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  • Batgirl Tormented and Fucked
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    PKF Studios - Batgirl Tormented and Fucked

    Clip Description

    Batgirl has been captured by two thugs, they drag her into a deserted warehouse and start beating on her, kicking her and punching her in the belly. They want to know the identity of Batman and where the Batcave is, she refuses to give them the information. They strap her down to a chair and start to tickle her, she still refuses to talk. So the guys go to their favorite interrogation tactic: torture, they pull out their kit and inject her with a truth serum, that also amplifies the pain receptors, then they run a pinwheel all over her body and poke her with a rod causing her to scream. They then decide that the best medicine for this bat is the Hitachi, and rub her pussy with it, causing her to squirt and have a massive orgasm. They can't figure out how to get her to talk, so they decide that they will unmask her and use her body for their enjoyment. Under the mask is Barbra Gordon, and they decide that they will pay Commissioner Gordon a visit after they fuck her face and mouth and cum inside of her, as she is no more use to them, they strangle her.

    Clip Duration:      45 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv492.66 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - Batgirl Tormented and Fucked

    PKF Studios - Batgirl Tormented and Fucked

    PKF Studios - Batgirl Tormented and Fucked

    PKF Studios - Batgirl Tormented and Fucked

    PKF Studios - Batgirl Tormented and Fucked

    PKF Studios - Batgirl Tormented and Fucked
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    Tutor Timestops Popular Girl - Melody is studying, she is trying to cram a lot of math into her pretty popular head for the big exam tomorrow, she gives up on studying and decides to call the school loser, Max, and invite him over to study. She tells him how cute and smart he is and if he'll help her study, he agrees and rushes over. The math is no problem for Max, but Melody just wants him to write down all of the answers, he tells her he will, if she gives him a kiss, she agrees and gives him a peck and then demands more answers, he asks her if he can touch her boobs, but she refuses, so he timestops her and takes off her shirt. Max sucks on her nipples, and buries his face in her chest, then restarts time. Melody is confused, but needs an A, so she continues demanding answers from him, He timestops her again and strips her naked, then worships her feet and then her boobs. He eats her timestopped pussy, then he pulls out his cock and uses her frozen hand to jack him off. Then he starts to fuck her timestopped face, and cums in her mouth. After he is finished, he sits her on his face and restarts time, she spits the cum out and has no idea why she is acting this way. Then Max reveals the secret of timestop and Melody freaks out, and attacks him, but Max timestops her again and leaves the popular girl there frozen in time

    No Escape for Batgirl - “No Escape for Batgirl” 
Starring Pepper Hart

Our superheroine is hot on the trail of her evil nemesis. She has found the entrance to his secret lair, and creeps through its corridors, her scantily clad deadly tush in the air as she crawls on all fours to the heart of the evil doctor’s lair. Batgirl finally makes it to the dark dungeon where Dr. Evil lays in wait with his new sleep ray gun. Dr. Evil catches our sexy heroine off guard. She raises her arms in defense but it’s too late. Dr. Evil zaps her bouncy breasts with his sleep ray and Batgirl falls into a deep adorable slumber.

Batgirl awakens to find her wrists suspended in cuffs above her head, while Dr. Evil playfully flicks her nipples. Her legs are spread with Dr. Evils indestructible cable bonds. Dr. Evil toys with his capture as he gags her and lifts her skirt to apply his power sucking wand to her taught pussy. Batgirl, ever defiant holds out trying to not give in. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter until her will to resist gives out and her body goes slack seeking the high intensity vibrations of the doctors devious device. Dr. Evil tweaks her nipples sending Batgirl into glorious orgasmic bliss and absolutely powerless to deny his thick cock.

He warns her if she’s not nice she will surely meet her demise. Batgirl takes Dr. Evils length into her mouth, sucking him for dear life while looking up into his eyes, utterly defeated. Dr. Evil lays her down, still bound and sapped of energy on the bench and fucks her hard, her pussy red and wet in her defeat. Her cute little titties bounce to the rhythm of Dr. Evil’s devilish thrusts until he pulls out and covers Batgirl in his radioactive goo.

Dr. Evil decides it’s time to take care of Batgirl once and for all. He grabs her delicate throat and squeezes as cum drips down her abused body and her legs flail beneath her. The life slowly leaves her body. Not one to waste a perfectly good body, Dr. Evil sticks his still hard cock in her still warm mouth, pumping one final load out on her tongue.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Bondage, Arms Overhead, Bit Gag, Hitachi, Sex, Forced Orgasm, Forced Sex, Whimpering, Body Play, Disheveled, Boots, Cosplay, Nipple Twisting, Cuffs, Hand Strangling, Necro Sex, Necro Blowjob, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
1920X1080 HD Quality MP4 Format

    Supergirl Controlled - Starring Penny Pax and Rock

Supergirl has been captured and injected with a serum that makes her enemies do whatever they want her to. She is removed from her shackles and is under their spell doing whatever they want her to do.

She needs to be taught a lesson, she must play with her breasts any then she starts hurting herself and running into walls. She gets in the middle of the room and dances and strips naked. She lays on the floor and spreads her pussy, rubbing her clit. She poses in her Supergirl pose promising to make her enemies pay for what they’ve done.

She places her leg up on a wooden block and slaps her ass, spreading her legs and showing her pussy more. She starts dancing again as a crowd cheers her on. Back on the ground she rubs her clit until she cums hard.

Her enemy takes out his cock and she sucks it, spitting on it and stroking it. Her enemy fucks her in a variety of positions including an intense reverse cowgirl that drives her crazy!

She thinks that she is done after he cums but she is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder!

Donning a mask, the winner fondles her breasts and strips her naked. On the floor he raises her legs and fucks her pussy hard. She tries to resist but she loves the feeling too much. They fuck in a variety of positions until he cums in her mouth and on her face.

Now the auction gets interesting. The winning bid will determine her method of death! A hundred million dollar anonymous bid sees her getting her getting bound with rope then choked violently.  She had water poured on her and her breasts and head are shocked with a car battery.

But her fate is not over yet. She is stabbed repeatedly in the back, the long blade twisting inside her. She is finished off with two bullets to the back and falls over. Somehow still alive, she is made to stick a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger. She falls to the ground, dead. Her enemy checks her body, unzipping her boots and taking them off leaving her naked and exposed.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Needle, Serum, Strip, Striptease, Dance, Tit Play, Clit Rubbing, Masturbation, Humiliation, Dominance, Handcuffs, Fucking, Auction, Cumming, Ass Slapping, Ass, Costumes, Supergirl, Rope, Strangling, Stabbing, Shooting, Suicide, Death, Blood

    Batman  Batgirl Meet Miss Neuro - Starring Penny Pax, Willow and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

		Batman and Batgirl are on the hunt for Mistress Neuro, an evil villainess with the ability to tamper with the mind.

They find her and Batman demands she turn herself in, But Miss Neuro just laughs and brain blasts both the heroes, knocking them down, convulsing while their minds are put through agonizing pain.

Miss Neuro touches Batmans temples and takes control of him, and orders him to hold Batgirl against a wall and beat on her. Batgirl pleads with him to fight, but he is too deeply under the villainess's control.

She orders him to throw her to the bed and strip her, and she asks Batgirl if she has ever fucked Batman, Batgirl responds in disgust, telling her how much of a mentor and role model he is.

Miss Neuro orders her slave to fuck poor little Batgirl. Batman pulls out his cock and shoves it into her mouth, then flips her over and slides his cock deep into her pussy and fucks her hard and deep, making her scream and squirm. Miss Neuro sits down in front of Batgirl and forces her head down to lick her pussy.

Once her pussy is thoroughly primed, she orders Batman to tie Batgirl up and to make his partner watch as he fucks their captor.

Batman lays Miss Neuro down and starts to fuck his new owner, making her squeal in ecstasy. Batgirl tries to get away, but she can't escape from the ropes and is forced to watch her mentor fuck this evil villainess.

Batman makes Miss Neuro orgasm, then fucks her hard and fast until he cums

She then orders Batman to kill Batgirl, he grabs some rope and wraps it around her neck and tightens it. She struggles and fights for her life, but it is useless, she starts to slowly die.

Once she is dead, Miss Neuro orders Batman to take care of the body as she leaves, but once she is out of the room, Batman is no longer under her control and see's what he has done.
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Mind Fuck, Belly Punching, Fucking, Taboo, Blow Job, Forced Pussy Licking, Lesbian, Cuckolding, Mistress, Bondage, Rape, Strangle, Body Views

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie is presented in High Definition

1280X720 HD Quality MP4 Format

    Unmasking Supergirl - Supergirl is on the run! Two men were hired to capture, disable and unmask her on camera in front of the nation and the world. Supergirl won't go down easy and puts up a fight, but with the help of a kryptonite laser, she is disabled and the villains have some fun with her, deflowering her before the nation. Then they get her with the brain zapper, which turns anyone into a vegetable, supergirls included, once zapped, they unmask her. They then tie her up like a puppet and humiliate her, flopping her body around like a ragdoll. Then supergirl starts to come to and the villains are forced to strangle her while she is still weak.

    Poison Ivys Sex Slave - Alana Rains, Rock and Trixxi Gunns

Poison Ivy has kidnapped a girl and is using her as bait to lure the Batman to her lair. Batman shows up, and demands she let the girl go and turn herself in, Ivy tells Batman that she has no intention of doing any of that, and that she has mixed Skorpion Venom with Ficas extract and injected it into herself, which has made her strong, stronger than Batman. They fight and it doesn't take long for Poison Ivy to defeat Batman, she tells him to kiss her, but knowing she has mind controlling lipstick on he refuses, and she kisses him anyway and Batman starts to writhe in pain as her pheromones start to take control of him. She sits down and orders Batman to crawl to her and worship her feet, she then lays him down on the bed and starts to suck his dick, then she rides him cowgirl and then has him fuck her doggy style and then standing, then Batman pounds her face until he cums all around and inside her mouth. Batman then punches Poison Ivy, and she wonders he he broke from her control and he tells her that he was faking, "Taking one for the team" then he hits her again, frees the girl and then sends her home, while he takes care of Ivy once and for all. He pulls out his Bat-Garrote and strangles the twisted villainess tell dead, then he takes her clothes off and mask for souvenirs

    Supergirls Tough Choice - Starring Ashley Lane and Rock

Batgirl has been captured by a mysterious villain in a black mask and Supergirl is out to rescue her. She finds the villain’s lair and demands Batgirl’s location. The man laughs and reveals his evil plan to strip, fuck, and kill her all on camera to humiliate her in the process of ending her… He can begin transmission with a single button, but Supergirl negotiates with the vile fiend and he will allow her to strip for him instead.

Supergirl begins to strip, throwing her cape to the ground and unhooking her leotard from between her legs. She stands before him, in nothing but her super boots, with her arms behind her head. Aroused, she begins kissing the man and rubbing his cock, but then she reaches for his pocket, stealing the remote and kicking him to the ground. 

Supergirl thinks she has won, but she has only made the villain angry. He magically freezes her, placing her under his control. He threatens to steal her powers, but first he’s going to have a little fun with her. Using his mind, he magically replaces her full costume back on her body and forces her against the wall. Then, still using his mind, he begins to rip her costume and small pieces of fabric fall to her feet. 

The villain magically forces Supergirl into a chair, spreading her legs as he starts to touch her. He rips her costume right down the middle with his mind so that her body is fully exposed. He rubs her tits and pussy and finger fucking her. Then he forces her to crawl away and he kicks her to the ground, forcing his cock in his mouth. She sucks his dick, drool spilling all over her bare chest and running down her tits. Then he forces her to fuck him in several positions until he cums. 

With nylon rope, the villain ties Supergirl’s wrists to the ceiling and removes her boots so he can bind her by the ankles as well so she is spread-eagle in the center of the room, and the man fucks her from behind. 

Now it is time for Supergirl to die. The fiend grabs her cape from the floor and wraps it firmly around her throat. She coughs through her gag, struggling against the ropes for freedom, her hands and feet swollen and purple. She dies and he grabs her head by the hair, holding up her vacant face to the camera like a trophy. The villain laughs, having humiliated, fucked, and killed Supergirl into submission of the whole world to see.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Superheroine, Costume Destruction, Strangle, Groat Strangle, Fighting, Role Play, Costumes, Bondage, Rope, Gagging, Blow Jobs, Nudity, Domination, Camera, Boot Removal, Finger Fucking.

    At Home Morgue - Starring Leilani

Some people like to work at home, Rock the Mortician, is one of them, which is great for him since he loves hot young dead cheerleaders, like Leilani.

He wheels her in, takes her out of the body bag and starts to strip her. He does a usual morgue exam, then washes the body and shaves her.

After he's finished, he changes his clothes and comes in and dresses her up in a nice dress and takes her to his kitchen, where he's prepared a beautiful candlelit dinner for him and his dead guest. He begins by dancing with her, holding her up and moving to the music while her lifeless limbs flop in time. But he can't take her beauty any longer so he takes her to his bedroom.

He fondles and strips her slowly, then kisses her dead body all over. He eats her pussy, then goes for a necro blow job. He pulls his cock out of her mouth and slides it into her tight dead pussy and fucks in several positions her till he cums

    Wonder Woman Meets Deathstroke - Wonder Woman has just returned from her patrol to find Batman laying on her couch. She asks him what he is doing here, and he tells her that he had to see her and they embrace, he leads her to the couch and sits down and pulls his cock out and quickly goes to suck his cock. Batman pounds her face until he cums all over her face, then he leaves to go fight crime in Gotham. After Batman leaves, Wonder Woman cleans the cum off of her face and goes to get ready for another patrol, but as her back is turned, Deathstroke comes out of the closet, ready to destroy her. He fires his uzi but she deflects every shot with her bracers, and runs up to confront Deathstroke. They fight, but Wonder Woman is quickly knocked out by the  power and speed of Deathstroke, and he carries her away.
Deep in a secret warehouse, Deathstroke carries Wonder Woman into a cell, and waits till she awakes, when she does she runs to the door and tells him that the bars won't be able to hold her, Deathstroke tells her that he knows, and motions toward an air tank, and turns it on, the cell begins to fill with gas and Wonder Woman goes down, he straps her down to a bench, and ties her legs up and wheels a fucking machine in as she starts to come to.
She asks what he has done to her, and he explains that the gas was filled with mind controlling nanobots that are activated by the chemicals released during orgasm, and soon she will be under his control. He activates the machine, and grabs an powerful vibrator and rubs it on her clit while the fucking machine pounds her tight Themysciran pussy, until she has a screaming orgasm and squirts everywhere, but she's different now. Deathstroke unties her and tells her that she is going to help him destroy the League Of Good, but her Amazonian mind is stronger than the nanobots, so she refuses and Deathstroke is forced to strangle her

    The Exterminator - Starring Alison Faye, Willow and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

	Alison and Willow, two aspiring super heroines in search of fame, glory and justice are on the hunt for their first big super villain: The Exterminator.

They sneak through his lair, and find him waiting for them.

He attacks and pushes them to the wall, Willow thinks fast and kicks him, but that only holds him off for a second, he attacks the girls and takes care of them pretty quickly. He drags the two girls to a post, and hangs them by their arms on it.

Once they are both awake, he tells them how weak and worthless they are, and grabs a pipe and starts beating both girls with it.

Willow, in an attempt to save herself, tells the villain that Alison is ticklish, The Exterminator takes advantage of this and starts tickling the poor heroine, she yells out that Willow is also ticklish, so he tickles her as well.

He takes the girls down and ties their hands together, He makes them suck his cock, then starts to fuck Alison, holding Willow's face over her pussy, then he switches to Willow, fucking her hard and deep, until he is ready to cum.

He pulls out and makes the girls suck his cock for their freedom, until he cums, the girls reluctantly agree and suck his cock until he cums in Alison's mouth

With no more use for the wanna-be heroines, he strangles Willow, laughing as Alison watches her friend and partner die. Then he strangles Alison, leaving their weak lifeless bodies on the matress

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Super Heroines, Super Villains, Pornstars, Fucking, AOH, Beating, Tickling, Stripping, Bondage, Masks, Fighting, Blow Job, Rape, StrangleX2, Body Views

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie is presented in High Definition

1280X720 HD Quality MP4 Format

    Supergirl vs The Evil Sorceress - Supergirl has been invited to give a speech to some students, she arrives at a home where Alisha meets her, Supergirl is confused. Alisha reveals herself to be The Evil Sorceress and Supergirl and her quickly begin to fight, they exchange throws and belly punches until the Sorceress overtakes her and and casts a spell knocking her out. The Sorceress brings out a camera and sets it up on a tripod. She announces to the camera that Supergirl is her first guest on "My First Lesbian Sextape". The Sorceress asks Supergirl for a kiss, which quickly escalates to her performing oral on Supergirl, then Supergirl returning the favor. Then the Sorceress brings out a strap-on and has Supergirl suck her fake cock, then she fucks Supergirl. They end their lesbian sex tape fun with some tribbing. With her tape in hand. she leaves and orders her minion to finish her off. He strangles her and leaves her body.

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