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    Juliette Captured - 2 Damsels For 1 Man  Full Length

    Clip Description

    Juliette gets a phonecall from her boyfriend. He will be at her house in a few minutes and she should take some sexy clothes on. She takes a leather corsage, a leather miniskirt and black thigh high boots. Her boyfriend will be satisfied. While juliette is waiting for her boyfriend it knocks at the door. But it's not her boyfriend, it's emily. She is searching for her husband, which is the same person than juliettes boyfriend. Emily sees the bondage material at the table and starts to tie juliette up. She gags her, ties her hands behind her back and secures her feet with ropes. Juliette struggles against the ties and after emily leaves the room she tries to get the telephone.
    juliette struggles a lot and looks very sexy in her leather outfit. But as emily returns, she wasn't able to call some help. Juliette has to stand up and emily ****** her out of the room. In the next room emily ties juliette to a chair. Emily wants to wait for her husband, juliettes boyfriend. While juliette struggles to get free emily changes her clothes also to a sexy leather outfit. Then she leaves the room and juliette tries as hard as she can to free herself. Finally she can take down the ropes of her and all she wants to do is to get a revenge to emily.

    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
    Format Size
    avi139.12 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Juliette Captured - 2 Damsels For 1 Man  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - 2 Damsels For 1 Man  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - 2 Damsels For 1 Man  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - 2 Damsels For 1 Man  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - 2 Damsels For 1 Man  Full Length

    Juliette Captured - 2 Damsels For 1 Man  Full Length
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    Transported For A Blowjob  Full Length - Juliette comes home from work. She's very sexy in her secretary outfit. She starts to make herself some food as it knocks on her door. She asked who it is, but nobody answers. So she opens the door. A big mistake! A masked man rushes into her house and holds a weapon right to juliettes face. She has to kneel down and the man starts tying her up with ductape. 
the man blindfolds juliette with more ducttape. He also puts anklecuffs on her. So she can't run away while the man searches some jewels and money. Juliette struggles and tries to untape her hands. She is still tied up as the man comes back. Now her jorney into slavery begins.
he calls his boss to tell him that he got a really nice chick for the slavemarket. The boss tells him to take her to the headquarter. So the man lifts up juliette and brings her to his van, where she gets cuffed to the floor. In the headquarter juliette is ****** into a room where she must kneel down as the man makes a offer to her : a blowjob and he will let her free. Juliette accepts in the hope she will not beeing sold on the slavemarket, and the man untapes her mouth. He opens his trousers and sticks his cock into the ***** mouth. She muffles, but the man relaxes and sits down on a chair. Juliette has no choice and blows the mans dick. 
during juliette must suck the mans cock, he phones his boss again. He tells him that the **** is a real good cocksucker and she will bring a lot of money at the slavemarket. Juliette hears it and starts to cry during the blowjob, but the man has no mercy. He loads his cum to juliettes mouth. But thats not the end for the ****. She must also swallow the cum of the man. She gags but has no choice as to do as the man tolds her. Will he really let her go now? There's only one answer: no.....

    The Breakdown  Full Length - A woman is on the way to the opera. She is deep in the woods on a lonely road as suddenly her car breaks down. She tries to call help with her mobile, but she gets no connection. 

as another car arrives she stops it and asks the man to help her with her car. He agrees and so they walk to the womans car. She does not known that she stoped the car of a wanted maniac. 

they went together to the car and the man takes a look. He shows the woman the damage and as she looks inside, he prepares a **********-rag. The woman has no chance and ********** as the man *********** her. He carries her to the car and pushed her on the backseat. There he handcuffs, cleavegags and legcuffs her. Now she is in the hands of the maniac.

then he starts his car and drives away with the woman. He looks several times to the backseat where the beautifull woman is still knocked out and he gets really horny. 

as he stops at his house, he opens the backdoor and carries the cuffed and gaged woman over his shoulder to the house and steps inside.

what plans has the maniac with this chick??

    The Intruder Fucked Me  Full Length - Juliette is ******** after a hard working day in her bed. She wears sexy nylons and black underwear. She don't realize that a guy comes in. He *********** her with a towel. After juliette is ******** again, the guy starts to tie juliette with ropes to her bed.  
the guy ties her to a spread eagle. After he is finished juliette awakes and realizes the situations. Before juliette screams to loud the guy gags her with a ballgag. 
the guy is so horny, he can't wait. He put of his clothes and sits on juliettes ass. His cock is hard and wants more...
after fucking the guy shots his cum on juliettes ass and leaves juliette. Juliette is happy. Now it's time to escape and juliette tries to come free...

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