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  • Sent By Unit 614
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    PKF Studios - Sent By Unit 614

    Clip Description

    “Sent by Unit 614”
    Starring Mary Jane & Olive
    Directed by JohnM

    The spies in the elite Unit 614 never have to worry about retirement; they don’t live that long. Olive (Code Name: Brick House) has proven herself to Unit 614 time and time again, so when they suspect an enemy spy in their midst, they send her to check it out. When she catches a suspiciously underdressed Mary Jane snooping around, she shoots first and asks questions later. And by “ask questions” I mean that she rips the clothes off Mary Jane’s bloody, writhing body, until she finds a stolen flash drive nestled between her huge boobs. Another shot to the gut causes Mary Jane to pass out in agony, while a smug Olive looms over her.

    Suddenly, a man appears behind Olive and places her in a choke hold, rendering her unconscious. She wakes up to find herself on the wrong end of a gun, and when the man doesn’t get the answers he wants, he puts a bullet in each of her big melons. Bleeding and in pain, she begs the man not to kill her, offering her own body in return. So begins the brutal ordeal, as these two sexy spies are sexually tortured at the hands of a true sadist, leaving them both red, dead and full of lead.

    Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Violence, Spies, Guns, Upskirt, Panties, Nudity, Pantyhose, Clothes Ripping, Boob Shots, Gut Shots, Blood, Pleading, Forced Sex, Tit Fucking, Cumshot, Multi-Girl Shooting, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

    PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

    1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4982.46 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Sent By Unit 614

    PKF Studios - Sent By Unit 614

    PKF Studios - Sent By Unit 614

    PKF Studios - Sent By Unit 614

    PKF Studios - Sent By Unit 614

    PKF Studios - Sent By Unit 614
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    Its Playtime - “It’s Playtime”
Starring Alice Whyte

At first, Max is dismayed to find that little Alice has died, her petite corpse laid out on the dining room table. But, always one to look on the bright side, he realizes that her sexy body, and her tight, fuckable holes are all his for the taking. He flops her arms and legs this way and that, before sliding off her pants to play with her dead cunt. Whipping out his hard cock, he mouth-fucks her for a while, before sinking that flesh pole to the hilt, deep inside her, and letting her tight love hole milk the cum from his balls. When he’s done, he just leaves her there, legs spread and pussy exposed for whoever comes alongs next to use her defenseless cunt. I think I’ll be heading over shortly to get a piece of that, before it gets cold. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Disheveled, Flop Fetish, Limp Fetish, Stripping, Rolling, Fondling, Necro Face Fucking, Necro Sex, Limb Play, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality MP4 Format

    Confronted and Killed - "Confronted and Killed" 
  Starring Tessa

  A private investigator is able to gain entry to a secure facility and is now trying to hack into a terminal to get the info she needs for her client.

One of the employees catches her and confronts her, holding her at gunpoint while he calls security.

While he is momentarily distracted, she makes a run for it.  He fires at her and misses.  But when she bolts into an open area, heading for the doors, he does not miss.  

He hits her twice in the back.  She stagers left, then in a daze, climbs up a short step ladder resting agains a half wall--then she collapses over the wall, dead.

He approaches her, lifts her skirt, feels her ass, then goes around and lifts her head by her hair, sees her face and confirms she is dead.

He pulls her off the wall.

He has her sitting spread eagle the floor.  He pats her body, pulls out her ID and calls security.

While he waits for them, he slowly strips off her clothing.  First, unbuttoning her top, exposing her luscious breasts, and seeing his handy work.  he plays with her nipples, then removes the rest of her clothes.  When he gets to her legs, he takes his time removing her stockings, then plays a moment with each foot.

Once she is naked, he touches her still warm pussy, then leaves before his security arrives.

Fetish Elements:    Nudity, Sexual Content, Shooting, Spy/Espionage, Stripping, Fondling, Foot Play, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

 This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Valentine Special Show - Starring Jelliana
Directed by JohnM

Jelliana comes home on Valentine’s Day, she’s finishing up a phone call with her boyfriend who asks her for something very special. She sets the phone down on her computer and turns on video chat. She’s going to put on a special Valentine’s Day show for him. She starts to run her hands down her tits and over her pantyhose, rubbing her pussy.

She lifts up her shirt and squeezes her nipples as her pussy drips and soaks through her pantyhose. Little does she know, a stranger is watching through her window ready to strike. She moans loudly as she cums hard, just in time to see the face of the stranger as he bursts into the room with a silenced pistol. He commands her to continue to play with her pussy. The intruder unzips his pants and starts to jerk off as she keeps her eyes on the gun and the pistol in his pants.

He throws her to the bed and rubs her pussy, setting his gun aside. He fondles her breasts and rubs her body through her pantyhose. All of a sudden he hears a noise and Jelliana makes a break for it. He grabs his pistol and shoots her in the back. He throws her into a chair and puts a bullet into her left tit. As she dies he jacks off in front of her. He grabs her tits and puts a fatal bullet into her chest. She collapses on the floor, crawling pathetically away. She turns over and convulses, finally dying.

The intruder puts her on the bed and cuts away her skirt and top with a pair of scissors. He uses her lifeless hands to to jack himself off and rubs his cock along her pantyhose. He shoves it down her dead throat until he blasts a monster load of cum all over her face and tits. He leaves her there, his little Valentine. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Camming, Masturbation, Orgasm, Tit Play, Intruder, Peeping Tom, Silenced Pistol, Gunshots, Damsel in Distress, Dead, Death, Struggling, Blood, Necro, Necro Blow Job, Cumshot, Facial, Pantyhose, Body View, Foot Views.

    The Arrangement - “The Arrangement”
Starring Mary Jane
Directed by JohnM

Spy and assassin Mary Jane Doe has been keeping tabs on her “husband” for months. Knowing she just about has the information she needs, and that he could already be onto her, she enters his office locked and loaded. When her husband is nowhere to be seen, she sets down and begins to get really comfortable at his desk. The eroticism of the charade she has played with him over their time together makes her loins wet and she soon looses herself in masterbatory delight as she peels open her puckering blouse to reveal her luscious tits, and a hand wanders down her body, across her cotton panties under her skirt and into her already primed and wet pussy.

As she relaxes back in the chair, spreading her thighs wide open and stuffing her fingers into her hole, she loses site of the mission for a moment. Her gasps of pleasure emanate from her heaving chest as she receives the pressure of her demanding job. Her moans permeate the corridors of her husbands mansion, and as he comes in the house he can hear them coming from his office. When he enters he sees his lover in the throws of finger fucking bliss behind his desk and immediately his suspicions are confirmed. He pulls her gun off the desk before Mary even notices her mark in the room. He aims it at her and she pleads for her life as he relays to her his knowledge of her ultimately betrayal.

Suggesting an arrangement, he obliges and demands her to take off her blouse, her panties, and to lift her skirt so that he can see all of her. She spreads her legs and her pussy for him to see, but payback is a bitch. He aims the gun as she desperately begs him not to, and shoots her in the breast and belly. She falls to the ground, bleeding out. She falls unconscious and he drags her to the bathroom.

She wakes to him standing over her. Her body is fully naked in the bathtub and blood streams down her body. He promises to give her her last bit of pleasure if she wants it. At first she denies it, but as he lifts the gun, she immediately begins pleasuring herself. She pushes her fingers deep into her pussy wanting desperately the orgasm she was denied earlier before her demise. As she comes close, he shoots two more rounds into her, one in her other breast and one dead center mass. Blood bubbles out of her mouth and runs down her body as she laments about him promising.

He pulls her out of the bathtub and as she struggles to remain conscious, fucks her. Her body rolls with his thrusts as pools of blood form on her chest and belly. A blood soaked hand dangles off the edge of the ledge as he pounds into her, all the while holding a gun to her. She shuts off as her husband takes his final thrusts into her pussy and expels his load inside. When he is finished he puts her back in the tub, arranging her legs spread wide open on the edges of the tub and blasts a life ending bullet into her pulverized pussy. The assassin dies in a pool of her own blood, as her mark makes his getaway.

Fetish Elements: Graphic Sexual Content, Nudity, Spy, Female Masturbation, Fingering, Forced Stripping, Shooting, Belly Shot, Blood, Simulated Sex, Pussy Shooting, Necro, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality 60FPS MP4 Format

    Brother Spy Kills Sister Spy UPSCALED - Starring Lexxi
Directed By JohnM

Lexxi was excited.  She just returned from a spy mission with her older brother.  They were a great team.  Attached to her wrist was a briefcase, the reason for their mission.  As her brother removed it, she was eager to talk about the next assignment.
He decided to run to the store.  Her brother gone, she could now complete her mission.  She was a double agent, all the while working alongside her brother, while spying for the enemy.  She opened the case and read the instructions.  Kill her bother.  She coldly took the gun from the case and hid it in the couch for later.  

Excited, she leaned back into the couch, rubbing herself sensually.  She started masturbating, playing with herself through her shear panties.  After a while, and several orgasms later, she franticly cleaned up and put the case back.

Her brother arrived and got to work.  She was worried that he would want to open the case before she had time to prepare.  She was a little nervous.  Then, he received a text, and she knew it was time.  She reached for the gun, but he was quicker and shot it out of her hand.  
Now, he was on top of her, pointing his weapon at her face.  She pleaded with him not to kill her.  He was not going to, at least not yet.  He had other plans for his beautiful little sister.   

To her surprise, he pulled his cock out and forced her to suck it.  She did, reluctantly, ashamed of what she was doing to her brother and what her brother was doing to her.  But, she might die soon, so this could work to her advantage.  Suddenly, she started acting like she liked it.  She gave him a really good blow-job, sucking and licking his cock.  That only made him more excited.  He pushed her down on the couch and forced himself on her.  He fucked her hard.  

When she tried to grab his gun, he placed the barrel on her right breast and shot her.  He pulled out of her, watching her get up in shock.  She clutched her tit, walking forward toward the door.  He  grabbed her, spin her around and shot her again, in the chest.  She walked past him again.  So, he grabbed her from behind, brought the barrel down on her left breast and fired.  This time she fell to the floor, making sounds, shaking.

He lifted her up on the couch.  He pulled up her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties while squeezing her tit.  He played with her body for a while.  As she got weaker, her bladder released.  He continued to rub her pussy and finger her.  Then, he went down on her, licking her sweet juices.  Finally, he slid his cock inside and fucked his dying little sister.  

After a while, he placed the barrel of his gun on her left breast and fired several times, changing angles to make sure he finished her off.  She shivered and made a noise, then was still--eyes and mouth open.  He kept fucking her corpse.  Then, he pulled out and masturbated over her, using her hand for a while.  Finally, he came all over her face and mouth.

He cleaned her up a bit, then called the cleaners to come and get rid of the body.  As his sister lay dead on the couch, he then called their mom to give her the tragic news. 

 Fetish Elements:  Violence, Nudity, Incest, Explicit Sexual Content, Masturbation, Multi-Shooting, Shoes On, Blowjob, Dying Sex, Necro Sex, Bladder Release, Body Views.

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