next-door" prostitute puts on a show for a new client.  He is very shy and opted to drive to a remote end of a local, forested part, for their.....session.  She gives him a great show, and an awesome blowjob, swallowing his load and looking sweet and innocent the whole time.

He is amazed and offers her the rest of his money if she will go all the way.  She agrees.  But first, he leans over her and opens the glove box.  She sees a gun and knife and is in shock as he get out of the car and goes to her side.  He opens her door and tries to pull her out.  She struggles, hanging onto the steering wheel, but soon lets go and falls to the ground.  Her wits about her once again, she runs off--the man chasing after her.

In the woods, he fires at her once, striking her in the back---dropping her to the mossy forest floor.  She can barely move as he approaches her, levels his gun and squeezes the trigger......but, the gun does not fire.  A jam.  He pulls out his knife, sit her up as she begs him not to.  He sliced her throat.   

She chokes on her blood as it pour out of her wound, coursing warm between her fingers and down her pale body.  Blood comes out her mouth, her eyes wide with awareness of her impending demise.  She falls to the forest floor, legs stretched out and locked in spasms as the remainder of her young life is soaked into the moss.

He observes her dead body, the starts to pull her up.

As she hangs, suspended by rope---draining---the car the brought her hear pulls away.   The coyotes would be  coming to pick her clean in short time.

Fetish Elements:   Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content,   Shooting, Throat Slice, Blood, Suspension, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD MP4 Format

    BITCH SLAP - A young girl is tidying up her bed room. A evil bad ass busts up in her room & rapes the shit outa the bitch. She is slapped around & choked out repeatedly wile being gagged with cock & rape. She never gives up fighting for her life Everything the rapist gets from her is earned threw punishment. Being body slammed into her bed breaking it into pieces only strengthens her fighting spirit. Finally he has had enough, he throws her across the room & in on her with a lamp cord. She is still fighting & punches him square in his glass jaw. She nearly gets away. Nearly...... It's brutal, She fights & dies. He strangles the bitch to death. Once dead, he can take his time with her asshole.......

    Lady Bonaire Method - Lady Bonaire Method

Starring Aria Alexander and Rock

Aria is experiencing a very strange problem in her lady parts. She feels an intense warmth and this odd pressure down there in her genitals and she’s not really sure what it is. She’s been leaking a lot of fluid as well for the past 4 or 5 hours. She thought it was reason for concern and went into the doctor. She’s a little embarrassed when her doctor is a male, but she really wants this taken care of so she just goes with it. 

He asks if she’s been sexually active recently. She hasn’t. This might actually be the problem. She has a persistent lady boner. It’s pretty easy to deal with, and Dr. Rock knows just the thing. He slips on some purple rubber gloves. She giggles when he tells her his diagnosis, but he backs it up with some facts, and he’s a professional so he must be telling the truth. 

He instructs her to remove her pants and she does. Panties too. He spreads her legs on the exam table and tells her to relax. He slides his lubed-up fingers into her vaginal cavity repeatedly. She looks up at first, a little shocked, but seems like he knows what he’s doing. 

But he’s not sure he’s reaching The Spot. It’s too complicated to explain, but tells her to help him out so he has something longer to put in there. She agrees and rolls on her side so that she can place his cock in her mouth. She sucks his dick for a while until he’s good and hard. Doctor’s orders! 

She’s going at it, but this is really making her problem worse! He says to give it time. Okay, so she goes back to it. She gets on her knees with her ass in the air and he continues fingering her from behind. Now it’s time for the final stage of the method. He grabs one of her legs and slides her so that she’s right up against the edge of the exam table. Then he slides his dick inside her. 

So THIS is the method. Alright. Well it certainly feels good!

When they’re finished and she feels much better. She sucks on one of his fingers, but he stops her. He’s a professional. He tells her to go retrieve her paperwork in the front office, and starts to gather his things to leave. But…she’s confused. They just had such a beautiful moment! 

He tells her to sit down while he explains this to her. There is a doctor/patient relationship that happens sometimes, but the feelings that she thinks she feels aren’t real or appropriate. She’s a cute lady, but it just wouldn’t be right. She offers to show him her kitties. She takes off her bra and grabs them. But he sighs, asking her to try and keep this professional. 

She’s not happy about this. She starts to take a very accusations tone with him that he doesn’t appreciate. She’s trying to be all over him, and stealing his shoes so that he can’t leave. She refuses to give it up. He grabs her, wrestling the shoe away from her and choking her with his arm. 

With his arm wrapped tightly around her throat they struggle violently. He grabs the shoe away from her and starts choking her with his hand, bending her backwards over the counter. She gasps and chokes for air. With a few final shakes of the neck, she is dead. Dammit. This is the third woman this week. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Strangle, Hand Strangle, Medical Fetish, Exam Table, Blowjobs, Fingering, Rubber Gloves, Fucking, Medical Exam.

    Student Blackmail II Upscaled - "Student Blackmail II" 
Starring Alana
Directed By JohnM
Coach feels he's a lucky man to have Alana. Of all the hot high-school athletes he's hooked up with, she's sexually the best. He knows this one's going to last, unlike the previous candidate, Summer, who ended badly but beautifully, in a way he often recalls, and wonders what it would be like to make it happen again. 

After school, Alana comes to him in the little room behind his office. Forty-three and eighteen, they embrace on the couch. His uninhibited student pulls out his throbbing cock and gulps it down like a sweet sausage, then licks and sucks it until he's ready to fuck her. He pumps her doggie over the couch, then flips her over and fucks her tight pussy missionary as the good lord intended. She plays with her slippery groin around the shaft of his plunging cock and his orgasm builds just as she's cumming. Her fluids burst in cataracts down her thighs and his hot load spews all over her belly as it arches and contracts with the pulsations of her climax. 

Afterward, like a gentleman, he goes to get her a towel and in his absence, her face changes. Something's up with this girl. When he returns she's all smiles again and he decides to tell her his future plans for him and her. But she has a surprise for him, too. She knows his wife holds a high-profile seat on the school board and makes it clear she means to blackmail him. But she's enjoying her sense of power over him so much she doesn't heed how his face hardens, and she fails to note how he now looks at her tense with anticipation of what he's going to do. 

She turns her back on him to dress, tells him to write a check, then changes her mind and demands cash. As she bends to pull her panties up over her calves, he grabs a computer mouse, whips its cord around her throat, jerks her upright and drags her backward onto the couch. Torn from her heady mix of sexual afterglow and exultation at her new-found power, Alana's horrified to be suddenly fighting for her life. He tightens the cord so her tongue extrudes and her limbs and torso spasm with the intense energy of an athletic girl of eighteen's post-coital death-struggle. 

Watching her 38D's flop and jiggle gets him hard again. He eases her to the floor, keeping a tight rein on her breath, and admires her splayed legs and glistening pussy. He decides to give her one last gift before he finishes her. He forces her flat on her back between his spread legs and with both hands tightens the cord around her neck, gazing coldly down at her supine struggles. The crown of her head presses against his hard cock each time she arches her spine. 

Once she's weaker and waxily compliant, he cradles her across one thigh, forces her legs wide apart with his heels, and caresses, squeezes and fingers her pussy while he strangles her, all the while telling her how much she's loving it. To her shock and horror, Alana responds erotically to this brutal byplay. A helpless puppet of sex and strangulation, utterly controlled by the penetration and constriction of her killer's opposed hands, Alana's so wet she knows he senses her excitement. And her being so exposed, so humiliated, thrills her with a pulse of genital pleasure that cuts through even her terror and desperation. An imperious pressure deep in her cunt compels her arousal, even as this twisted submission and complicity in her own murder make her squirm with revulsion and shame. 

But then she remembers how wicked a girl she's been and feels the justice in her punishment too. And with this admission to herself, her deep pulse of pleasure throbs again, even stronger, and frees her to take perverse, exquisite pleasure in her killer's intimate touches -- pleasure at once part of and payment for her torment under this terminal discipline she must now both endure and enjoy. He tickles her clitoris and pinches her G-spot, and she marvels how well his fingers know her map. His fingers probe deeper and suddenly stiffen, vibrating like an electric prod and, with a gape of submission into his stony visage, she relinquishes all resistance and violently cums. Her groin bucks up along the length of his thick middle digit and slaps against his unyielding palm. 

She squeezes his rigid, trembling fingers inside her and looks at him like she's fucking him, -- in confusion, disbelief, abandon and excited shame, and underlying and electrifying it all, the strain of her doomed struggle to survive. She convulses. Girl-juices spew from her offered parts and he slaps her wet, sticky, cum-soaked pussy to cast her over the final precipice. She expands in a timeless moment of peak sensation and then – as she limberly relaxes into the softness of fulfillment and her orgasm's surges settle down, in a moment when fear of death reaches its lowest ebb -- he smoothly turns from lover to predator and focuses his attention on finishing her off. Too sexually satiated to fight on, she weakens rapidly now. Her eyes plead but he doesn't relent. Her motions grow chaotic, then slower and slower. She feels like she's never been so naked, and understands this means she's about to die. 

His final, decisive pressure echoes a climactic throb deep in her cunt. Her hands jerk up from her sides to alongside her shoulders, where her fingertips gesticulate vaguely and frantically over the straining tendons of his forearms and hands, obscenely like the way a girl might caress a lover's limb as it brings her to climax. In the awe, confusion and panic of her death throes, she strives to be his best, most obedient prey, tries not just to yield but to love the body that kills her -- but in the end she can only surrender to its power. Her legs twitch, then shudder, a long, slow oscillation downward that tightly clenches and then delicately uncurls her toes. 

Her eyelids flutter as cramp and agony dissolve, and her face lapses into the wanton beauty of completion. She gazes upward blankly, mouth open, tongue-tip exposed. As he stares at her dead face, the tip slowly retracts. He caresses and kisses her, then lifts her and holds her limp length against him for one last dance together.

*Previously Released/Requested Repost

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Teenager/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, BJ, Sex, Garrote Strangling, Sexual Assault, Forced Orgasm, Orgasmic Death, Foot Views, Fondling, Body Pans, Vertical Carry, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

Note: 1472X1080 Upressed MP4 Format

    The Good Hospital - Starring Norah Nova and Rock

Rock is having some pain in his testicular area so he goes in to the doctor to get it checked out. He’s feeling a little awkward because his nurse, Norah, is so cute! She’s a total babe, but she does her best to make him feel comfortable talking about his issue. He seems to be having a hard time ejaculating because of the pain. 

This has happened a few times before and he’s gotten treatment for it, but it just won’t go away. So he’s back for more. He really needs her help. She puts on some gloves and tells him to stand up. He’s pretty confused, because usually this is done laying down. Then she tells him to bend over so she can check him out. He’s skeptical about this. This doesn’t seem right. 

She’s trying something new because his chart states no one has tried this yet. But he’s not having it. This isn’t what he came here for. He’s trying to tell her to do what the previous healthcare providers have done for him, but that hasn’t seemed to work if he’s back, and not to mention all of those providers are no longer employed. So she’s not too keen on doing that. 

Things get a little heated and Rock won’t comply, so he grabs a syringe full of something off the counter and, pushing Norah down to the exam table, sticks it in her and empties it. She goes limp almost immediately. 

Now he gets the treatment he came for. He starts by undressing her, playing with her limp body, caressing her, grabbing her tits. Then he pulls his cock out and stuffs it in her mouth. It’s so warm and wet, and he can move her in any position. 

When he’s done fucking her mouth he slides her ass toward the edge of the exam table and slides into her tight little pussy. She has such a smokin’ hot body!! What the hell is she doing as a nurse? She could really use her talents elsewhere. Oh well, at least he’s taking advantage of them now. He fucks her hard until he’s finally satisfied. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Limp Fetish, Medical Fetish, Blowjobs, Fucking, Scrubs, Rubber Gloves, Piercings, Undressing, Foot Views, Body Views.

    Coed Slaughter 2 - Coed Slaughter 2
Starring Pepper Kester and Katerina Kay
Directed by JohnM
  Several years ago, an insane man burst into a college girls apartment and brutally stabbed two girls.   

Now, nearly 9 years later, it's happened again.

Kat and Pepper were waking up after a night of late studying and later partying.  

They were stretching---going through their morning routine as collage girls do, when a man comes in, walks up to Kat and stabs her multiple times in belly, then stabs the other girl once in the breast--dropping her to the table in agony.

He then tosses the other girl on the bed and starts molesting her.  But, after hearing the moans of Pepper, goes back to finish her off by slicing open her neck.   Now with that coed dead, he focuses his attention back on the other noisy one.  He stabs her in the breast--through her heart.  She struggles for a moment, blood sifting from her mouth, then dies.

He spends time stripping and ripping the clothing off both dead girls.

Now it is quiet.  They way he likes them.  He positions the bloody, dead coeds legs apart and slights his throbbing cock into her, what could only be described as a tiny, tight pussy.

He fucks her until he bursts, then grabs his things and leaves.
Contains:  Nudity, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, Stabbing, Throat Slice, Blood,  Clothes Tearing, Coeds, Necro Sex, Cum Shot, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie shot and presented in STUNNING High Definition
1280X720 HD MP4 Format

    Sexual Killer UPC - "Sexual Killer" 
Starring Houston and Lexxi
Directed By JohnM

Note:  This is extremely sexy and both strangles are super intense!!!!

It's spring break in the bay area and two teenage sisters are home on the first cloudy day of the week.  As they plan to go to the mall or beach despite the weather, their parents call to remind them of the repairman coming over to work on the Jacuzzi.  Bummed, they settle into hanging out and pigging out on morning leftovers.  When the repairman arrives, they let him in to do his work.   Right away they are a little weirded out by his demeanor, but ignore their instincts and go about their day.  While playing a game of pool, the repairman stalks them from the balcony above.  The girls play on, unaware of the violence about to commence.

Lexi takes her next shot and they track the errant ball across the table, the see the repairman standing with a pool stick.  They both let out a startled scream and the man, with little hesitation, swings his pool stick into Lexi's head, knocking her out and runs after Houston, catching her in the kitchen and bashing her skull on the tile counter.  Woozy from the hit he is able to position her on the counter so he can fuck her from behind.  As she starts to struggle he slams her head into the counter again, ensuring her compliance.  As he fucks her tight pussy from behind, slamming her pelvis into the cold counter, she moans in agony.  As she regains a little of her strength, she makes weak attempts to fight back--nothing he has to worry about.  When he tires of that position, he flips her over.  Now she is more resistant, hitting, slapping, punching and protesting as he rams his cock into her.  Still unable to get himself off, he pulls her off the counter and forces her to suck his cock.  She does so out of shear terror.  But, in a moment of courage, bites down and is able to escape, running up the stairs hoping to lock herself in her room.  

He trips her up at the top of the stairs and she backs away from him on the landing.  He grabs her neck, forcing her against a hard wood post railing and starts to strangle her.  She kicks and bucks wildly.  As he chokes her with one strong hand, he rams his fingers in her tight pussy, feeling her wetness and he knows she is turned on in some sick way as her life is being taken from her.  

Meanwhile below, Lexi still lies unconscious.  As she claws and her legs point straight out and quiver, he knows she does not have long and he is still hard, thinking about fucking her corpse.  As she weakens he looks deeply into her eyes, looking perhaps at her soul as it is about to be released.  He squeezes harder and watches the life fade from her eyes.  He lets her down, then is quickly inside her, ramming the dead teenager, a young girl, in the prime of her life...the power as he took that away and now the violation of her corpse.  He felt the orgasm coming and pulled out to spew his load all over her dead body.  

As he regained his composure, he heard the girl below calling her sisters name...Houston.  He looks over the railing just in time to catch her staring up at him.  She screams and runs.  He is able to almost catch her at the bottom of the stairs, knocking her down instead.  She flips on her tummy and claws at the floor as he is trying to pull her toward him.  She is able to break free and go for the stairs.  He goes the other way and surprises her as she heads into the garage.  She breaks free again and goes back up the stairs but now she has no where to go and he is right in front of her.  He knocks her down and takes his belt, lying on the floor from flinging it over the balcony earlier when he was fucking her dead sister, and wraps it around her neck.    

He pulls it tight, her air is cut off, but she is a fighter and struggles hard, yanking herself all over the floor.  He picks her up, shoving her against the pool table to try and stabilize her.  She continues to fight hard, so he shoves her down on the table, ramming his hard cock against her ass her he pulls the belt.  She tries to grab for the pools balls but ends up knocking them away instead...lucky for him.  Once she weakens a bit, he flips her onto her back and pulls out his cock.  She grinds and twists, but he is finally able to put it in the right hole and starts fucking her as he pulls the belt tight.  She weakens faster and finally slows to a more manageable level where he can enjoy himself.  She was tight and warm on his cock, she felt so good and he knew he would cum again.  As she expired and simply stared up at the ceiling, he kept fucking her until eventually cumming inside her.  He flipped her up on the table and posed her spread eagle.  He gathered his stuff and left without a word.  Then we follow the camera as it pans both girls---Houston, cum-soaked on the balcony, and Lexi, dead, violated on the pool table.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Multiple Sexual Assault, Hand Strangling, Belt Strangling, Necro Sex, Awesome Cum Shot, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note:  Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.  
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

Note: 1472X1080 Upscaled MP4 Format

Price: 20.00
Run Time: 36:04 minutes
File Size: 1022 MB

    Fractured Trust - Starring Norah Nova and Rock

Norah has been suffering from a bad toothache for a few days, so she goes into the dentist to get it looked at. She sits on the edge of the exam table and Dr. Bottom asks her a few cursory questions about her pain. Then he takes a look inside her mouth, and he thinks she might have a fractured tooth. So in order to fix it, he will need to put her under for the procedure. 

She lays back on the exam table, and Dr. Bottom places the gas mask over her nose and mouth. She takes a few deep breaths and starts to feel very sleepy. When Dr. Bottom is sure that she is asleep he removes the mask and beings to play with her. He lifts and drops a few of her limbs to make sure she is limp. Then he starts to touch her pussy. She’s wearing really cute panties and adorable knee-high socks. He takes off all her clothes except the socks and touches her pussy. He rubs her clit and starts getting hard. 

He turns her head so that he can put his cock in her mouth and starts to fuck her face. But this socks are so intriguing. He rubs his cock all over her legs and feet, then peels off her socks one by one, and rubs himself all over her bare legs. He’s so turned on he puts his cock back in her mouth and thrusts until he cums. Just as he cums into her mouth she starts to stir. Awake, confused, and upset, she looks at him, horrified. 

Still groggy from the anasthetic, Norah tries to get off the exam table and leave, but she doesn’t quite have her fine motor skills back. Dr. Bottom hears her trying to leave and catches her. He snaps her neck in one swift motion and drops her body to the ground. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Medical Fetish, Limp Fetish, Blow Jobs, Face Fucking, Socks, Piercings, Knocked Out, Neck Break, Foot Views, Body Views.

    A Savage Land - Starring Ashley Land, Rock, and Athena

Ashley was captured by the Natives, and they ripped off her dress, so she was clad only in her petticoat and a sheer top. She saw how they were ogling her big breasts clearly visible through her top. Her plan was to arouse them, have sex with them and then run away when they fell asleep. 

She lifts up her petticoat and starts to touch her pussy to turn them on. It works, and they make her suck their cocks. After they cover her face and mouth in their cum, they fall asleep. She crawls away and starts running as fast as she can, but they catch up to her and beat her down with their fists and clubs, knocking her down.

While she was down, they kicked her savagely, and tied her to a tree where they whipped her repeatedly until she fell unconscious. Bleeding and weak, they took her back to the village where the native women tended to her wounds and allowed her to rest for a short while. Then, she was forced to work only in a loincloth and a small piece of cloth covering her breasts. After many hours of work, Ashley was pulled away and told she must pass a test if she wanted to live. 

The test was to continue dancing in a sexy way while being whipped. The drums began and she began hopping on one leg, then another. She just wanted to please them so she wouldn’t die. But it became harder and harder to dance as they whipped her. She did succeed in arousing the men. They masturbated to her dancing and covered her in their cum. Before long, the whips cut off the small amount of clothing she was allowed to wear and she was dancing naked before them. 

The more she danced, the more brutal the men became with their whips, punishing her and trying to make her fail the test so that they could kill her. They hit her with the poles of their spears and slashes her body until she lost consciousness. 

Ashley awoke early the next morning and could barely move. At this point, she was barely alive after her brutal ordeal, her body bloody from the whips and spears. She managed to crawl away from the camp and run as fas as she could. But they saw her running, and shot her several times in the back. She falls face down in the dirt, filthy and bleeding, gasping. Realizing she’s dying, she rolls over onto her back so she can see the sky one last time before she dies.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Capture, Whipping, Blood, Blowjobs, Facial, Cumshot, Torture, Clothing Destruction, Beating, Spears, Savages, Bondage, Rope, Chasing, Body Views.

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