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    PKF Studios - Nurse Retreat

    Clip Description

    Nurse Retreat
    Time: 39:39 minutes
    Starring: Emma Beth Emily Logan Karina
    This video features: strangle_garrote multigirl strangle_hand

    Karina, Emma and Emily are drunk, in their hotel room, at a medical convention. Comfortably, they sit around in their scrubs, playing cards and having fun. They decide to call Emily's ex-boyfriend who is a male stripper. She tells them he is a total stud, but insane. She right on one count, he IS insane. After drinking all their alcohol, he puts on a comical show of his so-called studliness, but the only person that is impressed is Emily and like lovers in heat, they head off to the bedroom to catch up on lost time. Karina and Emma are still recovering from the act and jokily comment about Chris's body. He hears this while trying to get it on with Emily. She makes the mistake of laughing too and in a rage he knocks her out. Meanwhile, Karina has gone to the bathroom to wash up and Emma settles on the couch. Chris grabs a cord and attacks Emma. They wrestle about for a while until he can get her up on a table where he gets a killing hold on her. She has no chance -- her head ***** off the table and her eyes bug out as she tries to find air. After a while she is still and Chris strips her and looks over her hot young body. Hearing Karina come out of the bathroom, he ducks down, then slowly creeps toward her. Lunging at her, he catches her by surprise and shoves her against a half-wall. He pins her with the cord from the coffee-maker, wrapping it around her neck and arching her back over the wall. She fights hard, but he is very determined to kill her. As she struggles, Chris exposes her large jiggly breasts. She looses her strength and eventually starts sliding down. He lets her fall, the coffee-maker crashing to the floor beside her. As he gets up, he sees Emily, dazed, coming out of the bedroom. He grabs her by the neck and tosses her over Karina's body, across the room, where she lands on the couch. Then, before she knows what is happening, he picks her up by her neck, dragging her along the wall, then lifts her up off the ground and throttles her against the wall. It is quite personal with her and you can see this as he stares into her dying face. It takes a while, but once she is dead, he lays her on the couch and removes her clothing and caresses her body. He hears a knock at the door. Opening it, Logan bursts in, unaware, and chatting non-stop on her cell phone. She steps right over Karina's dead body with a casual hello, then, realizing something is wrong, turns right into Chris's awaiting hand. She is thrown down on the coffee table and he hand throttles her. She puts up a good struggle, kicking up her legs clad in white nurses scrubs. Her sandals are kicked off one at a time and she is barefoot. He looks into her big doe-eyes as he kills her. He lifts her shirt and pops her big tits out of her bra and watches them jiggle. When she is dead, he gathers up the tips he made and leaves.

    Clip Duration:      40 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv449.26 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Nurse Retreat

    PKF Studios - Nurse Retreat

    PKF Studios - Nurse Retreat

    PKF Studios - Nurse Retreat

    PKF Studios - Nurse Retreat

    PKF Studios - Nurse Retreat
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A young woman arrives home and instantly is attacked with a club. She takes two hits the the skull and is down, still conscious, but disoriented. Before she can escape, he wraps a tie around her neck and ********* the life out of her. Once she is dead, he quickly removes her jeans and undies, then crawls on top of her -- enjoying sex with her lifeless body. After he gets that out of the way, he takes his time, slowly removing her clothes. Once she is naked, he lifts her up and carries her downstairs to enjoy some TV while she leans against him on the couch. In the morning he wakes up with her cool body on top of him. He rolls her off on to the floor and continues to enjoy her. Finally he takes the dead girl and places her on her own bed. He puts lipstick on and positions her until his is satisfied with the pose. Then he leaves.

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