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    PKF Studios - Girl In A Motel Room

    Clip Description

    “Girl In A Motel Room”
    Starring Ashlynne

    In a seedy motel room in the middle of nowhere, the man tosses Ashlynne on the bed. She’s bound in rope with a ball-gag in her mouth. He pulls out her gag and she starts asking questions, so he puts it back in. He undoes the buttons on her blouse and gives her a quick choke with his hand. He fondles Ashlynne’s tits over her black bra and feels his cock bulge in his jeans in anticipation.

    The man removes Ashlynne’s ball-gag again and fills her mouth with his dick before she can make a peep. She forces his bound captive to deepthroat him. She gags and chokes on his meat, her neck veins bulging and face turning red. He rips off her bra and squeezes her tits while jerking his cock.

    Ashlynne’s captor loosens the rope binding her and slides her tight black pants down to her boots. She’s wearing slutty fishnet leggings underneath. He forces his fingers inside her dry snatch and face-fucks Ashlynne some more. His shaft slick with her saliva, the man rapes Ashlynne on the bed. With her limbs bound, all she can do is look down and watch her cunt get violated.

    The man fucks Ashlynne’s mouth some more, then flips her over and pounds her from the back. He grabs a fistful of her blonde hair and uses her skull like a fleshlight. Ashlynne gets no respite, as her captor moves her to the headboard where a black rope has already been rigged.

    Her captor slips the noose around Ashlynne’s neck and pulls on the other end of the rope. With the bed frame providing cruel leverage, he is able to easily tighten the rope. Ashlynne chokes and convulses, her face beet red. With her limbs bound all she can do is flail and twitch. The man occasionally loosens the rope to hear her beg for mercy.

    The man plays the noose like a fine instrument, expertly prolonging Ashlynne’s torture. He slaps her bratty face then throttles down on the rope harder than ever. Finally, after an eternity of agony, he allows Ashlynne to die. His dick hard from the kill, the man mounts Ashlynne’s hot corpse and fucks her through the crotch hole in her fishnets. He pulls out a shoots some thick rope all over her pale torso. The maid will have to take care of this mess.

    Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Blonde, Bondage, Rope, Fishnets, Ball Gag, Stripping, Groping, Struggle, Forced BJ, Deep Throat, Fingering, Fucking, Choking, Garrote Strangulation, Death, Necro, Necro Fucking, Cum Shot, Body Views, Feet Views.

    Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

    PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

    1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

    Clip Duration:      40 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41643.16 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Girl In A Motel Room

    PKF Studios - Girl In A Motel Room

    PKF Studios - Girl In A Motel Room

    PKF Studios - Girl In A Motel Room

    PKF Studios - Girl In A Motel Room

    PKF Studios - Girl In A Motel Room
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    Inside Stalker 3   P1 - “Inside Stalker 3”
Starring Natalie Knight
Directed by JohnM
The masked stalker enters soon after Natalie leaves her home. He lies in wait for her inevitable return. Once Natalie gets off the phone, he lunges from the shadows with a chloroform-soaked rag. He covers Natalie’s face with it and she thrashes wildly on the sofa. By the time she passes out from the noxious chemical, her dress is hiked up around her waist, revealing her lace yellow panties and incredible ass.
 With his coveted prize finally at hand, the stalker immediately starts groping Natalie’s sexy bod. He places her on the floor and rubs her perfect pussy through her panties. The stalker shoves his fingers in Natalie’s mouth, lubricating them with her spit. Then, he forces his meaty digits in her tight snatch. It’s so perfectly tight and warm.
All the stimulation causes Natalie to stir slightly. The stalker forces his cock in her pretty mouth while she’s still groggy. Her whining protests are muffled by his stiff dick. Natalie tries to crawl away, but she’s still too weak. Her stalker holds her down and forces the rag over her face again. Her panicked mind slips into blackness.
After dragging Natalie to her bed, the stalker roughly shoves a finger in her cunt to test the chloroform’s effectiveness. Natalie begins to stir, so he simply places the rag over her face again. With her sufficiently knocked-out, the stalker strips Natalie’s chic outfit off and sinks his teeth into her ass.
The stalker ties Natalie down to the bed and gags her mouth with a bit, then proceeds to lavish her delicious pussy with his tongue. Natalie wakes up halfway through and squirms pathetically. The stalker flicks open his knife and cuts off Natalie’s bright yellow bra. He squeezes her petite breasts roughly, biting and pinching her nipples.
After that prolonged nipple torture, the stalker cuts off Natalie’s soaked yellow panties. He lets her squirm in horrified anticipation before eating her tasty twat some more. He retrieves Natalie’s dildo from her nightstand and makes her to gag on it before forcing it painfully up her stuck-up cunt. He makes the uncooperative bitch get wet with a vibrator, eventually bringing her to an orgasm she didn’t want. Finally, the stalker feels some sense of closure for Natalie ghosting him, but he’s just getting started...
Continued in Part 2
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, High Heels, Dress, Stockings, Garter Belt, Lace Panties, Attack, Chloroform, Groping, Forced Fingering, Forced BJ, Dragging, Stripping, Sexual Assault, Bound, Rope Bondage, Gagged, Pussy Licking, Knife, Clothes Cutting, Nipple Torture, Forced Dildo, Vibrator, Hitachi, Forced Orgasm, Non-Death.
Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

    And Then There Were None - "And Then There Were None" 
Starring Jessie Parker
Directed By JohnM
Note: Re-Encoded to FULL 1920X1080 HD
    A young student was in a play.   She had one of the lead roles in Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None", a play about 10 people invited to an island, then murdered one by one.  She plays the final victim--who hangs herself.
She is interacting with an online fan on her Critter account.  She decides he is a little loony and goes about getting ready for an evening out.  She dresses in sexy under garments then goes out to smoke.
While smoking, she is attacked.
The perp---the weird online guy she was chatting with, takes her back to her room, and plays with her unconscious body.  She wakes up and he forced her to suck on a dildo while he fingers her.  Then he forces her to suck his cock.
Later, he takes her out to the garage, where he has prepared a noose for her hanging.  He forces her to stand on a chair and noose herself.  Then he has her fondle herself, then pulls the chair out, thus completing the plays storyline (with his help).  
She shakes wildly as she hangs, drooling and kicking.  As she slows, her hand finds its way back to her pussy and she rubs herself as the air leaves her forever.
And then there were none.
Contains:  Violence, Nudity, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, Smoking Fetish, Hosiery, Bagging, Unconscious, Molestation, Forced Fingering, Forced BJ, Hanging, Drooling.
Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

    Keyless Entry - “Keyless Entry”
Starring Christy Love
Directed by JohnM
Christy is on the phone and gushing to her friend about an upcoming hot date. She’s been crushing on this guy for a while and is super excited to finally pursue her love interest. She lays out some pink lingerie and stockings on the bed. She just knows he’s going to love it. The conversation takes a dark turn towards the recent serial killings. Christy admits that it’s scary but she’s not going to worry. She lives in a nice neighborhood.
Dying to try on her new sexy lingerie, Christy strips off her top and absentmindedly caresses her perky breasts. She slides off her short denim cut-offs and her blue lace panties. With a mischievous smile on her face, Christy begins to slip on the stockings and lace lingerie. She admires her body in the lingerie, when she suddenly hears a noise outside.
A man says he’s here with a delivery of perishable items. Christy throws on her robe real quick to greet the delivery guy. He explains that the delivery came with some special instructions. Christy is confused, as she hadn’t expected any deliveries. Suddenly the strange man lunges at her and places a chloroform soaked rag over her face. Christy quickly succumbs to the noxious chemical.
The attacker opens Christy’s robe and caresses her incredible body. He fondles her pussy and kisses her pretty little titties. Christy awakens bound and gagged. Her attacker gloats that he’s already used her phone to plan attacks on her hot little friends. He makes rude comments about her friend’s photos while he toys with her bound and vulnerable body. He plays with her throbbing clit, torturing Christy with the unwanted arousal.
The attacker puts Christy on her knees, her limbs still bound. He forces her to suck his cock to regain her freedom. Using just her mouth. Christy services the man’s hard dick like an obedient slave. She bobs her head and gags as spit dribbles down his shaft. Her captor reprimands her for using too much teeth. Christy tries her best, but she’s too nervous and accidentally nicks the attacker’s cock with her tooth again. He punishes her with a quick backhand that knocks her out.
The man moves Christy down to the basement and places her head in a noose. She’s still bound and unable to escape. Her captor tortures her by explaining what’s going to happen to her once he kicks away the stool and the noose tightens. Suddenly, he kicks the stool away and Christy’s pretty little feet dangle uselessly in the air. The rope snaps taught and she begins violently asphyxiating. She writhes and chokes, suffering through the torturous death of a low-velocity hanging. Drool and tears run down her face.
Finally, Christy dies and hangs still. The killer cuts her down and strips off her lingerie. He moves her to the bed and begins playing with the dead body. He toys with her limp limbs and makes her hand jerk off his hard cock. Her pretty eyes stare dead ahead. They’re always much better behaved after I hang them, he thinks. He licks the dead girl’s pussy and fondles her little titties. He slides his big cock into her tight slit and plows the gorgeous cadaver on her bed. He explodes inside her and leaves her for someone else to clean-up. Now he just needs to decide which one of her hot friends will be his next victim.
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Asian, Stripping, Lingerie, Stockings, Attack, Chloroform, Unconscious, Groping, Fondling, Bound, Gagged, Bondage, Ball Gag, Forced BJ, Drool, Punching, KO, Noose, Rope, Hanging, Choking, Death, Limp, Necro, Necro Fucking, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

    Last Photos of Ashley - “Last Photos of Ashley”
Starring Ashley Lane
Directed by JohnM
Her ass showing off in her tightest pants, Ashley meets with the photographer for the lewd shoot. He notices her incredible body right away and tells her he’s excited to get started. He assures her that while the fetish shoot may be a bit different from what she’s used to, he prides himself on running a respectful set.
The photographer eases Ashley into it. First, asking her to strike some basic poses on the bed, before having her strip out of her tight pants and top. Ashley’s nude body is breathtaking. Her thick ass and perky titties catch the photographer’s discerning eye. He tells Ashley to relax and enjoy herself while he snaps his photos.
He tells Ashley it’s time to take some pics with BDSM flair. He gags Ashley’s and then uses zipties to bind her wrists and ankles. The photographer snaps some quick photos for the ziptie set. He slips behind Ashley and she’s expecting him to cut her ties, but instead he slips another ziptie around her neck!
The photographer pulls the ziptie tight. It locks in place, it’s drawn way too tight and Ashley can’t even breathe. She gags and struggles, but is unable to free herself or her constricted airway. Just as he did with the other models he victimized before her, the photographer grabs the back of Ashley’s head and shoves his cock in her gasping mouth. She suffocates and chokes with his big dick rammed down her gullet. He fucks Ashley’s face as the ziptie around her neck slowly strangles her.
Ashley slowly and agonizingly succumbs to the strangulation. The photographer cuts her restraints and lets her flop onto the bed. He slides his cock, still glistening with Ashley’s frothy drool, into her snug cunt. Her pussy is still fresh and warm. The photographer rails the dead wannabe model, admiring her one-of-a-kind body as he defiles it. The photographer fucks Ashley in a variety of positions, posing her limp body at will. He finally pulls out and shoots some thick rope all over her pale tummy. This may have to be his last “special shoot” for a while, lest he draw too much unwanted attention to himself.
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Photoshoot, Camera, Posing, Ziptie, Bound, BDSM, Gagging, Choking, Garrote Strangulation, Forced BJ, Drool, Death, Necro, Necro Fucking, Cumshot, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

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