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    PKF Studios - Home Alone 4

    Clip Description

    Home Alone 4
    Starring Anna
    Directed by JohnM

    Note: 4K Version available--visit PKF Studios 4K Section

    Anna is home alone playing on social media, taking selfies, and just generally being a stupid teenager. She gets tired and falls asleep on the couch.

    Later, a man stands watching her.

    Eventually, he attacks, ripping her phone away and forces himself on her. The sexual assault lasts a long time with Anna being fucked in multiple positions and forced to suck his cock.

    At one point early on, the man removes his mask...a bad sign for Anna's fate. But at the time, she was doing what she learned. If she could not fight, she had to "check out", leave her body and fine her "happy place" while the terrible man forced her to do all these things to him.

    It seems like eternity, but finally he was done. She would be free from him. Only, that was not the plan. Instead, he wrapped a cord around her neck and started strangling her. She was tiny, petite and flexible and she did all she could to get free---struggle, twisting, thrusting, but he was too strong for the tiny teenage girl. Eventually, she stopped moving. She removed the garrote and left her sprawled on the floor, ready to find his the next girl that happened to be....home alone.

    Role Play & Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Assault, Attack, Struggle, Forced Sex, Stripping, Humiliation, Begging, Forced BJ, Drool, Forced Sex, CFNM, Garrote Strangling, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Note: All actors are at least 18 at the time of filming. All characters in PKF films are represented as 18 or over. The above description my be adorned and stylized for dramatic reading, but is only meant to be general guidance about plot and substance of the movie.

    PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
    1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format

    Clip Duration:      45 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41715.16 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Home Alone 4

    PKF Studios - Home Alone 4

    PKF Studios - Home Alone 4

    PKF Studios - Home Alone 4

    PKF Studios - Home Alone 4

    PKF Studios - Home Alone 4
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    Assassins Undoing 2 - Assassins Undoing 2
Starring Fiona and Violet
Directed by JohnM

Note: 4K Version available--visit PKF Studios 4K Section

A female assassin, Agent Fiona, is sent to take out her counterpart.  But when she tries to take her out, she hesitates and Violet gets the upper hand.  She forces her to humiliate herself by slowly striping her clothing off.  She is embarrassed at first, but thinks this might be an opportunity to get her gun back and tries to seduce Agent Violet.

When she makes her move a snuggle ensues.  In the end, Fiona is pinned against Violet, held by a ribbon garrote around her supple neck.   Violet is intoxicated by Fiona's beauty and radiating sexuality.  Instead of killing her quick, she savors her for a long time, slowly strangling her---almost playfully at first, while she molests and makes out with Fiona.  

Fiona, prior to the garrote getting too tight, plays into it at first, hoping to find another opportunity to turn the tables.  But as this passionate molestation ensues, Fiona is slowly weakening.  It is only later, where Violets intensifies the pressure, the Fiona realizes she is in trouble.  But then, it is much too late and she is well on her way to be Violets next conquest.

In the end, Fiona slowly fades away.  Once dead, Violet takes her time, exploring Fiona before leaving her sprawled dead, cooling and color faded on the floor.

Role Play & Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Spy/Assassin, Molesting, Kissing, Fondling, Slow Garrote Strangle, Force Orgasm, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note:  All actors are at least 18 at the time of filming.  All characters in PKF films are represented as 18 or over.  The above description my be adorned and stylized for dramatic reading, but is only meant to be general guidance about plot and substance of the movie.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format

    Afternoon Delight - "Afternoon Delight"
Starring Renee C.
Directed By JohnM

Update:  Upscaled Resolution

Renee and Don are high school sweethearts. They had been going together for 2 weeks now and every day for lunch, the go to Renee’s house and fool around. Today was no different.

Once inside, they quickly started making out. Don kept trying to go farther, but Renee was a good girl and was happy just with the kissing stuff. But, eventually, Don had one of her boobs out and was sucking on it. She was cool with it.

When he was done, he motioned to his package and Renee’s eyes grew big. She timidly placed her hand on his jeans, hoping that would do it---but, typical boy--he wanted more. So, she reluctantly agreed.

With Don’s penis in her cold scared hands, they started french kissing again. This was something she was good at. All her ex crushes said so.

After a while of that, Don pushed her head toward his dick.....Ewww!!! She backed off instantly. She was a good girl. She did not do that. Mostly, she was afraid of what her friends would say when they found out. And, they would find out--this was high school after all. But, Don was good, and he convinced young Renee to “go for it”. She had never sucked on a penis before. There might as well be a first time...Don seemed like a nice boy.

So, she did....and it was good.

Don’s smile was an indication that he approved, though it was more his satisfaction for getting what he wanted out of the young cunt. He would bed this bitch real soon. In fact, why not today--there was still 10 minutes until bell. So, he shoved her back and tried to mount her. She freaked on him and pushed him off. She was pissed, but he was riled up even more. He needed to leave and told her to get her own ride home.

After he left, Renee, sat on the couch moping. She could not understand what happened. She was so sad and mad at the same time. She got up to start the 10 block walk to school. She opened the door and Don burst in--knocking her to the floor. He was on top of her. Before she know what was happening he had her skirt off, then panties and was in her.

She struggled, she wanted him off. She yelled at him, she pushed at him, but he was too big. He was in her, fucking her. Taking her virginity.

She was sad and after a while, she just laid there as he fucked her. It was like she was a corpse. She was so ashamed, and mad, but most of all, sad for Don--that he would do this too her.

He finished. cumming on her belly then stood up and got dressed. So did she. She did not know what she would do after this. She knew it happened in high school way more then it should. It was an embarrassment, something that she would hide. He would tell everyone they fucked and she could not say she was raped.

As he sat smugly on the couch, waiting for her to snuggle up to him and tell him how great it was, something else happened. She got mad. She beat him with words and she beat him hard. Anger grew and grew until finally, she hit enough buttons for him to launch the attack. He lunged forward, grabbing her, spinning her onto the couch and he was on her. He grabbed a strap, wrapped it around her and strangled her.

She kicked and struggled, but he was not playing, he was not restrained. She fought with failing strength and this little girl did not last long against this big boy. He killed her, murdered her in her own home.

Done, he let her fall to the side, finished with this slut, he licked her face and left her on the floor for her bitch mom to find. Won’t that just make her day.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Young/Teenage, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Assault, Body Views, Garrote Strangling, Foot Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

Note: 1442X1058 Upscaled MP4 Format

    A Rough Night at the Office - Starring Norah Nova and Rock

Norah has to work late again. It’s been such a long couple of weeks. Ever since her co worker Emma went missing she’s had twice the amount of work and she’s just been swamped. Her disappearance is still a mystery as no evidence has been found to her whereabouts, but Norah thinks it was the man who was fired on the same day. She’s been trying to tell HR about her speculation, but they have no evidence to prove anything. 

Her boyfriend, worried about her safety, urges her to check that the alarm is activated. She does, and it’s set like it always is. She goes back to work, trying to get everything done so she can be home with at least enough time to watch a little television before she goes to bed. She’s so hard at work that she doesn’t see the man enter the room. 

He stands there holding a black bag in one hand and a gun with a silencer in the other. When he speaks, she is utterly startled. He says they have unfinished business. She is terrified. How could he have possibly entered the building without tripping the alarm? What is he going to do to her? 

The man explains that he knows guys in the warehouse and none of them think very highly of her. He’s angry, and wants vengeance. She tries to act quickly and reach for the phone to call for help, but he slams the gun down on her hand and then knocks her to the ground. She squirms in pain, but he’s not even close to being done with her yet. He kicks her while she’s on the ground, then pulls her up by her hair and punches her several times in the stomach. 

After he’s beaten her pretty well, he holds her at gun point and order her to take off her dress. She complies, whimpering quietly. She begs him to stop, but he’s here for a reason. He forces her to suck his dick while he holds the gun to her head. Then he takes handcuffs from his bag and places them o her. She passes out. The man lifts her on to the desk, where he secures her legs in a frog tie. He pulls her to the edge of the desk and slaps her awake so he can rub her pussy. He starts fingering her, faster and faster as she tells him to stop. Then he grabs some scissors off her desk and cuts off her panties. 

From his black bag, the man pulls out a dildo and starts to fuck her with it as she begs him to stop. He doesn’t. Instead he pulls out a powerful vibrator and uses it on her until she cums, sobbing. He cuts off her bra and grabs her nipples. He’s so turned on, he just has to take her. He unbuttons his pants and flops his cock out, fucking her hard at the edge of the desk. Then he removes the ropes from her legs so he can stand her up and fuck her from behind. She stands up, weakly trying to get away, cum dripping from her pussy. 

But he grabs her and throws her to the ground, and hog ties her. He forces her to suck his dick, while he grabs her hair and forces himself down her throat. He cums all over her face as she cries, and then he pulls out a piece of the rope and wraps it around her throat. There’s not much she can do since she’s all bound up, but she gasps for air and squirms within the confines of the rope. Finally, she dies. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Rape, Gunpoint, Handcuffs, Bondage, Rope, Lingerie, Garters, Thigh High Stockings, High Heels, Finger Fucking, Clothing Destruction, Dildo, Vibrator, Toys, Hair Pulling, Nipple Twisting, Crying, Cumshot, Facial, Beating, Kicking, Drool, Strangle, Garrote Strangle, Body Views.

    Noras Last Day - Starring Nora Riley
Directed by JohnM

Nora is about to head home from work, finishing up a phone call with a coworker. She just got her new job, an HR Manager, and at only 20 years old! The two assistants who had worked in her office had been recently fired, one going to jail, and the other was probably halfway to Mexico by now! She hangs up, she’s got to beat the traffic home.

As she arrives home she finds her worst nightmare: the recently fired assistant, Miles, is in her home and he’s brought a friend, Javier. The pair grab Nora and begin beating and kicking her mercilessly. They extract the info they need out of her: the old HR Manager is in Los Angeles. She’s the real target, but now that they have the information they need, they’re going to have little fun with her.

They spread her legs and begin rubbing her pussy as she screams for them to stop. They mock her and hold her down as they fondle her clit. Javier slowly inserts his fingers into her tight pussy. They bring her to her knees and take turns shoving their cocks down her throat. They strip her dress to reveal her black lingerie, pushing her to her bed. They finger her pussy again and use one of her dildos to fuck her to orgasm, her body covered in sweat. They trade the dildo for a massive vibrator and slap it on her pussy, the radiating waves of pleasure overtaking her. Javier chokes her while Miles presses the vibrator deeper.

The fun has only just begun as Javier shoves a glass dildo right into Nora’s tight asshole and Miles thrusts his dick down her throat. Miles positions himself behind Nora and begins fucking her ass, she better be thankful they stretched it out first!

She gags on Javier’s cock as her ass is filled and fucked and the pair soon trade positions. They lay her on top of Miles who fucks her pussy and Javier fucks her ass from behind simultaneously. Tears stream down Nora’s face as Miles is left alone to fuck her. Javier returns with a pair of handcuffs and she is bound and taken away from the comfort of her home.

In their secret dungeon Nora’s head is dunked in a bucket of water over and over as they restrict access to the sweet taste of oxygen. They tie her to an X-frame and beat her and slap her, twisting her nipples and bruising her body. Javier uses a metal pole to bash her skin. A cattle prod is used to tease her, getting closer and closer to her gentle skin and then ZAP! Miles ups the ante and uses a taser to shock her stomach and her arms.

Javier fetches a beer bottle and slowly inserts it into her pussy, gently fucking her with it as her legs shake in fear and ecstasy. They take her off the frame and bring her to her knees where she takes turns sucking their dicks. They take turns fucking her, including an intense sequence where Miles is relentless.

Miles proposes that if she gives them the best blowjobs they’ve ever had, they might let her go. She sucks both of their dicks with gusto until Miles cums on her face while Javier empties a load right into her mouth. 

Miles doesn’t think that blowjob was really worth it and reveals a rope in his hand that is instantly around her neck, choking her. Her eyes bulge and she coughs as his grip tightens. Her hands twist and she tries to breathe one last time but she falls limp, a dead little whore.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Intruders, Business Attire, Kidnapping, Struggling, Beating, Punching, Pussy Play, Stripping, Lingerie, Forced Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, Vibrator, Dildo, Orgasm, Pussy Fucking, Anal, Double Penetration, Water Torture, Handcuffs, Dungeon, X-Frame, Pipe, Taser, Cattle Prod, Shock, Electrocute, Bottle Insertion, Rope, Choking, Garrote, Death, Limp, Body View, Foot Views.

    Execution of Jenny - Starring Jenny Jett, Rock, and Miles.

This video contains a long drop hanging and a short drop handing. 

 A hardened criminal with a bad attitude is convicted to execution by hanging. The method has been confirmed and she is handcuffed and led away to the noose that holds her fate.

Standing only inches away from the noose, she offers no complaints as the guard stripped her of her jumpsuit, shoes, and underwear. Body belts are placed around her legs, arms and chest to prevent struggle and complications.

The noose is gently secured around her neck as he proceeds to read her conviction sentence to her. The noose goes tight and her body hangs limp.

In the short drop hanging Vanessa chokes and suffocates slowly. Her body writhes under the stress of the noose until the end when all her movements become still.

Fetish Elements: Hanging, Noose, Nudity, Stripping, Prisoner, Execution, Body Views, Short Drop.

    Abducted Abused and Murdered - Abducted, Abused and Murdered
Starring Ryanne
Directed by JohnM

Note:  Restoration Edit/1920X1080 Upscale and Upgraded to 60FPS

A sophisticated woman working in an office is abducted.  The man forced her against the while and fondles her ass through her pantyhose while he cuffs her.  He then forced her down the hall and out to her car where he makes her get into her trunk.  All the while, he is commenting despairingly about her body and grabbing her body and ass.

At an unknown location, she is forced back out of the trunk and into a dark warehouse.  There, two men wait for her.  One, the boss, interrogates her, forcing her to strip to her bra and panties.  Soon she learns that the reason she was taken was to force her husband into relinquishing his territory….both men apparently in the business of crime.

She begs her husband over the phone to do what the men asked because they were threatening to rape and kill her.

After the phone call, she is bound to a chair and the man snips off some of her pussy hairs and bags them for reasons only known to him.  Then she is untied and retied, where he plays with her ass for a bit.  Finally, she is untied and forced to bend over the table where he sexually violates her.

Later, she is driven out to the woods and pulled out of the trunk.  She is forced to crawl along the forest path, then sit, leaned up against a tree with her legs spread wide.  They stake her legs and tie her up, then leave her for hours alone.

Later, after getting what they want, they come back.  She asks to be set free and the man wraps a leather garrote a round her neck and around the tree and pulls on it….savagely strangling the socialite to death.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Kidnapped, Cuffed, Bound, Tormented, Humiliation, Force Strip, Ass Play, Foot Views, Pantyhose, Tough, Begging, Pleading,  Rape, Crawling, Trunk,  Garrote Strangling, Unshaved Pussy, Body Views.

Note:  All actors are at least 18 at the time of filming.  All characters in PKF films are represented as 18 or over.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format


Miles is working out at the gym and runs into Tellula, a personal trainer. He tells her that it's his wifes birthday, and he really wanted to get her something special, like a private at home work out session and asks if she\'d like to come over in the evening. Tellula agrees and they set up the time.

Later that evening, Tellula knocks on their door, Willow opens it and lets her in all smiles, but Miles jumps out of nowhere and tackles the trainer to the ground and him and his wife strip the struggling Tellula. They lift her up and carry her to the bed where they bind her wrists together.

It is Willow's birthday, and she wanted a private session, but not to work out, a private torture and rape session with a sexy fit girl. She pulls out a taser and starts to shock Tellula's body all over, focusing on her sensitive feet, making her scream and convulse.

They put her down on the floor and Willow canes her, leaving bright red welts on her ass as she screams and begs them to stop. Miles gives her a couple kicks to the gut to shut her up. They then force her to lick Willow's pussy, bringing her to an awesome orgasm, then make her suck Miles cock.

Tellula hopes this is the end of her violation from this twisted couple, but it's not. Miles puts her on the bed and jams his cock into her tight pussy and pounds the screaming and struggling Tellula while Willow rides her face and fondles her body. Miles fucks her until he cums all over both girls.

They then decide it's time to finish their little game, and Miles grabs a garrote and wraps it tightly around Tellula's neck and strangles her until she is dead.  


A Custom Production 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie presented in High Definition

1280X720 HD MP4 Format

    Abduct Rape and Hang - "Abduct Rape and Hang" 
Starring  Tessa & Boudha 

A Custom Production 

Tessa is sitting in her nitting class. Some random guy runs in a ties her up & carries her away. Once away she is taken to a room for raping. In the raping room, she is forced to suck cock, forced to orgasm, tied to a fucking machine & finally hanged. While hanges she squirms & dies slowly. 

Fetish Elements:   (HC) Forced, Hanging, Disheveled Clothing, Striping,  Hair Pulling, Forced Sexual Actively, Forced Orgasm, Fucking Machine, Body Views,

    Sleepy Strangler - "Sleepy Strangler"
Starring Savannah Costello
Directed by JohnM

Note:  Upscaled 1280X960 60FPS MP4

A masked man waits in the shadows, watching as a beautiful young woman reads in bed. Soon, she sleeps. He sneaks up to her still body and slowly runs his hands across it. When his attentions awaken her, he strangles her back into stillness. He then enjoys her corpse before calling it a night. A treat for both asphyx and feet fans!

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Fondling, Garrote Strangle, Foot views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
Upscaled 1280X960 60FPS MP4 Format

    Satisfaction - Satisfaction
Starring Nikki
Directed By JohnM

Note:  1920X1080 Master Encode/Restoration/60FPS F.I.

Nikki arrived at her boyfriends house just like they planned.  He was not home from football practice yet, so his mom had her wait in the living room.  She was surprised to find his older brother staring at her from across the room.  He was much older.  She was just in her senior year.  This guy, was, like---old.   She didn't like him right away, but she just sat quietly and waited.

But, the guy got up after a while, walked over and sat beside her.  She sat still, not wanting to move.  She could feel him staring at her---looking over her nubile young body.  She knew guys did that a lot and normally she liked it.  But, this guy---something was not right.

It was when he started talking to her---and rudely she thought, that she decided just to go.

She got up, grabbed her purse and started walking away when he attacked her.

He pulled her across the floor to him.  She fought and struggle viciously, screaming--why didn't his mom come and help her--a passing thought as this big, nasty man was tearing into her. 

He got her turned over and was shoving his cock into her mouth--all of it. She was gagging and choking as he defiled this once innocent girl.  She cried, made noise, struggled, and finally broke free and tried crawling away. 

But he had her again, tossed her up on the couch, flipped her over, rilled her shirt off, got his cock in her and was fucking her tight little pussy as she cried and yelled.

She reached up, clawing at his eyes.   She was able to break free again, tried to run, but he yanked her back, flipped her around and fucked her over the end of the couch before beating her in the head several time.  She fell to the floor, sat up--dazed.  Then he got the garrote around her next and yanked her back as she wildly kicked.

She struggled violently as he strangled her.  She was seating, choking, kicking, clawing at first.  her struggle lasted a long, long time.  But, after a while, she grew weaker and weaker.

When she was still, he took the garrote off, lifted her back to the couch and fucked her ass for a bit.  Then, he flipped her back over, put his cock in her mouth until he came.  Then, he left her laying there.  He was tired of his jock little brother bringing home all this bitchy little temptations that flaunt themselves and nothing he can do. This will teach him.  

At least this time, he got some satisfaction.

Role Play & Fetish Elements:  Nudity, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Assault, LONG Garrote Strangle, Real Breath Play, Necro, Lifting, Body Play, Fighting, Struggling, Hitting, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note:  All actors are at least 18 at the time of filming.  All characters in PKF films are represented as 18 or over.  The above description my be adorned and stylized for dramatic reading, but is only meant to be general guidance about plot and substance of the movie.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format

    After School Dad - After School Dad
Starring Ashley Rose
Directed By JohnM

Note:  Restoration Edit/1920X1080 Re-Encode and Upgraded to 60FPS

Two teenagers mess around after school. Her parents aren't home and she is horny as fuck.  This is her second boyfriend this week and he was going to get the treatment.  After making out, she quickly has his cock out and is sucking him off--one of her best skills. She could not wait to get this guys cock in her tight pussy.

But, dad walks in, sees his daughter sucking some punks cock and is pissed off.  He interrupts the action and confronts and new boyfriend.  He makes the mistake of trying to stand up to her dad and gets his neck broke.

Now dad is really pissed, but with his daughter in this fragile state, he does what he thinks any father should do as punishment.  He forces her to suck his cock.  

Ashly laps and suck his cock like a good girl, but he is not satisfied.  He wants to see more.  He makes her take out her dead boyfriend's cock and suck his still rigid boner.  Then, he moves behind her, and fucks his daughter doggy style.

She is a good little fuck with a tight teenage pussy.  He is loving it, but at the same time, he needs to fix this situation.

He uses her dead boyfriend's belt to strangle her.  She is in shock as he yanks her back, then fighting in bucking like crazy to try to get free.

He keeps the belt tight on her neck as he watches her gag and choke with horrible sounds of survival emanating from her throat.  But it won’t be enough, because he has a death grip on her. Her legs kick out, her sock foot rubbing on her dead boyfriend still stiff cock.  

She quivers and spasms.  Her eyes are wide, her tongue lashes out and her whole body shakes.

When she finally slows down, she twitches and spasms as the last bit of life leaves her.  Then she is still.

He murdered his daughter.  

Now he wanted to fuck her again.  He got her on the bed and after playing with her perfect tits, he slips in and starts pumping her.

He goes and goes, watching her body shake with his motions until he reaches climax and leaves his load of cum deep inside her tight twat.

He leaves with her posed with her last boyfriend, her mouth well placed on his cock.

Good riddance.  He hates teenagers anyway!

Role Play & Fetish Elements: Violence,  Nudity, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content,  Kissing, Fondling, Blowjob, Incest, Forced Blowjob, Forced Necro Blowjob, Forced Sex/Rape, Belt Strangling, Necro Fondling, Necro Sex, Posing, Body Pans.

Note:  All actors are at least 18 at the time of filming.  All characters in PKF films are represented as 18 or over.
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format

    Carter Meets a Killer - Carter Meets a Killer
Starring Carter Cruise
Produced by JohnM

Note:  1920X1080 Master Encode/Restoration/60FPS F.I.

A girl, hoping to score some drugs, follows a man out to a remote location.  She starts to have second thoughts as the man shows her his creepy place, then he attacks and chokes her out.

He hoists her up AOH and put a ball gag in.  She starts to wake up as he molests her--turning to outright terror as he roughly fingers her tight pussy.  She tries to struggle but then he starts to taser her repeatedly.  Now, half unconscious, he lowers her to the cold, concrete floor.

She wakes up on an X-Frame, terrified.  She struggles and whines through the ball gag as he molests her and cuts off her shirt.  He sucks and pinches her nipples causing her to cry out in pain.  He just off her panties with a blade, then proceeds to finger her while tormenting her breasts some more.  Later he forced her to suck on a glass rod, then fucks her pussy with it--repeatedly going from her mouth---making her gag, then back to her pussy.

Later, he uses a magic wand on her caused repeated forced orgasms.  She eventually gets so overstimulated that she goes unconscious.  She wakes up in a hogtie on a dirty mattress.  After she struggles alone for a while, he come in, pulls her up and forces her to suck his cock.  After unloading in her mouth, he forces her to the mattress and with unlimited stamina, eats her out, the fucks her.  She screams and cries in terror near constantly.  Finally, he cums in her again as he fucks her downward doggy.

She is back up AOH.  She is sweaty, exhausted and sobbing. He lets her down to give him a really good BJ, so she might be let go.  She does her best, then to her surprise, he quickly hoist her back up.  Turns out, he does not let his victims leave.  He gets a rope around her neck and brutally strangles her to death as she is suspended upright, then leaves her dangling.

Role Play & Fetish Elements:  Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Choke Out, AOH, Fondling, Molesting, Forced Fingering, Taser, Unconscious, X-Frame, Clothes Cutting, Nipple Pinching, Forced Glass Rod, Forced Orgasm, Forced BJ, Forced Sex, Crying, Upright Garrote Strangle.

Note:  All actors are at least 18 at the time of filming.  All characters in PKF films are represented as 18 or over.  The above description my be adorned and stylized for dramatic reading, but is only meant to be general guidance about plot and substance of the movie.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD 60FPS MP4 Format

    Jade Drowned and Fucked - “Jade Drowned and Fucked”
Starring Jade Nile
Directed by JohnM
Relaxing in a warm bath, Jade closes her eyes and tries to forget her troubles. She drifts into a lovely daydream, her lovely tits resting just above the water’s surface. Her lover sneaks up behind and sniffs her neck, then whispers softly in her ear. Jade smiles, ready for another round of lovemaking.
Suddenly, Jade’s lover snaps and grabs her head roughly. He shoves her head beneath the warm bathwater and holds it there. Jade flails and kicks her legs trying to slither free. Eventually the bubbles rising from the water slow down and then cease entirely. Satisfied that she drowned, her murderous lover lets Jade lie in the water for a bit.
He dries Jade off and carries her to the bed where they were just lovers. He shoves his thick meat in Jade’s warm pussy. He watches her jugs bounce as he rails her. He leans in so he can shove his cock in deeper to her slit. Jade’s snatch is adorned with a tasteful bush and it reminds him of his step-father’s Penthouse collection.
He kisses his dead lover’s neck and sucks on her nipples. The killer pulls Jade’s corpse on top of him and makes her ride him. He pounds away at her from below while grabbing handfuls of her plump ass. He flips Jade back and slaps his balls off her booty. 
The killer moves to Jade’s pretty face and shoves his dick deep down her dead throat. Her lovely hazel eyes stare dead ahead as he fills her mouth. With his cock coated with her saliva, he slides himself back inside her tight slit. After some more deep strokes, the killer pulls out and blasts a ropey load all over Jade’s bush. She’s going to need another bath after this...
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Bush, Bathing, Drowning, Death, Necro, Necro Fucking, Posing, Kissing, Necro Face Fucking, Cumshot Body Views, Feet Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
1920X1080 HD Quality 60 FPS MP4 Format

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