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    Juliette Captured - Broker In Distress

    Clip Description

    Emily is a broker, which has lost a lot of money of her clients at the wall street. Now her clients have hired a specialist to get her money back. He has hogtied and blindfolded emily. She struggles in her bonds as the man comes back to her to tell her his plan. He will tie her up in different positions and at each position she will lost some clothes. If she gets naked, she will be sold as sexslave so his clients get the money or she can give him the money by time.
    so now its time to change emilys position. She gets a ballgag and after being gagged, the man chlorofo*ms her. As emily ***** up, she is sitting on a chair, tied up and still blindfolded. She has a ringgag in her mouth. The man comes back, ties her elbows together and takes a dildo to ******* her.
    the man sticks the dildo into emilys mouth. It's hard to breath for her because she has still the ringag in there. But she don't tells the man where the money is. So she gets chlorofo*med again and ***** up in the third position. Only wearing her underclothes, skirt and boots she is tied to a table.
    the man takes a rope and stuffs it into her mouth. The end of the rope gets connected with emilys feet. What a ******* for the ****. The man waits and enjoys emilys struggling. Then she can't stand any longer and tells the man the bankaccount where he can find the money. She begs to let her go now, but the man *********** her again. Now he will take his "bonus" and ties up emily in the next position.
    only wearing bra, panties, stockings and boots, she is in a position where she must presents her superhot body. The man enjoys the view. But all have come to an end, so he tells her that he will call her office so some of her clerks can set her free. Emily begs that he don't do this, it will be her ruin. So the man offers her a second deal: she should be his slave for a week. Will she agree?

    Clip Duration:      26 minutes
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    avi382.61 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Juliette Captured - Broker In Distress

    Juliette Captured - Broker In Distress

    Juliette Captured - Broker In Distress

    Juliette Captured - Broker In Distress

    Juliette Captured - Broker In Distress

    Juliette Captured - Broker In Distress
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    After Work Catch 2 - Juliettes hands getting tied behind her back with handcuffs. And so the show can go on.
the intruder ****** juliette to kneel in front of the bed, tied up with hands- and anklecuffs. He ungags her and so she must do a blowjob to the evil man. Thats really hard work with the hands cuffed behind her back. And the man rams his cock down her throat deeper and deeper......
finally after cuming in her mouth he regags the **** and lefts her cuffed at the bed. Juliette tries to get free, but the cuffs are tight.

    Abducted  Enslaved  Full Length - As juliette walks along a desert road she isn't afraid of the car, which is staying at the side. As she passes the car a masked man jumps out, handgags her and ****** her into the trunk of the car. There the poor damsel gets handcuffed. Her feet getting also bound with anklecuffs and the man uses a tapegag to shut her up. Juliette struggles but has no chance to free herself from the cuffs. So the man closes the trunk with the **** inside and drives away.
after a ride in the trunk juliette is brought to an old building. She is ****** to get in. The man commands her to undress her pants and shoes and has to take some nylon stockings and high heels on. Juliette does it with fear in her eyes.
juliette has to take some nylon stockings and high heels on. After she has done it, the man comands her to take the anklecuffs back on. H eunties her hands and she must also undress her shirt. Now it's time for the slaver to inspect his victims body.
the slaver takes some photos of juliette to sell her over the internet. Juliette is not amused, she realises that there will be no escape. The man measures juliettes body. Thereafter it's time for her to go into the cage. She begs again, because she won't be caged. But finally she has to do it, still handcuffed and legcuffed.
juliette tries to escape from the cage, but she has no chance. As the man returns she is still cuffed at hands and feets and caged. The man tells her that he has sold her to a pervers man and it's time to make her ready for the transport. He opens the cage and ****** the tied **** into a box. Juliette gets her hands cuffed on her back and gagged with duct tape. The man closes the box and the transport can begin.

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