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  • Morgue Story V
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    PKF Studios - Morgue Story V

    Clip Description

    "Morgue Story V"
    Starring Olive


    I woman is getting ready for a date. She is attacked and though she puts up a valiant effort, the killer eventually strangles her to death. His job complete, he leaves.

    We see a glimpse of efforts to revive her both at home and in the hospital, but she is pronounced dead.

    In the morgue, a standard exam takes place.

    Later, a nosy orderly comes in to have some necro fun time with the body.

    If you liked "Morgue Story I" and "II", "III" and yes--even IV--you will certainly enjoy V. Great kill scene with wonderful make up effects, a nice long exam, lots of body manipulation, and necro will make this a great addition to your collection.

    Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Garrote Strangle Morgue, Postmortem, Examination, Body Rolling/Sitting Up, Necro Blow Job, Necro Sex, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

    PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

    This movie filmed and presented in High Definition
    1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Clip Duration:      40 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv477.03 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Morgue Story V

    PKF Studios - Morgue Story V

    PKF Studios - Morgue Story V

    PKF Studios - Morgue Story V

    PKF Studios - Morgue Story V

    PKF Studios - Morgue Story V
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    Bully - "BULLY"
Starring Tegan Mohr
Directed By John Marshall

Some cheerleaders have gone missing.  Tegan was worried.  She was recently made squad leader by her coach, but was worried that there may be something happening to the girls---and that she might be in danger.  

After the emotional phone conversation, there was a knock on her door.  Her parents were gone, so she went to see.  It was someone with a package for her.  But, it was a ruse--the moment she turned around, two men burst in and beat her down, ultimately chloroforming her.  They secured her, and carried her off.

At an undisclosed location she was tortured.  The mean suspended her, beat her, sexually assaulted  whipped, shocked and raped her without mercy over several days.

By the end, she was sucking them off as best she could to secure her release.  But, it was no use.  She was meant to die.  She was payback for the bullying that her and others did to the mans sister.  

She begged for her life, but it was over before she even arrived.

Suspended by her wrists, they wrapped a garrote around her and strangled her to death.

As a final insult, one of the men stayed behind to fuck her cooling corpse.

Fetish Elements:  Nudity,  Violence, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, Abduction, Beating, Chloroform, Unconscious  Cheerleader, Peril, Crying, Begging, AOH, Suspension, X-Frame, Forced Orgasm, Whipping, Flogging, (REAL) Cattle Prodding, Dragging, Beat with Bat, Punching, Forced Double BJ X2, Forced Sex 2 on 1, Sexual Assault, Garrote Suspended Strangling, Sweat, Necro Sex, Body Views.

Note:  Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie filmed and presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Sleepy Killer - Sleepy Killer
Time: 15:28 minutes
Starring: Savannah 
This video features: strangle_garrote	

A masked man waits in the shadows, watching as a beautiful young woman reads in bed. Soon, she sleeps. He sneaks up to her still body and slowly runs his hands across it. When his attentions awaken her, he ********* her back into stillness. He then enjoys her corpse before calling it a night. A treat for both  and feet fans!

    Strippers Debt - "Stripper Debt"  
Starring Lumin
Directed By John Marshall

   A stripper owes a bunch of money to a dealer and she cannot pay. So they send a goon to kidnap her from a strip club dressing room and take her to an undisclosed location.

The man uses various techniques to try to get her to pay.  He first ties her in an awkward positions, and sexually molests her and threatens her with a knife.   Then he uses pliers on her nipples.  When that does not get her to talk, he beats her all over with a pipe.

Later, he has her tied to a gurney and tasers her all over.  Then, using a ratchet system, he stretches her limbs and body to their limits causing her great amount of pain.

When that does not work, he cattle prod, then whips her. 

Finally, under direction from his boss, he does one finale thing--ends her life with a stab to the breast.  They can get even more money back selling her fresh corpse to a lucky buyer.

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Sexual Content, Sweat, Electrocution, Beating, Stretching, Taser, Sweat, High Heels, Torture, Stabbing, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Morgue Story VI - "Morgue Story VI"
Starring Melody Jordan
Directed by John Marshall


Of all the nights to be a hooker, Christmas Eve was the worse and Melody had to work.  This John was strange at best, but she rolled her eyes and tried to give him a good time.  When she noticed he was taking pictures of her, she got mad, took his camera and threw it across the room.  The John got angry with her.  She was about to leave, but he reach up, and snapped her neck.  She dropped like a sack of rocks.  Dead.  He rolled her up in his carpet to take to the forest and bury.

In the morgue, she was a dirty corpse.  Dead for 34 hours, she was found by hikers when their dog started digging up some disturbed earth.  She was covered with dirt, moss and leaves.  

The morgue tech and assistant worked on her.  They removed as much of the loose debris as they could, then cut off all her clothing.

They gave her a standard exam, checking the wounds, black-light  swaps, fingerprints, etc.  They sponged some of the dirt off her skin for better views of her bruising.   The sat her up and rolled her over as well.

Later, the photographer came in.  It was the John that killed her.  Turns out, he works for the crime lab.  He snaps photos as the morgue tech lifts her up and rolls her again. 

Then, she is finished and leaves him alone with her body to finish up.

He takes a few more pictures, then takes some liberties with the body.  He touches and rubs her.  Then he pulls his cock out and fucks her mouth.  Finally, he fucks her until he comes on her tummy.  He cleans up his mess and leaves.

Later, the morgue tech comes back and tapes her up.

Contains: Violence,  Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Blowjob, Neck Break, Morgue, Postmortem, Examination, Body Rolling/Sitting Up, Necro Blow Job, Necro Sex, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note:  Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie filmed and presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    No Soliciting - "No Soliciting"
Starring Emily

NOTE:  A nice, sexy postmortem. Death right away, then lots of slow attention to the body.   If you have seen the movie "Perfume", this was the style I had him deal with her body.  Very sensual.

Chris could not stand solicitors, especially when they were trying to get his faith.  His only faith was in the long held tradition of Sunday football.  

And then there was a knock.  He swore he would kill the next person...

He opened the door.  It was a cute, young woman, holding a pamphlet.  She was dresses in a blazer, top, skirt and which, translucent pantyhose.  Oh my, she was cute.

With the biggest smile, she asked if she could take to him about Jehovah.  

He lets her in.

He'd had Jehovah's Witnesses before.  Usually they were little old ladies.  This was a big surprise.

She started her spiel.

He only let her get out one sentence, then reach over and snapped her pretty little neck and she was dead.  A witness with no voice.

Now he would explore her religion on his own time--starting with her body.  He tossed her pamphlets to the side and got to work.

What follows is a nice slow intake of her body from the feel of her clothing fabric to to her unique smell.  He took it all in.

He works her over, head to toe, playing with her body, her limbs.  He removes one shoe, feels her feet through her nylons.   He lifts her up and carries her around for a while.

As he reveals her parts he touches them, licks them.  He kisses her, deep kisses.

Then he has her hand on his cock, caressing it, making it hard.  Then he puts his cock in her mouth, feeling her warmth.
Finally, he is ready to taste her.  He licks her pussy, tasting her warm juices.

Then, he is inside her, making love to her.  Using her hand, he finishes, cumming all over her belly and clothes.

Then, he has her lying on a sheet--wraps her up, and drags her away.  He found religion, but not hers.  But, her visit helped him immensely with his journey.

Contains:  Violence, Teenage/Young, Nudity, GRAPHIC Sexual Content, Neck Snap, Stripping, Fondling, Necro Fingering, Necro HJ, Necro BJ,  Necro PUSSY Licking, Body Play, Limb Play, Foot Play,  CARRYING, SimNecroSex, Cum Shot,  Body Pans, PANTYHOSE, Foot Views, Posing. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
720X480 HQ WMV Format

    Painted Dolls - "Painted Dolls" 
Starring Emma Beth, Lexxi and Regean

A young nurse arrives home after a long day at work. Soon a man comes to the door and claims to have a delivery for her. She reluctantly lets him in. He violently attacks her from behind while she is distracted. He lifts her up off the ground and strangles her with one of her white stockings. They fall to the floor and after a short struggle, he has her in his lap an is strangling her again. She fights hard and long but finally is still, lifeless. Once she is dead, he spends plenty of time with her body. 

Then, he lifts her up and carries her downstairs and lays her in her bed, admiring her beauty in death.

Soon, her roommate arrives--also a nurse. He quickly hides. The young nurse finds her roommates clothes disheveled on the floor. Nervous, she searches for her through the house. In the bedroom, she finds her dead. In a panic she tries to resuscitate her. While distracted, the killer emerges from his hiding place and attacks her--dragging her out of the room. 

He tries to strangle her with his forearm, but she manages to break free. He is on her in an instant and wraps the white stocking around her soft neck. 

Viciously he strangles her--jamming his knee into her back and forcing her to arch her back. She struggles ferociously and for a long time. They change positions again and she is now in his lap and slowly she starts to fade away.

 Once she is dead, he strips her and plays with her body. Then he carries her into the bedroom and poses her next to her roommate. He applies makeup to both of them, making them almost doll-like. He is about to leave when the phone rings and he hears a most interesting message. 

Soon, another young woman arrives at her sister's house. When she discovers a nursing uniform on the floor she hurries to the bedroom to find both her sister and her roommate dead. 

She runs screaming out of the room and through the house only to fly right into the killer's arms--waiting for her upstairs. He flips her around and gets her in an forearm choke hold. Pumped up on adrenaline after killing two other young nurses, he violently falls to the ground with her. She struggles fiercely for a couple minutes, then he is able to crush her windpipe. Barely alive, her body spasms for a few moments then is still. Now, he has a third beautiful girl to play with and he spends plenty of time with her.

Contains: Violence, Nudity,  Sexual Content, Nurses, Lift Up Strangle, Stocking Strangle X2, Postmortem Play, Carrying, Forearm Choke/Neck Crush, Hosiery, Body Views, Foot Views.
Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

640X480 HQ WMV Format

    Extremely Brutal 2 - "Extremely Brutal"
Incredibly Sad 

Part II

Starring Jizzabelle and Aubrey


The bring the woman to a pre-prepped space where they force her to watch as her younger sister is brutally raped and murdered.  Then she is sexually assaulted again, endors a beating and finally is killed.

Note:  Part 2 is awesome. If you are ok with mixed deaths, this has a super intense level of acting and action.  



The woman is on an x-frame.  She is forced to watch as her sister is violated by both men.  First, forcing her to suck their cocks, then raping her--taking turns.

Next, she is brought to the post, a rope is wrapped around her neck and her sister watches in horror as they strangle he to death.  She fights hard, her body tensing, her face contorting with the lack of air and her stuggles to survive.  But, eventually she slows and dies.

To make matters worse, on of them starts fucking her head little sisters mouth.

They take her off the frame and she is forced to suck off her boyfriend while, behind her, the other guy is fucking her dead sisters mouth.  Soon her boyfriend cums all over her and leaves her to watch as the other guy fucks her sisters body.

Later, she is hoisted back up and endurs beatings and whippings--truely testing her limits.  She keeps passing out, but he keeps waking her with water.

Toward the end, he uses pliers to pull out her septum ring.  Then, he takes his stiletto and stabs her in the belly.  She is hysterical--shaking.  He calms her down, telling her it is going to be all right.  

Then....he slices her throat.

She bleeds out fast and then hangs limp like a pig that was just slaughtered.

They pick up the sisters body and take her out to dispose of.  Later, they plan to come back and mop up the mess.

Contains: Violence, Beating, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content,   Forced Blow Job with Pass back and Forth, Double Rape Humiliation, Retrained, Crying, Begging, Strangling, Necro BJ, Necro Sex, Whipping, Cattle Prod, Flogging, Stabbing, Throat Slice, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Savannah Photo Shoot - Savannah is modeling for the first time. Though she is nervous, she looks and acts completely at ease. She seems to be a natural. And, the with the slightly sleazy photographer feeding her lines of encouragement, she absorbs the attention like a sponge. 

The photographer new this. These bitches were all the same. But this would be her last shoot, he would make sure of it. 

After a few more poses against his backdrop, he has her pose on the couch. Over the course of a few minutes, he managed to get her naked. These sluts were so easy, he thought. 

He had her lay back, stretching herself along the couch, then he wrapped her bikini top around her neck. Surprise, she quickly began to struggle hard, grabbing at her attackers arms the the fabric around her neck. 

Her body bucked and kicked and she tumbled off the couch. He tried to get her back into position, but she got loose and lunge over him, heading for the door. But he caught her, pulling her back and continuing to  her. Again, she started twisting free, but he finally got her into a solid position. 

After a moment, he dragged her back to the couch, where he could get in a good position to finish her. For the remainder of the time, she weakened and her bikini top dug into her throat. Her mouth was open and her eyes wide. She tried to fight, but she was quickly losing. Her legs started to spasm, her hands twitched, slower and slower she became. 

Finally she was dead. He rolled her off of him, admiring her nice ass. He flipped her back over, looking her up and down. Then he proceeded to move and pose her in various ways. He had her on the floor, the up on the couch, back to the floor, then on the couch again. He kept changing her positions and snapping photos of her corpse. 

Finally, he spread out some plastic and laid her out on it. He rolled her over, then wrapped her up and dragged her away.

    Too Young to Die Part 3 - To Die Young
Time: 26 minutes
Starring: Lexxi Buttercup 
This video features: poison crimescene strangle_garrote morgue teen	

Continued from part 2...

Katie now lies in the morgue. The coroner removes her from the body bag and carefully removes her clothes, finally cutting off her bra and panties. He then sets about examining her young body from head to toe. At one point, he rolls her over, then rolls her back. When finished he covers her up.

    Looking To Murder - Looking to Murder
Time: 15:00 minutes
Starring: Savannah 
This video features: necro_play postmortem_sex strangle_upright	

A woman makes an excursion trying to find a shopping novelty and instead, winds up in the middle of nowhere. With her phone dead, she decides to explore.
Soon, however, she is creeped out by noises and gets a bad feeling about her situation. When she tries to leave, however, the keys to her car are missing.

Suddenly a crazy man slaps up against her window with obvious bad intentions. She scrambles to get out of her car, screaming as she climbs out the window with the man close behind.

She runs through the woods and end up finding another seemingly abandoned building. But, when she enters, the man is waiting for her, and slams her up against the wall by her throat.

As he chokes her, he gropes her. Soon, he has her lifted off the ground by her neck. As she kicks wildly, her sandals come off.

She fights against him but he is incredibly strong. Slowly, she lost her energy and her eyes turn up as she went slack.

He tossed the dead woman on a nearby bed and begins thoroughly fondling her.

Then, he climbs on her and pumps her warm corpse. After a while, he flips her over and does her from behind. When he is done, he lets her raised ass flop to the side and he watches her lifeless form.

Later, he takes out out to the woodpile and lays her out--planing to set it all a blazed that evening.

    Home Invasion Surprise - Home Invasion Surprise
Time: 36:09 minutes
Starring: Keeley Chloe 
This video features: strangle_garrote unconscious lesbian multigirl necro_play	


A burgler is surprised to find the house he has so painstakingly staked out, to have the people home. He quickly pulled out his piece and attacked the lesbian couple. He knocked Keeley out, then put the gun to Chloe's head. He started to ***** oral on her, but she managed to get away. As she frantically crawled over Keeley's unconscious body, he grabbed her and wrapped a garrote around her neck. 

As Chloe struggled, she desperately kicked and scratched at Keeley, hoping to get her attention. But, nothing worked and after a while she became too weak to do anything, but slowly die. He picked her light body up and put her on the couch. He licked her pussy, then started fucking the dead girl. 

Keeley woke, and when she saw what was happening to her lover, she freaked out and attacked him. They wrestled and he got his gun and took control. He ****** her to suck his cock. Then, he had her laying over her dead friend while he fucked her. Up on the couch, he ****** her to eat her dead lovers pussy while he fucked her doggy. Finally, he flipped her over missionary and fucked her on top of her lovers body. 

Keeley reached under and tore at the mans nuts, in pain, he let her loose. He quickly got up and pistol whipped her into a daze. 

He flopped Chloe on the floor, then grabbed Keeley and pulled her up by her hair. She was still in a slight daze, but once he wrapped the garrote around her neck, she struggled and fought like crazy. She smacked Chloe's body with her legs and hands. She bucked and kicked, trying to hard to live. But, nothing worked and slowly she expired. 

Once dead, he flopped her over Chloe's body and used her fingers on Keeley's pussy. Then he fucked her until he came. 

Afterword, he picked them up and posted them on the couch.

    Assimilation Protocol - "Assimilation Protocol"  
Starring Allie James
with Alisha

A clandestine agency that specializes in infiltrating target facilities without detection accidentally kills there mark.  Upon her death, the offending agent takes a few liberties with her corpse before later, letting her partner to a full and complete examination to determined what happened.

A great script, this story plays right out of a spy novel, yet is packed full of fetish content for various tastes.  This is the first time I ever shot with Allie or Alisha and both did great.  Two very pretty/talented girls!  


Abby works at a research lab.  She has the same routine every day and on this day, was completely unaware that things would go from mundane to deadly.

The agency had been tracking Abby for weeks.  Watching her come to work, learning her routine, where she went after and today was massage day.

Abby was having benign conversation with her masseuse, Bruce, when he clorophormed her.  She put up a good fight, but was out like a light in no time.  Bruce was paid off and now the lead agent started her work.  Her goal, collect as much data about Abby as she could.  Later, they would use that data to replicate Abby and gain access to her place of work.  When it was all over, Abby would wake up with a headache and no one would be the wiser.

She took measurements of Abby check her eye and hair color.  She went though her things, noted her clothing and found her key card.  Now she just needed Abby's voice and eye print.

She injected Abby with a truth syrum concoction the lab boys prepared.  Abby was now responsive to her commands.  She gathered the data she needed and told Abby to remain where she was.

When the Agent left, Abby went into convulsions, her eyes wide, her muscles all locked up.  After a minute or two, she was dead.

The agent came back and discovered what had happened.  She tried to resusitate her with CPR, but to no avail.

She told her partner to pull the van around and instructed him to do a full autopsy back at headquarters.

While he was gone, she decided to take some liberties with Abby's body.  She rubbed her all over, fingered her, licked and sucked her feet and toes, and eventually oiled Abby up then sat atop  her and masturbated.

At headquarters, the body was laying in the morgue.  The male agent wiped all the oil off of her, then gave her his own special exam.  He fucked her mouth for a while, then fucked dead Abby all different ways until coming inside her.  After he was all done having so much fun with her, he started the real autopsy.

Contains:  Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Spy/Espionage, Body Play, Unconscious Play, Poison Overdose, CPR,  Foot/Toe Licking, Postmortem, Necro Lesbian, Necro HJ, Necro BJ, Necro Sex, Creampie, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie shot and presented in STUNNING High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Uncomfortable Mystery V - Starring Jessi Summers, Miles, Rock, and Bolly Wood

Jessi is on the phone with her boyfriend, who is also part of the mob. She just finished ingesting the cocaine pellets. She’s scared, but she’s ready to do the drug run. She lays down on the couch, her feet are fidgety. She gets up to leave her apartment, but suddenly she is rushed by a strange intruder. 

Some time later, Jessi is found dead, sprawled on her apartment floor. A CSI team arrives to investigate the scene. They inspect her body thoroughly, picking up her limbs, rolling her over, checking her legs and feet. Looks like the serial killer has struck again. They lift the body into a bodybag and she is taken to the morgue. 

Once in the morgue, the team removes Jessi’s body from the bag on the exam table. They strip her body, setting aside her clothing for evidence. Then they begin to perform standard post-mortem procedures. They move her from the slab to a gurney, where she is toe-tagged and covered with a green sheet and wheeled down to radiology.

Something was found in radiology that is peculiar for the typical patterns of the serial killer. The Lead CSI is hopeful that they’ll find more in the autopsy, but the Assistant seems suspisciously concerned by this. They continue the procedures, uncovering the body completely, dusting her feet and taking toe prints. They examine the vaginal area, flip her over, examine her backside. 

They cover the body again, and the Lead CSI leaves the room. The Assistant takes this opportunity to make a phone call… to one of the mob handlers. He tells him that the autopsy is going to be performed in the morning so they better hurry up and do something about the body or there will be consequences. 

The handler enters the morgue, looks at the toe tag on Jessi’s foot. They prep the gurney and place her on it, wheeling her out of the morgue. The handler picks up Jessi’s body and carries her down the hall, away from information that could spell trouble for the mob. 

Fetish Elements:  Sexual Content, Morgue, CSI, Foot Fetish, Foot Play, Body Flopping, Limp Fetish, Stripping, Investigation, Lift & Carry, Foot Views, Body Views.

    Readhead With Braces - edhead with Braces
Time: 24:18 minutes
Starring: Heather 
This video features: morgue teen necro_play	

It was late, just an average day in the morgue. I do the prep work for Dr. C., He's old and slow, so I have plenty of time to spend with the deceased. Today, I got one of those special girls. Not dead very long...she was found in her bedroom, sprayed with gunfire from an M11 and this poor young thing took three to the chest. Hope they catch the fuckers. It was a fucked up drive by...wrong part of town even. This girl was white suburbia, band camp, glee club, and virgin with a capital "V". Just your every-girl from Somewhere High, she was a cute redhead and in fact, she still had old was she? Well, obviously old enough to die tragically. I can just visualize her chemistry book open at her computer desk, a half typed paper on things that only matter when your in high school and IM messages popping up all over her screen wondering where she was. 

So I do my usual prep-work. I look the body over, checking her here and there, then take of her pants and underwear. I check her weight and height...pretty average. I cut off her shirt and then proceed to go over her body in the usual manner. At any point I check her limbs, scrap her nails, swab her vagina...taking care to mark and contain them for evidence. Once finished with that and having gone over her with the UV light, I work on cleaning her up and logging the wounds. There were three holes across her chest where the 9mm rounds struck her. The drive by must have been from quite a distance as the shots did not penetrate through. I checked the diameter and depth of each shot. As I did this, I notice how perfect her breast were. I had always had a special interest in redheads. Then, add braces, and it's a perverts wet dream. I finished up, the whole process took about 15 minutes, then quickly checked the clock. I had time. I turned off the video/sound log and proceeded to do some more exploration of this pretty young thing. The first thing I go for whether alive or dead is the pussy. This always is a good indication of what kind of girl you have. Whoa...she was a hottie, her pussy, clean and sweet tasting. I dug in. Then I moved to her side, grabbed her limp hand and placed it on my erect cock. I started stroking. Wow, even in death she was giving an excellent hand job. Poor, poor much potential. Anyhow, I did that for a while, almost blew my load, but stopped and swung her body around so I could slip my cock into her pussy. It was tight, tight as I have ever had, dead or alive. She was definitely a virgin, well, emphasis on WAS. So, it was intense--I was having the best sex of my life right now with this dead girl. I slammed her hard, the table was moving and it was like a 400lbs table. I pushed deeper and deeper--watched her head and tits flop about....then I was ready. I pulled out and spilled my hot load all over her groin and abdomen. Whoa. I was spent. I glanced back at the clock and realized I had completely misread the time. Crap, I have to stop smoking so much weed. Anyhow, I quickly cleaned her and myself up. I thought, wow, passing her on the street, I would not have even noticed this girl...just a regular girl, probably jail bait, but, I bet if she cracked a smile I would have seen something special in her. She was not smiling in this place and it was too bad. At least I was able to spend some time with her and maybe, somehow, someway, she appreciated it too. I gotta go! 

Contains: Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Postmortem/Morgue, Foot Views, Body Pans, PM Sex, PM Oral

    Cassies Morgue Fantasy - Starring Felix Berkley, Trixi Gunns and Kyle
Directed By John Marshall

Cassie is in school to be a morgue tech, she is practicing her examination on Tiffany's body, a girl who had been strangled. Dr. Jones walks her through a typical exam.

They talk about relieving rigor, checking under the fingernails,  measuring the strangle wound, and combing the hair for evidence.

Cassie watches as Dr. Jones runs his hands all over Tiffany's dead body and gets her very excited, she starts to day dream about if she were the body and Tiffany were alive and learning what to do...

Dr. Jones tells Tiffany all the things she has to do when examining a body, they check for rigor, remove the clothes, comb the hair, check for blood pooling, do a vaginal exam.

Dr. Jones while explaining the procedure starts to touch Cassie's body more and more, until he finally sends Tiffany on her lunch break so he can finish the exam.

Once Tiffany is gone, he starts fondling and kissing Cassie's dead body, he slides his finger into her pussy then sets her up so he can use her dead mouth.

He opens her mouth and slides his cock in, fucking her face slowly. Then he picks her up and sets her on the desk and starts to fuck her tight dead pussy until he cums all over her back.

Back in reality, Cassie wakes up, biting her lip and with a moist pussy to Dr. Jones asking if she'd been paying attention.

Fetish Elements:   (HC)  Postmortem Exam, Vaginal Exam, NECRO, NECRO Blow Job, Body Play, Morgue, Body Moving, Stripping, Flopping, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Gun Runner - "GUN RUNNER"

 Starring  Olive 


Olive is an agent for a group of Gun Runners. Her job is to sit and watch a house full of guns. A rival group is after those guns. When the rival groups agent breaks into Olives house she is caught off guard. The rival agent takes little time to show Olive that he means business and he shoots her right in the gut. Olive writhers around in pain but still refuses to reveal the location of the guns. Rival agent (RA) then shoots Olive again--this time in the boob. Still no information. Then he shoots her one more time in the belly hoping she would talk. Nope--she knows if she talks a fate worse than death awaits. RA has little time to spare. A double tap in the Boob & Olive is dead, releasing her bladder as she dies. 

RA is off to check the house. But...... That dead agent on the floor looks pretty damn hot. A quick rip of the nylons & RA is tapping that dead agents warm pussy. RA blows his load on the dead Olives nylons & starts his search. He quickly finds the guns. He reports & is told to clean the scene. RA packs up the dead agent & gets out.

Fetish Elements:   (SC)  Shooting, Pee, Nylons, Necro Sim, Boob Shot X 2, Belly Shot X 2, Nylon Ripping, Writhering, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie presented in High Definition

1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Death Of The Black Canary - Black Canary has been captured, tied up, gagged andcaged. She struggles against her binds and tries to get out, but her captor comes and starts to tell her how much he hates superheroines, and how he is going to teach her a lesson. He drags her out of the cage and pulls her gag off of her, not realizing she is Black Canary, and she lets out a scream that knocks him back. He rushes forward and grabs her by the throat, crushing her larynx, making her unable to scream. They fight for a little bit, but he overpowers her and ties her hands above her to the cell and starts to tickle her. He then climbs up the cell wall and starts fucking her face, then he jumps down and strips her and starts to fuck her on the cell in several different positions, then he unties her and throws her onto the bed and starts to fuck her again, and pounds her pussy till he cums all over her. He then gets up and unties her and strangles the stupid heroine till she's dead

    Too Young to Die Part 2 - To Die Young
Time: 19 minutes
Starring: Lexxi Buttercup 
This video features: poison crimescene strangle_garrote morgue teen	

Continued from part 1...


Lexi now lies in the morgue. The coroner looks over her body and then starts cutting off her clothes. He then sets about examining her young body from head to toe.

Continued in part 3...

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