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    PKF Studios - Girls Night Out

    Clip Description

    Starring Ivy, Maizee, Karma, Aurora, Vance, and Ezra

    Ivy, Maizee, Karma, and Aurora have just gotten back from a spectacular girls night out! Vance has given them all a ride back to their apartment and they are quite tipsy and very energetic. They thank Vance for the ride and on the way out he sets off a gas bomb behind them. He calls Ezra and tells him he has something for him.

    They slowly start to fall die from the gas as it seeps into the room silently. Ivy doesn’t think she’s drunk, so she gets up and starts to pace and half-dance around the room until she collapses on a coffee table, dead.

    Ezra and Vance arrive and begin playing with the four beautiful bodies. They fondle their skin, run their hands over their breasts and take in their supple, lifeless figures.

    They slowly strip off all of their clothes, admiring the works of art underneath. They set them on the floor in a pile, positioning them to their liking. They leave the room, their methodical plan complete.

    Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Multi-Girl, Drunk, Gas, Poison, CMNF, Stripping, Fondling, Lingerie, Nudity, Death, Dead, Body Views, Foot Views

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4400.77 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Girls Night Out

    PKF Studios - Girls Night Out

    PKF Studios - Girls Night Out

    PKF Studios - Girls Night Out

    PKF Studios - Girls Night Out

    PKF Studios - Girls Night Out
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    Alien Possessed - Starring Jenny Jett and Javier Lovetongue

Javier has come to the doctor complaining of an intense headache that has lasted about two weeks. Dr. Jett notices a bandaid on his head, perhaps it’s related. He woke up naked in a warehouse but he can’t call the cops.

The doctor thinks he may be a little too excited and tries to calm him down. This angers him and he strangles her from behind, knocking her out for a brief period. He puts her body onto the examination table.

He seems to have exited a trance, he can’t believe what he just did. All of a sudden he receives a transmission from extraterrestrial overlords. They seem to be telling him what to do. Their garbled language is hard to decipher.

Javier has an idea though, and shoves his dick down her warm throat and fucks her mouth until he cums. The aliens contact him again, their voices unintelligible. He seems to think they are telling him to take her clothes. He quickly strips her naked and changes into a doctor’s lab coat.

All of a sudden he spits something out into his hands. It looks like a tiny space ship! He sucks the spaceship up into a syringe and transports it into Dr. Jett’s head.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Doctor, Sleepy, Paranoid, Aliens, Blow Job, Forced Blow Job, Stripping, Needle, Innerspace, Death, Body Views, Foot Views

    Fetish Killer III - Fetish Killer III, The
Time: 28:09 minutes
Starring: Brandy Alexander 
This video features: strangle_garrote unconscious feet bondage necro_bj facial	

A young woman comes to a photo shoot. The photographer pays special attention to her feet during the shoot. She enjoys the attention and after some time, things turn heated and they end up having sex. Afterwords, he comes back and surprises her by wrapping a wire garrote around her neck and  her until she is unconscious. 

Later, he has her tied up on a bed. Her legs are together, and her wrists are bound. He spends time caressing her entire body. 

Then, he slides her up against him and wraps a rope around her neck. As soon as there is pressure, she wakes up and starts struggling. He cinches it tight and her air is cut off. Her body squirms and bucks, the ropes holding her starts to loosen. Soon, she has her hands free and claws at him, grabbing his arms, trying to get him off her her. He does not let go. Tighter the garrote digs into her neck. She fight hard, struggling, her eyes wide, mouth open and tongue desperately trying to draw air in. She struggles for a long time, but finally succumbs. 

Dead, he explores her body, using her for his sexual gratification, then leaving her awkwarly posed on the bed.

    Trisha Parks in the Morgue - Starring Trisha Parks and Rock

Trisha Parks has arrived to the morgue a fresh new body encased in white plastic. Morgue Tech Rock unzips her and removes her from the bag, and begins the process of breaking rigor mortis. Rock records audio notes as well as handwritten notes before he strips her naked, securing her clothing for testing. He ties a toe tag to her big toe and takes photographs of her body. 

He gathers fingernail samples and fingerprints as well as vaginal and oral swaps and her temperature reading. He flips her over and checks her back for any evidence of foul play.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Morgue, Stripping, Rigor mortis, Nudity, Finger Prints, Fingernail Scrapings, Hair Samples, Headblock, Swabbing Mouth & Pussy, Body Views, Foot Views, Dead, Limp

    The Massacre  Ivy - Starring Ivy, Maizee, and Ezra

There has been a terrible massacre, four beautiful, young women, have been killed. Three of them were executed with a well-placed bullet to the head.

The four bodies are transferred from the crime scene to the morgue, where the morgue tech will examine Ivy’s body after finishing with Karma the day before.

He strips the clothes off and breaks rigor mortis. He examines her skin with a blacklight for any additional evidence and logs fingerprints as well as taking fingernail scraping samples. He takes vaginal and mouth swabs and logs them. He finishes up by rolling her on her back and taking photographs of her body.

He then binds her feet and hands together with gauze and she is ready for her autopsy.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Morgue, Stripping, Rigor mortis, Black Light, Nudity, Finger Prints, Fingernail Scrapings, Hair Samples, Headblock, Swabbing Mouth & Pussy, Body Views, Foot Views, Dead, Death, Massacre, Multiple Victims

    Excessive Machine - "EXCESSIVE MACHINE"
Starring Olive
Directed By John Marshall

Note:  This movie inspired by a Dolcett comic.

Olive's company was going through tough economic times.  So to save the business, her boss convinces Olive to be on a game show called "The Excessive Machine".  Inspired by the orgasmic torture device from "Barbarella", this machine, using UV Pulse Technology, stimulates a woman at varying intensities.

Olive proves to be resilient to the machine and does not die as expected---which is how the grand prize would be awarded to the company. So, an option is enable where the host, during the last session, suffocates Olive during her orgasmic bliss until she is dead.

Afterwards, the host sticks around to get a close look at Olives lovely body.

Fetish Elements:  Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content, Masturbation, Forced Orgasm, Dolcett, Pillow Suffocation, Body Views.

Note:  Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie filmed and presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    Gun Fun  4 Girls - Starring Ivy Aura, Maizee, Aurora, and Karma
Directed By JohnM


A series of gun fun vignettes starring Ivy Aura, Maizee, Aurora, and Karma being assaulted by intruders or turning on each other with heavy assault rifles. Featuring lots of slow motion reactions, and topless scenes these girls take tons of rounds, flopping to the ground in agony.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Violence, Gun Fun, Guns, Machine Guns, Forced Stripping, Slow Motion, Multi-Girl, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Violent Stabbing 1 - Violent Stabbing
Time: 10:53 minutes
Starring: Keeley 
This video features: stabbing begging blood	

A young woman waiting in a reception area is attacked at gunpoint. She is ****** to strip while the perp gropes her. Then, when she is turned away from him, he stabs her in the back. He continued to stab her in the belly and she collapses on the floor in agony. He molests her and watches her suffer. Then he stabs her many, many times in her belly. He leaves, letting her slowly suffer, bleed and die.

    Office Rachel Gun Fun - Starring Rachel James

This pistol packing clip has OVER 15 SCENES AND DEATHS!!!


A series of gun fun vignettes starring Rachel James as a lowly office worker who is hounded by an unnamed assailant who is sometimes out for revenge or just out for a quick kill to add to the notches on his belt.  Each segment features Rachel, in a white button-up and black skirt with heels, confronted by the assailant and being gunned down mercilessly. Sometimes her killer takes the time to fondle her breasts or expose and rub her pussy before or after his handwork, leaving her stripped and displayed for whoever is to find her.  

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Secretary, Gun Fun, Guns, Pistols, Blood, Revenge, Forced Stripping, Tit Play, Pantyhose, Pussy Rubbing, Blood, Death, Death Stare, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Danielle - “Danielle?”  
Starring April May
Directed By JohnM

Danielle tells her twin sister, Ashley, that she’s going to take a shower. Ashley prepares for bed by stripping down and putting on a cute pair of white, cotton panties. She lays in bed and get nice and comfortable, taking off her glasses and closing her eyes.

An assassin silently creeps into the room, silenced weapon out in front of him. He stands over Ashley and puts two bullets in her stomach. He informs her that David knows who she has been seeing, and he won’t stand for it. The problem is, he thinks Ashley is Danielle! He unloads another nine bullets into her chest. He begins to walk out of her apartment, his dirty deed done, when the bathroom door opens and Danielle appears. Startled, he fires a bullet into her gut. He’s got a message especially for her as he fires another bullet into her stomach. She slides to the floor where he rolls her over and tears off her bra putting right more bullets into her. David certainly won’t stand for this Danielle!

The assassin leaves, the job teetering on the edge of failure, but brought back to life by Danielle’s unexpected entrance.

Fetish Elements:   Sexual Content, Stripping, Panties, Twins, Assassin, Silenced Pistol, Gunshots, Gunshot Wounds, Multiple Shootings, Blood, Death, Dead, Body Views.

    Terrorist Takedown - Starring Jazzy Jamison

A young female terrorist carefully pours over her vast armory of weapons, admiring her collection of knives, pistols and assault weapons. But she makes the fatal mistake of taking a break to admire herself in the mirror. Without warning a special agent bursts into the room brandishing a pistol. She tries to run but he grabs her, throwing her to the bed and beating her into submission. He wraps her hands behind her back and places a zippy around her wrists.

He lays behind her and fondles her, his gun pressed against her. He puts her on her knees on the ground and proceeds to shove his cock down her throat, gagging her. She spits on his throbbing member as he forces her to choke on it over and over again as it finds the back of her terrorist throat.

He uppercuts her back onto the bed, ready for the next phase of his plan. He sets his gun down and begins stripping her of her leather boots, her leggings, and her panties. He slowly rubs her pussy, fingering her.

He throws her stash of weapons on the floor and puts her on the table they once occupied. He positions her on her knees and fucks her pussy from behind. He brings her back to the bed where he continues to fuck her, her cries of, “No!” filling the room. He fucks her in several positions including cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before taking a length of rope and strangling her.

The terrorist kicks and gurgles as he pulls tighter, her feet slapping the floor in agony. She coughs and her body slows as she finally dies.

He brings her back to the bed where he fucks her freshly deceased pussy, her legs in the air for leverage. He pulls out and blasts a satisfyingly monstrous load of cum all over her face and chest. 

A quick phone call to his superiors confirms that he is done and cleanup crew should come in to clean up the mess. He adds a single bullet to her forehead as a calling card, his work finished.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Terrorist, Burka, Machine Guns, Knives, Pistols, Special Agent, ZipTie, Handcuffs, Beating, Forced Blow Job, Deep Throat, Gagging, Spit, Sloppy, Stripping, Fingering, Pussy Play, Pussy Fucking, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Rope, Strangle, Gag, Struggle, Death, Necro Fucking, Cumshot, Facial, Gunshot, Blood, Necro, Body Views, Foot Views.

    Sentry Showdown 9 - Starring Alina Long with Penny Pax

A sexy sentry guards a hallway with confident.  Another sentry guards a room.  They communicate status to each other.

A specialist had infiltrated the compound and sneaks up behind the sentry in the hallway.  

In the room, the sentry tries to call the other, but she is not responding, so she goes to check on her---but finds her dead, naked and spread--covered in cum.  She rushed back to her post in panic.

She is confronted by the specialist and they fight.  At first, she is able to knock him down, but he charges and slams her into the wall, then takes her down---quickly securing a garrote around her neck. 

As he strangles her--felling her sexy, sweaty, muscle-toned body writhing against him, he wants her.  He fondles her, and eventually gets his cock out and starts fucking her as he is killing her.

After a while of that, she is weakened.  He gets her up on her knees and keeps strangling her as he forces her to suck his cock.  Finally, he fills her mouth up with his hot cum and she is dead.  He lets her drop to the floor, then drags her up onto the bed.

For the rest of the time, he spends fucking her in different positions and cumming on her over and over until he is satisfied.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Espionage, Garrote Strangle, Garrote Strangle while Fucking,  Sweat, Strangle BJ, Necro Sex, Necro Fucking, Lots of Cum,  Necro BJ, Boots On, Body Views.

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