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    Juliette Captured - Fatal Internetdate

    Clip Description

    Juliette met a guy at the internet. Now she's on the way to his house to meet him in real life.
    at the house the guy opens the door and juliette comes in. They sit down on the sofa and do a little smalltalk. The guy ask juliette if she wants a *****. Juliette agrees. After drinking juliette gets very tired. She lays on the sofa as the man starts to strip her. He takes out her pullover and then he starts to tie her hands on her back with ropes. As he finished this, he takes off her boots and also ties her feet.
    slowly she turns back to life. She realises what's happened to her and starts to please her kidnapper to let her go. But the man has other plans with her and checks her body. He touches her breasts while juliette is still begging him to lose her bonds but he ****** her down to the floor. She must lay in a doggiestyle position on the table. She whimpers and wines and hopes for some mercy by the man. The man indeed takes out his dick, positions himself behind juliette and ****** his dick inside her pussy.
    she is fucked from behind. She wines and begs the man to untie her at last, but he has only one thing he wants. A real good fuck with this ****. Finally he cums onto her ass. He tells her that he will come back for round 2 and left her still tied up alone.

    Clip Duration:      34 minutes
    Format Size
    avi141.94 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Juliette Captured - Fatal Internetdate

    Juliette Captured - Fatal Internetdate

    Juliette Captured - Fatal Internetdate

    Juliette Captured - Fatal Internetdate

    Juliette Captured - Fatal Internetdate

    Juliette Captured - Fatal Internetdate
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