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    BAGGED BABES - Shut The Fuck Up

    Clip Description

    Gabriella thinks that she’s about to undergo another round of interrogation. She warns her captors that she has nothing to tell them, but they ***** her to strip and sit her down in a chair and cuff her hands and tie her feet. Again she declines to talk, but her captors had different plans for her anyway. Tina slips a bag over gabriella’s head while gaby watches. It’s all over for the beautiful brunette.

    starring: gabriella, tina and gaby

    run time: 04:45
    329 kb

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv321.41 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    BAGGED BABES - Shut The Fuck Up

    BAGGED BABES - Shut The Fuck Up

    BAGGED BABES - Shut The Fuck Up

    BAGGED BABES - Shut The Fuck Up

    BAGGED BABES - Shut The Fuck Up

    BAGGED BABES - Shut The Fuck Up
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