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    Juliette Captured - The Stalker  Full Length

    Clip Description

    During juliette prepares herself to go out, a man looks through her window. He enjoys what he sees and so he has an idea. He rushes into the room and *********** juliette. After the little fight, juliette tries heavily to get free and not been chloroformed, he starts to tie her up. He uses steelshackles at her wrists so she won't get free until he wants it.
    then he ties her legs in a spread up position to the bed. Now she is in a perfect position for his darkest dreams. He takes a last look over the knocked out **** before he makes his dream come true.
    the man takes off his clothes and sits down on the bed right to juliettes face. He slaps her so she ***** up. During juliette is a little groggy, the man ****** his dick into the ***** mouth. She gags and tries to resist, but tied to the bed she has no chance. Then after a while the man takes a heavy gag to shut her up. Juliette knows what's coming now and begs for mercy through her gag. But the man rams his dick into her cunt. He fucks her from behind and enjoys every single minute of it. Juliettes moans to her gag, but tied spread up to the bed she can't resist the fucking. Finally the man squirts his sperm on her back.
    he takes his clothes and throws the key for the steelcuffs to the bed. He gives her a chance to free herself, but when she done it he will be far away. So juliette tries to uncuff her wrists, but it's very difficulty.

    Clip Duration:      33 minutes
    Format Size
    avi505.61 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Juliette Captured - The Stalker  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - The Stalker  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - The Stalker  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - The Stalker  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - The Stalker  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - The Stalker  Full Length
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    The Postman Rings  Full Length - Juliette is at home, wearing boots, stockings, a miniskirt and a jeans top, as a postman knocks at the door. She opens it and the man comes in with the package. Juliette should sign the delivery, but the pencil is out of function. So she goes away to take another. The postman checks her dress and body with his eyes and decides to have a lot of fun with her.

as she's back and sign the delivery the man grabs her and pulls her arm behind her back. He pulls her to the sofa and ****** her on her knees. Then he handcuffs her hands on back, ringags her and ties her feet with anklecuffs. Juliette screams and cries to let her go, but the man starts to undress her. The man takes down juliettes skirt and also her panties. Then he leaves her alone to see if she has some money in the house.

juliette tries to free herself. She struggles against the bonds and tries to break the chains. She squirms on the floor and moans to her gag. But finally she has no chance and the cuffs held her in place as the man comes back. He touches her cunt and as she tries to creep away the man takes his belt out of his trousers. The postman uses his belt as leash at juliettes neck. So she can't creep away. He ****** her down to the sofa so she kneels in a perfect doggy style position. Then the man takes out his dick and fucks her from behind. Juliette moans to her gag and struggles, but cuffed and leashed, shes got no chance to resist the fuck. The man continues for minutes his pleasures to fuck juliette from behind, but then he changes his mind.

juliette is ****** to kneel in front of the man and must lick his cock through the ringgag. After the man has enough of this he ungags the ****** and ****** her to do a blowjob. He opens her jeanstop and her nice tits become viewable. So she kneels completly naked, but still cuffed in front of her masters cock. She is ****** to suck his dick. She gags on it and moans all the time. Surely she hopes that he man cums quickly, but he enjoys the blowjob and so he let her suck a few minutes.

finally he loads his cum right in her face and the sperm runs down to her breasts. So he lefts her on the floor, still cuffed at hands and feet. As the man is gone juliette tries to clean her face, but it's really difficulty with the hands tied on the back. She also tries again to break the chains, but at the end she realises that there is no chance for her and so she waits until help will come to her.

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