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    PKF Studios - A Manicure to Die For

    Clip Description

    Starring Jessi Summers and Rock

    Jessi just got her nails done and she loves her new manicure. She got a cute new French tip manicure and it looks really sexy against her lingerie. She loves the way they feel too, so she rubs them all over her legs and starts to grab her nipples and play with her tits. She loves the way that feels and she’s really turned on so she starts touching her pussy with her pretty hands. She licks her fingers and starts to rub her clit, then starts getting more aggressive and fingers herself.

    She moans as she touches herself, bucking her hips and opening her mouth in delight, rubbing herself until she cums. She can’t stop admiring her fingernails since they look so pretty. She’s so turned on by her fingernails. She just wants to touch herself all day.

    Soon after her husband comes home and admires her fingernails, but then sniffs her fingers and knows she’s been touching herself. He asks who she was thinking about and she replies that she was thinking about him of course. But he saw the text from Chuck and knows she was thinking about that asshole while she fingered herself. He’s not happy that she is lying to him so he starts to yell at her and things heat up to the point that she tells him she wants a divorce because he’s crazy.

    This really pisses him off so he grabs some rope from his pocket and tightens it around her lying throat. With her on top of him, they roll around on the bed as he constricts her airway with the rope. She struggles against, him, kicking and fighting, but he’s much stronger. Finally she stops struggling and he rolls her body off the bed onto the floor and leaves her.

    Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Masturbation, Strangle, Garrote Strangle, Rope, Fingernail Fetish, Manicure, Lingerie, Thigh Highs, Stockings, Garters, Finger Licking.

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4454.76 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    PKF Studios - A Manicure to Die For

    PKF Studios - A Manicure to Die For

    PKF Studios - A Manicure to Die For

    PKF Studios - A Manicure to Die For

    PKF Studios - A Manicure to Die For

    PKF Studios - A Manicure to Die For
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    Righteous Execution - Righteous Execution
Time: 11:14 minutes
Starring: Candle Boxxx 
This video features: shooting execution bladder_release	

Cynthia Collins is a bad girl. Evil in fact. She had robbed, murdered, maimed, and spit at preachers. She is a bad, bad girl.
Now, in her hideout, getting ready to shoot up so she could masturbate over all the money she had, the pigs had finally caught up to her. They burst right in and took her down.

They took her mugshot, then, represented by a wacky fantasy sequence, she was sentenced to be EXECUTED.

She is tossed in her cell, slamming her face against the wall, ***** in her mouth. She liked the pain. She wanted the pain.

Later, her last meal was a cold can of split pea soup. She ate it off the same floor she defecated on for weeks. She did not mind. She loved it.

Later, bound to a chair, black hood covering her face, she was finally agitated. She wanted the hood off. She wanted them all to see her face as she died.

They granted her wish--the hood was removed. Now, she taunted them, asking for her death--daring them to shoot her.

When the time came, 6 shots simultaneously rang out, slamming her in the left breast, tearing through her flesh and shredding her heart.

But she did not die right away. Her body arched up, her muscles locked, quivered. Then, she slowly relaxed, let out a high whine, then a soft sigh.

As she sank into the chair, fingers twitching, a long stream of piss flowed out of her, covering the chair and floor. She made sure back in her cell to keep asking for water. She wanted to give them a last show and she was. The pee seemed to flow forever.

When it was over, she was surrounded all around by her warm piss, her bare feet soaked.

Her body had stopped quivering. The execution was complete.

The bitch was dead.

    My Favorite Neighbor -  “My Favorite Neighbor”  
Starring Pepper Kester and Sunny D 
Directed By JohnM

Peppers Friendly neighbor is helping her drunk self inside. She can hardly walk on her own so his help is greatly appreciated. This neighbor has always liked Pepper, watching her from his house across the street. This is his chance to get what he’s always wanted. 
he puts her down on the couch and covers her up, leaving just long enough for her to go to sleep, then he creeps his way back in. 
Carefully lifting the blanket and exposing her body. He feels her nylon covered legs and ass. reaching between her legs. 
Running his hands along the inside of the nylons feeling the stretch. 
Sucking on her nipples and putting his face in her pussy. 

Pepper wakes up to find her neighbor violating her. She Freaks out and tries to get away, but he can’t let her leave he will get in trouble. He has to hide his obsession. Plus he has her now he can’t let her go. 
They both struggle and fall to the floor. 

Pepper trying to escape and her neighbor trying to get control of her. 
He wraps a garrote around her neck and pulls it tight. 
She kicks and fights, flailing her legs and grabbing at his hands. 
With ever ounce of strength she has she tries to get away.
It is no use, it takes a long time but she slowly is succumb to his will and dies. 

He know ha her to enjoy for as long as her body stays around. 
He fondles her dead sexy body, before wrapping her up to take back to his place. 

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Death, Garrote Strangling, Fondling, Floppy, Necro, Body views, Foot Views .  

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

This movie is presented in High Definition
1920X1080 HD Quality MP4 Format

    Bagged Best Friends - Starring Karma Leone, Kiki Sweet, and Javier

Karma is a shy high school girl with uptight parents. They never let her do anything, which sucks. On the rare occasions they let her hang out with her friends she has to be home by 8:00. But she’s 18, she’s an adult! They are just very overprotective after her brother was killed in an accident. It was really hard on the family, but she just wants to try and live her life like a regular girl. 

Luckily, Karma’s next door neighbor Kiki is fun and wild. Her parents are asleep and she’s feeling restless, so she decides to sneak out and go over to Kiki’s house. She always has a fun time with her. They can just hang out and be girls. They talk about all kinds of things- school, parents, boys, life. When Karma finds some sexy lingerie in a bag, Kiki encourages her to try some on. They get all dressed up in the lingerie, and Kiki helps Karma with her garters. 

The two girls are just hanging out on the bed chatting, when Karma’s crazy ex boyfriend stops by. He asks if she got his text. He texted her 20 minutes ago, why hasn’t she responded? But she’s been with her friend, she hasn’t checked her phone. He’s not very happy about that. In fact, this triggers a deep seeded anger and he completely loses his temper. He starts to yell at Karma about what she’s even doing here, making irrational accusations about what her intentions are by being at Kiki’s house.

Javier starts to get violent. He punches Karma in the head and she falls backwards on the bed. He knocks her around until she passes out. Then he grabs Kiki and shoves her head inside a huge plastic bag. She struggles, kicking and flailing and crying as he holds her down and keeps a tight hold on the bag over her head. She struggles to breathe inside the plastic, gasping wildly as the bag inflates and deflates around her gaping mouth.    

Karma regains consciousness in time to witness her friend die, but she is too weak to move much, so she just sobs, begging him to stop, but he doesn’t. Instead he takes another big plastic bag and pulls it over her head. She struggles, repeating her friend’s final moments, until she joins her in death. Now that both girls are silenced for good, Javier pulls the bags over their whole bodies, encasing their limp forms completely in plastic. He fondles them through the bags, then he leaves them on the bed. 

A few hours later he comes back and removes the girls’ bodies from their bags and strips them of their clothing. He strips Karma completely, but leaves a few articles of clothing on Kiki, including her sexy thigh high stockings. He leaves the girls on the bed. Best friends, bagged forever. 

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Lingerie, Bagging, Foot Fetish, Stockings, Garters, Pantyhose, Beating, Punching, Knocked Out, Limp, Body Flopping, Stripping, Foot Views, Body Views.

Strangled Russian Spy
Starring Alina Long

She was on the phone with her boss.  An encrypted call.  She assured him the transfer would go as planned.  8pm.  Then, she would "take care of the mark".    She smiled at the thought.  It was the part of her job she enjoyed most.

Later, she sat on the couch, loading up her purse for the short drive to the meeting.  Keys, laser cutting watch, poisoned tipped knife, 9mm with armor piercing hollow point round in a 15 clip mag.....the normal stuff a girl carries.

She opened the door and Igor burst in, first grabbing her lethal purse, tossing it away from her.  She struck a blow to his head, then to his side, went for a 3rd, and he dodged.  She flew forward against the door, spin and was back for the lethal kick with her razor tipped heel.  She missed.  He took the moment to taunt her before taking her down with a leg kick to her head.

She was scrambled.  He pulled her up by her hair, got her twisted around then slid the wire garrote across and around her pretty neck.  She would be done soon he know.  But, she was not about to go down so easy.  She had training for this.  

He had her almost off the ground for a few moments, knowing the leverage would take his mark down fast, but she managed to disturb his balance and they both went down.  He pulled her up against him, using the couch as support and pulled tight.  He watched as her face contorted, her tongue thrashed out, veins popping.  She twisted and bucked and he let her slide him down to the floor where he knew he would finally be able to control the kill.

She bucked and heaved, hips thrusting, legs thrashing, head twisting, tongue out, eyes staring at him in defiance.  But over time, that changed and he watch the valid attempt of the this super spy slowly fail.  She was good, he gave her that, like the time in Spain with the zip-line and detonator, but he knew he had her beat now.

Slowly she relaxed, her legs---firm, long, clad in pantyhose, with one small rip--so sexy he observed, down her right leg.  Slowly she settled and he watched her look at him, then after a while, she was not really looking at anything anymore.  Then, she just stopped.  He had done it.  Killed her.  She would haunt him no more and his agency has gotten rid of a bitter rival that had been--had seemed unstoppable.  Not anymore.

This truce they were to meet tonight, share information--a microdot she would provide and he---well, it no longer mattered.  He keeps his information and gets hers.  Win.

Now, where was it.

He slowly dig through her purse, making casual note of all the lethality contained within as her body lay cooling on the floor. He could not help thinking how sexy she was.  And, at one time, they had been together, always trying to kill each other in the end.   Fucking and killing.  

Now he started on her, slowly up her pantyhose clad legs and feeling the soft fabric of her dress.  And, she was dresses quite nice.   He wondered why--she was just going to kill him anyhow.  Maybe, she had more planned.  Sex. He could only speculate now as she stared blankly at the ceiling.

He rolled her, unzipping her dress, felt her ass, rolled her back, felt her more.  He checked around her head, hair.  Nothing.  

Then, he knew.  In her purse was her agency issued watch, which she would always wear.  But not today--today, it was a different watch.  He listed.  Not a sound.  It was a dummy, just for transport.  He had it.

He straightened her out, wrapped her up in a blanket and carried her out.

Fetish Elements:   Violence, Nudity, Fighting, Spy, Garrote Strangle, Pantyhose, Searching, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie presented in High Definition
1280X720 HD WMV Format

    To Serve and Protect - "To Serve and Protect"
Starring Carter Cruise
Directed By JohnM

Note: Re-Encoded to FULL 1920X1080 HD

A young woman was on her way home to quietly celebrate her birthday.  She walked alone in a dark alley and kept thinking someone was following her.  Finally, she turns around and is started by a cop.  He offers to walk her home.

Now she is tied up on the bed.  The cop admired her little birthday party, taking a bite of some cake she had, but now, he is ready for the real party.

He forced her to suck his cock---gagging her on it.  After a while, he viciously rapes her.  When he is finished, he  wraps the terrified girls nylon around her neck.

She panics and struggles visually.  Her eyes wide, body sweaty, she bucks and spasms.   Later, when she weakness enough, he gets her on top of him and strangles her as she rids his cock.  She dies while he is inside her and he lets her fall forward, then fucks her some more.

A few hours later, he has her posed, eating her cake, her presents opened.  But, he is not finished. He fucks her some more.  On the table, then on the bed, then fucks her mouth until he empties his gooey load all over her face and in her gaping mouth.
He leaves her posed on the bed.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Assault/Rape, Forced BJ, Garrote Strangle, Strangle while Raped, Necro Sex, Necro BJ, Body Views.

Note:  Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

    Assassins Undoing - “Assassin’s Undoing”
Starring Stephie Staar
Directed by JohnM
 The sexy assassin creeps into the abandoned club. She’s dressed like she’s on a hot date. All the better to distract from her true purpose. She’s seasoned and good at what she does, but her mark gets the drop on her this time. Aaron was tipped off and planned the ambush well.
Aaron disarms Stephie at gunpoint and forces her to strip for his amusement. She complies at first, but does a slick John Wick move to steal the pistol from her captor. Stephie turns the tables momentarily, but the gun doesn’t fire when she pulls the trigger and she panics. Aaron tackles her and slips a thin black cord around her pale neck.
Stephie squirms as Aaron strangles her and forces his fingers into her tight pussy. Stephie slowly slips towards death. Aaron prolongs the inevitable to maximize his would-be killer’s torture. Stephie flails, kicking her legs in a feeble attempt to escape. It’s no use. Stephie’s tongue protrudes grotesquely. The once deadly assassin has been undone at her own game.
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Choking, Garrote Strangulation, Stripping, Groping, Fondling, Thigh Highs, Death, Necro, Foot Views, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
1920X1080 HD MP4 Format

    The After Party - The After Party

Starring Kiki Sweet and Javier Lovetongue

Kiki and her brother, Javier, come home very drunk. She needs help getting naked so she can lay down in bed and go to sleep.

She wants him to cuddle with her in bed, but he is reluctant at first. She grabs him and lays him down, kissing him and touching his body. He opens her legs and eats out her wet pussy until she cums.

He whips out his big, hard dick and shoves it down her throat. She’s impressed with his size and gladly sucks him off. She deep throats him and he fucks her throat gently until he is ready to fuck. Laying down in the bed he grabs her legs and fucks her hard, her moans filling the room.

He fucks her in a variety of positions until he cums hard inside her pussy. She tells him that he will have to buy her and her friends drinks or she will tell everybody about what they did. Not having any of it, Javier grabs a rope and strangles her. She struggles and chokes but he eventually kills her. Now nobody will ever know!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Fantasy, Roleplay, Brother, Sister, Taboo, Incest, Throat Fucking, Deepthroat, Pussy Eating, Pussy Fucking, Cumming, Strangle, Rope, Struggling, Death

    Dark Alley Danger - Starring Kiki Sweet and Miles

After sharing a few drinks with a guy she met online, Kiki decides to walk home. Alone. She texts a friend who said she would come meet her to walk with her, but she’s obviously busy because she isn’t getting back to her. Oh well, she’ll just have to brave the streets alone. She lives in a sketchy part of town, but she’s hardened after years of living there. 

As she’s walking down a dark back ally, she feels someone walking behind her. She can hear his footsteps and sense his presence. She quickens her pace. She’s so relieved when she gets home safely. She puts on headphones as she starts to get ready for bed, which is why she doesn’t hear the man who followed her home prying open her bedroom window and crawling inside. She looks up and sees him. 

Panicked, she screams and runs for the door, but he grabs her and throws her down on the bed. They fight, slapping and grabbing and pulling at each other as she screams and yells, begging for him to please stop at the top of her lungs. It’s a fruitless waste of precious breath. 

Using a length of rope he had stashed in his pocket, the intruder pulls it around Kiki’s throat, tightly. She struggles and gasps, her eyes wide. She sweats profusely as she kicks and slaps at her attacker. They struggle for a good amount of time, her on top of him as he strangles the life out of her. 

Finally, she dies. Now he can play with his new fuck toy. He strips off her panties. Her limp body really turns him on. He fucks her mouth, the dark lipstick smearing all over his cock. Then he fucks her until he’s satisfied. Sprawling the dead girl’s body out on her bed, he leaves her. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Strangle, Garrote Strangle. Home Intrusion, Necro, Face Fucking, Blowjobs, Rape, Peril, Foot Views, Body Views.

    The Raincoat Killer II - "The Raincoat Killer II"  
Starring Kyrin
Directed By JohnM
 He always is in the closet.  Dripping.  They never notice.  Tonight, he was in a small house on Lander St.    He saw the girl when he was at one of his crime scenes.  Watching.  She worked for the county.  He was next to her now---dripping still.  A rainy night.  The covers were coming off, and his hands were searching.  

A noise.  He went back to his hideout.

The girl came in, went over and sat on the couch.  He looked at her legs.  She would be nice--he thought.

She was the girls roommate.  She woke her up--Samantha--she needed to go to work.   They had some small talk, nothing important.  She got dresses and was gone.

Now his eyes were on the roommate.  She was pretty.  She nestled into bed, stretching.  She was wearing pantyhose.  He liked those.  She played with herself for a while--eventually giving herself a big orgasm and drifting off to sleep.  

This was his time.

He played with her like he did the others, seeing how much he can do before they wake---and when they do, as she did, the real fun begins.

She was pretty fast--nothing he could not handle.  He had her on the floor and in a moment, a garrote tight around her next.  She struggled--they all do.  She got more and more violent and he had to really work on her.  She lasted a long, long time.  He ending up flipping her on her stomach---that works best---they lose air faster.

She was drooling on the dirty wood floor, her legs spasming out behing her, and he felt her life leaving her.   After a while, it was over.  He had a hardon since he climbed into the closest hours before, but now it was raging.

He ripped an opening in her pantyhose, mounted and fucked her tight young pussy.  It was a nice ride.  He let his cum shoot up inside her.  He was imagined Samantha, having to do the CSI and swabbing his cum of of her dead friends pussy.  

He left her sprawled out on her stomach.  Violated.  Dead.  

Later....that was how Samantha found her.  And after dealing with the initial shock, she came back to do her job.  And, half in tears, her nose sniffing--she processed the scene.  And, yes, as the Raincoat Killer had hoped, she did swab his cum off her dead roommates pussy.

Contains:  Nudity, Strong Sexual Content, Pantyhose, Heels, Garrote Strangling, Necro, CSI, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. 
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
  This movie shot and presented in STUNNING High Definition
1280X720 HD MP4 Format

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