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    PKF Studios - Irresistibly Dead

    Clip Description

    "Irresistibly Dead"
    Starring Salem
    Directed by JohnM

    The coroner unzips the body bag and sees the pale body of the small young woman. Her red hair burns against the stark white body bag. His eyes are immediately drawn to the large ligature marks around her neck. The cause of death: strangulation. The coroner starts the recording and begins snapping his photographs.

    His gloved hands gently tilt her head and lift her limbs. He carefully removes the girlís all white Chucks and socks, then places them in the evidence bag. Next, he removes her skirt and moves her body further up on the metal exam table. He cuts off her skirt. She has no bra on underneath and he notices her lovely pale breasts. The coroner cuts off her panties next, admiring her cute shaved kitty-cat.

    The coroner props the girlís head up on a prop block, then snaps some more photos of her naked corpse. She is so lovely and still, like a porcelain angel. Dark thoughts race in the back of his mind as her rotely works through his examination routine. A gloved hand moves through her hair as he shines a UV light over her cold flesh. He uses it to spy flecks of potential DNA evidence for collection.

    Using a laser thermometer, the coroner takes the girlís temperature to estimate the time of death. He takes scrapes from underneath her fingernails and toenails, to make sure that every evidential avenue is explored. The coroner takes her fingerprints and pulls out her little tongue with forceps to fully check her oral cavity. He shines a light in her pupils to check for dilation and burst capillaries indicative of strangulatory struggle.

    Unsheathing a q-tip, he swabs the dead maidenís tasty looking cunt. If the killer fucked her, either before or after death, there could be vital evidence within. The coroner pauses to fondle the girlís tight pussy with a gloved hand. Itís so snug and soft. He could swear itís still wet, inviting him. The coroner shakes the thoughts from his head and speaks more notes into his tape recorder.

    With the post-mortem exam complete, the coronerís mind shifts back to his guilty pleasure. He spins the sexy body around and pulls her to the edge of the exam table. Stepping between the corpseís pale legs, he unzips his trousers and slides his already throbbing cock inside the tempting cadaver. The dead red-head lies still as the coroner plows her tight snatch.

    The metal exam table rocks with each thrust; itís clanking echoes of the brick and tile room. The coroner pulls the girlís petite feet up closer to him and feels his balls slap off her cold little ass. Her dead pussy gushes with itís final juices as the coronerís balls tighten and his pace quickens. He pulls out and strokes his shaft with a gloved hand before shooting a spurting rope of cum all over the dead girlís taught, pale tummy. He loves being the last person to enjoy these lovely fallen angels. Itís a dark pleasure thatís too delicious to resist.

    Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Morgue, Red Head, Ligature Marks, Funeral Prep, Nudity, Post-Mortem, Clothes Cutting, Examination, UV Light, Forceps, Sample Collection, Groping, Fondling, Necro, Necro Fucking, Cum Shot, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

    PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

    1920x1080 HD MP4 Format

    Clip Duration:      30 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4767.64 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Irresistibly Dead

    PKF Studios - Irresistibly Dead

    PKF Studios - Irresistibly Dead

    PKF Studios - Irresistibly Dead

    PKF Studios - Irresistibly Dead

    PKF Studios - Irresistibly Dead
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